Date: 10/28/2003


A Hindu patriot's letter to "Rajasthan Patrika". Please note that one time Rajasthan was the VANGUARD OF DEFENCE OF HINDUSTAN. Today the State is crumbling under the combined Catholic/Mohammedan onslaught. After making this frontier state "porous" the ENEMY hopes to advance into the body of Hindustan.

Never was the onus of defence of secularism and Hindu Dharma in Hindustan upon so weak and confused shoulders as those of today's RAJPUTS in Rajasthan. Their State is invariably put under a Governor who is either a NON HINDU or the dirty eyes and ears of Central Government of India. Today even the President of PARTITIOINED India is a MUSLIM (Abdul Kalam), a PAKISTANI according to the "Act of Partition of India, 1947." Today's decomposing India does not even mention the word "PARTITION".

(Answer to Comments by Rajasthan Patrika )

Respected Sir,

In ordinary case I would have ignored your comments. As you are associated with the prestigious Hindi paper Rajastan Patrika and the kind of comments you have made, you deserve detail reply. Right from the beginning stage of learning, lt is taught that one should stay at clean places, eat pure food, drink pure water etc. If somebody does not eat pure food or drink pure food, then some body becomes sick person. To stay healthy it is imperative that pure food and pure drinks be taken. Therefore it is impotant that one should eat pure food and pure and clean water. Similarly everybody should have pure intellectual thoughts, purity of mind and purity of thought. With impure thought and impure education one would become sick. It is only sick persons or animals, which like filth, garbage and impurity. People who like impurity are just like pigs, who want impurity for survival. If I insist on the purity of Hindi language, then what is wrong with it? If we can insist on pure food, pure water, then what is wrong in insisting on purity of Hindi language. It is easy to learn pure Hindi. With impure Hindi, one would have to learn Urdu as well as English languages or words of those languages as well. Hindu Voice is preparing a dictionary of most commonly Urdu words used in Hindi. I think they are going to give explaination why pure Hindi be used. This dictionary may be ready before the end of year. Any person who insists on impure Hindi, or accepts impure Hindi, then that person is not more than animal and is also traitor of Hindi or even traitor of Bharat as well.

What is so greatness of Teresa?

We must praise and respect any person involved in selfless humanitarian work irrespective of his or her religious belief. But as soon as that work is done with ulterior motive, it no longer remains a saintly deed. Mother Teresa's work falls into second category. Unfortunately, glowing tributes were paid to her by the pseudo-secularist leaders of India, Indian newspapers, and several Westernized Indians, without examining her mission in India. Mother Teresa was wedded to the Catholic Church, particularly the Vatican establishment, whose main mission is to convert people in developing countries into Christianity by any means, now that Europeans are abandoning church membership and Christianity in increasing numbers. (But for imported Indian priests and nuns, many European churches would have close doors because Europeans seminaries are unable to fill their vacancies with Europeans.) In the early days Christianity, those who refused to believe in Jesus were first branded as heretics and witches and then killed or burnt the stake. In the name of the holy wars, military missions were sent which resulted in millions of people being massacred in South America. To perpetuate the forces of imperialism in Asia and Africa, the Western powers fit like a hand in glove with the Christians, dictators and mafia people.

Christian Church used their money and military might to convert the natives into Chrisitanity. Following the dictum 'the end justifies the means,' the Christian Church had to devise new means to convert Asians and Africans into Christianity after the demise of the Western Imperialism. Along with this came a breed of Christian evangelists guided and financed by the Vatican and the Western powers to carry on the crusade by using the label of "poverty and desease" as their weapons. That is exactly what Mother Teresa was doing in India.

Mother Teresa portrayed India as a poor, starving, and a diseased land to her Western donors who responded by filling her coffers so that she could continue her mission of converting the poor and illiterate of India. She effectively used the converted Indian nuns for this purpose and thereby achieved her major mission of the Church. Mother Teresa, the founder of the "Missionaries of Charity"was a crafty user of public relations" as pointed out by Christopher Hitchens in his recent book, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice.

The Western media played a big role in projecting her as a saint and savior of the poor. This powerful media at the same time told the world that Indians, particularly the Hindus, don't care for their helpless people and hence a foreign Christian saint has to perform that job.

The Christian Church and the Western media succeeded in convincing many of the Indian leaders and the westernized Indians that Mother Teresa was a great saint and therefore should be given a state funeral, an honor reserved only for great leaders of India. She was equated by one of the Indian leaders with Mahatma Gandhi. In doing so, then Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Gujaral, and leaders of other political parties excepting the BJP confirmed to the world that the Indians are incapable of taking care of their own poor and sick people. Indian leaders like Gujaral have insulted Gandhi, and also other Bharatiya spiritual, political leaders and people by equating Mother Teresa with them.

Gandhi was extremely articulate in opposing the conversion activities of Christian missionaries in India and questioned their motives in establishing educational institutions and other services in India. The following views are cited from Arun Shourie's 302-page book, Missionaries in India New Delhi, ASA Publications, 1994):

"There was a deeper problem with these services, and Gandhiji drew attention to it again and again. The services were incidental. They were the means. The objective was to convert the natives to Christianity. "The Collected Works of Gandhi" contain several accounts as do Mahadev Desai's "Diaries" in which missionaries acknowledged to Gandhiji that the institutions and services are incidental, that the aim is to gather a fuller harvest of converts for the Church.

Gandhi has written in MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH, on pages 28-9, part I, Ch.X, named GLIMPSES OF RELIGION. Mahatma Gandhi has described how he came into contact of various religions in his childhood due to his father. He writes:

"Only Christianity was at that time an exception. I developed a sort of dislike for it. And for a reason. In those days Christian missionaries used to stand in a corner near the high school and hold forth, pouring abuse on Hindus and their gods. I could not endure that. I must have stood there to hear them once only, but that was enough to dissuade me from repeating the experiment. About the same time, I heard of a well known Hindu having been converted to Christianity. It was the talk of the town that, when he was baptized, he had to eat beef and drink liquor, that he also had to change his clothes, and that henceforth he began to go about in European costume including a hat. These things got on my nerves. Surely, thought I, a religion that compelled one to eat beef, drink liquor, and change one's own clothes did not deserve the name. I also heard that the new convert had already begun abusing the religion of his ancestors, their customs and their country. All these things created in me a dislike for Christianity".


(Journalist Gandhi, Selected writings of Gandhi, compiled by SUNIL SHARMA, , published by Gandhi Book center, Bombay Sarvodaya, Mandal, Mumbai- 400 007).

"To gain acces to non-Christian households, counsels the 'Catholic Dharma ka Pracharak,' [How to Preach the Catholic Religion] the preacher should know something of medicine. He will then be sought after whenever there is some illness in the house. Once there, he should try to prevail upon the parents that he should be allowed to baptize the child as the baptism would aid the child's recovery. If they do not agree, says the guide: 'If it is clear to you that the father is not going to agree to the child being baptised, and, as far as you can see, the child is close to death, then, on the pretext of administering some medicine, sprinkle water on his head in some secret way and pronounce the words of baptism. O, preacher, should the child die, you would have opened the gates of heaven for this child. Is this not a good deed? Now, if every preacher were to devote himself to his work, then how many children would they send to heaven in a year?' " (Shourie, page 7-8)

The Missionaries of Charity are, for a change, the beneficiaries of some divine benevolence what with Mother Teresa all set to become a Saint, courtesy, Pope. No complaints about that for it makes little sense to a communal ignoramus and a sinner to boot like me. But it is really surprising that the beatification of Mother Teresa should be written about in so reverential terms by the national, nay, rational dailies of the country while they habitually baulk at such similar Hindu rituals, let alone, miracles and miss no opportunity to deride the Sai Baba or the Shankaracharya on flimsy reasons. Indeed, it is quite revealing of their duplicity that is continuously getting exposed with every passing day, mornings to be precise, making one flinch in distaste at even the customary coffee that is otherwise invigorating.

There are millions of Hindus who have done more for humanity than Mother Teresa and all Catholic Saints. Some such saints were Swami Vivekanada, Swami Sharadananda, Sami Dayananda, Mata Amritanandamayi, Lok Masnaya Tilak, Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya and many more. Recently there was one article where the contribution of many Hindu saints and reformers were mentioned. According to one organisation and Radio program, Pingalwada of Punjab has done thousand times more contribution to humanity than mother Teresa. The major difference between Hindu saints and Christian saints is that Hindu saints do not go after recognition, rewrds, awards. For them public reward is more than sufficient. Public service gives them more satisfaction.

I am not a mad person to pick any politician, religious leader, or media person. If I pick any person then it means that person or organisation is going against humanity or Hindu and Bharatiya interests. Most of the English media of Bharat are secular and pseudo secular and go against Hindu interests. It is for this reason that Hindu Voice of Mumbai has sued The Hindu Daily of Chennai. Most of the other papers like Times of India, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, India Today also go against Hindu interests. Many people are taking noitice of these anti-Hindu media and their turn will also come soon for dealing with them. There are many ways for serving the community, society, nation. To become politician, reformer or to become teacher are not the only ways for public service. I am serving the interest of Bharatiya people in my own way. Most of the English media, secular media, communist media is anti -Hindu. I am surprised that whole BBC Hindi staff and its all correspondents is adamant in using polluted and impure Hindi. These are all Tamasic people. These are just animals like pig who like to live in filth and enjoy filth. This is the case of most of the Hindi media of Bharat , especially Film industry and Broadcast media. Manufacturers of Bharatiya products also come in the same category. They manufacture products in Bharat, to be consumed by Bharatiya people, to be sold to Bharatiya people, even then they write English instead of Hindi in prominent manners on the labels of their products. Same is the case with film and TV industry. These pseudo-secular media people make films and TV programs in Hindi, but give cast in English. This practice must be stopped at once. Cast of Hindi films and Hindi TV programs must be in Hindi.

All secular, pseudo-secular, communists, anti-Hindu people are of Tamasic nature. These people would not care what argument is, since their tamas shield them from true understanding. Wisdom prohibits debating a person who is tamasik, abusive, and ignorant. Seular or a communist and/or a convert love to denigrate our Hindu religion, culture tradition, Sanskrit and pure Hindi. Also it is not worth the time and effort to worry about what secular tamasic people are saying. I am capable of many things, but people like you who have got poor common sense or are anti -Hindu are not capable to appreciate what I am doing or saying.

It is universal truth that Christian Missionaries exist to harvest and promote their religion. Funds that are siphoned to the minority outfits are not questioned by the politicians nor the governments. The nationalized banks pose so many questions to individuals who remit their hard earned money, whereas, they are silenced by the enormous amounts that are remitted in to the country for conversion and promoting terrorism. What has the media done in the interest of the nation? The media did everything possible to increase their circulation and audience trampling the Hindu sentiments, and the politicians only wanted to safeguard their vote banks.

What ever you have written to me, only a secular, pseudo-secular person can write. It seems you or people like you do not deserve independence. You people are not able to appreciate nationalism, or all things native. you people are such people who would be more happy in slavery and should have stayed in slavery. For people who like independenvce, You people create obstacles for them.

Last, but not the least, the language and tone of your letter shows the lower stratum of media that you represent. I would like to tell all cowards like you who take shelter under the arms of the weak and mean people, that you have had your freedom to speak such nonsense and still survive because, the Hindu community does not believe in violence. Before you take your pen to write next time, cleanse the nib and your heart and clear your thoughts so that you can think straight and write only the right things.

Yours faithfully,

Mohan Gupta