Date: 10/18/2003




Sir, I have read Dr. ML Kapoor’s letter published in your esteemed paper on October 16, 2003. I am shocked to note the learned writer’s ignorance, or devious attempt, to make partition look like splitting up some dying father’s estate among his good and dutiful sons.

The learned author ought to recall if he is old enough, or ask the elders, whether the demand for Pakistan was confined to a small minority of Muslim scholars and confined to conference tables only, or was it widespread across northern India, not only in West Punjab and East Bengal. The author belittles the need of Referendum as if the Hindu MAJORITY vote counted for nothing. Partition becomes null and void due to lack of referendum. India did not belong to just a few sitting at the conference table, but she belonged to all the people living then. They were all betrayed and so was secularism by surrendering vast areas of secular India to fundamentalist Islam unconditionally.

We should bravely admit that had the Hindu majority won the day, then that noble concept of SECULARISM, to which our top leaders have always paid lip sympathy, would have been maintained in Lahore as well as Dhaka. It seems that the learned writer would not have been happy in that event. He ought to recall the pro partition processions that were taken out by Muslims in far off cities like Delhi and Lucknow and Allahabad, not only in Karachi and Lahore.

In the event when Pakistan was actually established the vast majority of good Muslims ought to have relented in massacring, plundering and raping the fleeing Hindus across the whole of western and eastern India.

What was it that impelled them to orgies of blood at the cost of Hindu minority till practically not one Hindu or Sikh was left alive and peace of the dead returned?

How does the learned author explain the invasion of Kashmir immediately after the feast of independence, and the wholesale slaughter of the defenceless non-Muslims in that State? Would he say that it was only a few Muslims who went on the rampage there?

Again how is it that in 1989 the whole of South Kashmir, too, was turned into “Hindu free Zone”, and that, too, within Bharat?

Why is the Hindu nation being bled to death till today? According to the wishful thinking of the learned author, there should have been amity between all communities after the Pakistani flag was hoisted in New Delhi on August 14, 1947.

Kindly permit me to say that the Act (if there was any) of Independence (that in reality was Partition) of India, states categorically, “India shall be divided between the Muslims and the Non Muslims.”

It is significant to note that on the insistence of Pandit Nehru, the word HINDU was substituted by the words Non Muslims. Thus the Muslims appeared in the definition of independence on BOTH sides. This left our headless, legless India with the perennial problem that still seeks the final solution (“Endloesung”).

The learned writer may recall that while All-India MUSLIM League was invited to those high level talks, the All-India HINDU Mahasabha was kept out of door.

The day of reckoning for the blunder and high treason of 1947 is approaching and the nation ought to sit up to find a permanent solution to the absurd and bogus Partition (that left the Muslims there as well as here), and also ask the question, “What are the Muslims doing in Partitioned India?”

We should note the brutal fate of the non Muslim minorities across Pakistan who were wiped out or exterminated by our fellow citizens, and also their ongoing persecution and suppression in East Bengal that was captured and then NOT brought under Mrs Indira Gandhi’s very own secularism in 1972.

She obviously thought that Secularism was good enough for the Hindu “scum” only, not for the revered Shaikh Mujiburrahman Sahib.

I wish to end with the warning that Partition that could have been annulled within 48 hours by Pandit Nehru and his colleagues is now threatening to engulf the whole of Bharat.