Date: 10/27/2003



It is good that more and more people are recognising that Panjabi is the second language of Britain, and such officials are talking about it in public



We wish the MUSLIMS from Lahore, Gujranwala and Multan too put PANJABI above Arabic.

They have to look at the sentence, "Koran was DICTATED by God to Mohammed."

Dear PUNJABI Muslims, The Koran could NOT have been DICTATED in any other language if Mohammed was an Arab himself.

You may see what GOD spoke by reading Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the language you speak at home to your own mothers.

Now stand up to acknowledge and HONOUR your own MOTHER TONGUE.

There is no reason for Lahore to be in another country from Amritsar, both PANJABI speaking.

In 1942 the President of Minorities Federation, Multan, Sardar NANAK SINGH, gave the call, "O Punjabis, put PANJABI first." His belief was that Partition of Punjab could be prevented if all the people used the PANJABI LANGUAGE as the uniting factor. At least there ought to be a memorial to him somewhere!

We see the English language as the uniting factor in the United Kingdom and the United States. We also see the German language as the uniting factor in Germany. But what has gone wrong in our Punjab? Those who honour Panjabi have their consciences clear. It is up to those who put ARABIC or HINDU above Panjabi who have to think it over, what good to all if the Punjab is now in FIVE fragments due to NATIVE "genius" (West and East Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory). We think the world can see what we cannot.