Date: 11/12/2003



Now they want to make two states in India “MUSLIM FREE”. They consider Islam in them to be as DANGEROUS as nuclear weapons. Why?

The State of Gujarat has been in the limelight of publicity recently when the Muslim miscreants set fire to a train compartment full of Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhya, the sacred city of Sri Ram’s birth. There is thus no need to dwell on its ANTI MUSLIM politics.

Let us go to BIHAR a State that lies between Bengal and U.P. By March 1947 there were rumours afoot that Bengal was about to become part of ISLAMIC Pakistan. This news was received with great jubilation by the MUSLIMS across the State. But those in Assam and Bihar were sad for the denial of Islamic status due to majority of the hated Hindus.

Muslims of Bihar decided to enjoy the “benefits, wealth, riches and enlightenment” of Islam by migrating East to East Bengal. They prepared for their great exodus with great enthusiasm.

They wore the dress of grooms and brides on the day of departure for their new Islamic paradise. They sold off their houses at best prices or handed over keys to the relatives who decided to stay on. Thus laden with cash and gold they set off for Golden Bengal (“Sunar Bangla”) shouting ALLAH HU AKBAR along the way. The news from West Punjab was most encouraging.

“Our Muslim brethren have chased out or exterminated the Kafirs and taken over their rich shops and homes and carpets and cars as well as young girls in teens.”

The lure of similar loot and acquisition of Hindu property and women in the ISLAMIC Bengal provided the extra incentive and motivation to leave Bihar and go to East Bengal.

But they did not know that the bond of KORAN was to prove useless before the bond of LANGUAGE.

Unlike the wretched Punjabis who clung to Urdu, Hindi and Panjabi, and even English and Italian, ALL THE BENGALIS stuck to their mother tongue Bengali.

To them the Urdu speaking Bihari Muslims were even worse than the Hindus, who at least, spoke Bengali.

In the settled communities around Dhaka word went round rather quickly, “Hordes of Urdu speaking Biharis are arriving like locust storms to occupy our lands and take away our jobs and girls.”

(NB: In case of Muslim advance anywhere, the MOST THREATENED “commodity” are your wives and daughters.)

As soon as Urdu became the official language of Pakistan, the Urdu-Bengali divide became as sharp as the edge of a knife.

The Bengalis were smart enough to bar the Biharis’ entry to their towns and villages and kept them out. Hastily vast settlements of tents and mud huts sprang up to accommodate the “Muslim brethren” from Hindustan.

Like the PLO refugee camps the Biharis remained rotting and vegetating in these camps outside Dhaka, dreaming of Pakistan.

After the war of liberation of EAST Bengal in 1972, during which the Bihari minority wished the Pakis the “best of luck” their position became untenable in East Bengal. They were abused profusely by their Bengali MUSLIM brethren.

All these decades these wretched followers of Mohammed have been praying to Government of Pakistan to bring them across to Sindh or West Punjab.

But the NATIVES of Sindh and West Punjab, who can look back to the dawn of civilisation on earth, just don’t want to know the inferior Biharis despite their love of Arabic, Koran and Qaid-I-Azam.

It was up to the BIHARI MUSLIMS to tell the whole world how rotten Mohammed, Ali and Jinn (Jinnah) proved in 1947 while destroying the peace of the sub continent.