Date: 11/12/2003


..............About The Jewish Legion K-9 Unit

The Jewsih Legion K-9 unit already aided the I.D.F. in preventing 4 separate terrorist attacks and has responded to more than 10 terror attacks in Israel.

The Jewish Legion maintains a service kennel in Kfar Tapuach Israel, housing 20 dogs locally. An additional wing is under construction. 30 sentry guard dogs, patrol dogs and home protection dogs have already been placed in needy border towns. Our state-of-the-art kennel also includes training grounds for our courses.

Jewish Legion K-9 handlers with their service dogs are on the front line in Israel to detect terrorists and save lives.

Bomb sniffers – many terrorist bombings could be avoided if bombs were detected early by specially trained bomb sniffing dogs. One such attack occurred on June 11th 2003, when 16 Jews were killed and 73 were injured by an Arab suicide bomber who entered a bus. One of our K-9’s and handlers standing at the bus stop could have smelled the explosives and prevented the terrorist from entering the bus.

The cost to buy and train a bomb sniffing dog and a handler is approximately $10,000. The procedure takes approximately 4 months. The Jewish Legion hopes to allocate bomb sniffing dogs and handlers to patrol busy central bus stations in major Israeli cities.

Tracking dogs – on Friday night, March 7th 2003, Rabbi Eli and Dina Horrowitz were brutally murdered while sitting at home enjoying Shabbat dinner. Good tracking dogs could have prevented this tragedy. The terrorist, cut through an electronic fence that signaled to the town security that they had penetrated Kiryat Arba. The terrorist, realizing that they would be discovered replaced the cut out section of the fence and hid. The Kiryat Arba Guard searched the area, and finding nothing, returned to his patrol. The terrorist waited about a half an hour and then crawled back through the hole, hidden by bushes and tress and then walked right into the town.... A good tracking dog would have led its handler straight to the hiding terrorist.

The tracking dog is trained to follow foot prints, sniff people or to follow the scent of an article which may have been left on scene. The tracking dog can be a tremendous enhancement to sophisticated censors and electronic fences. Once the terrorist trips through or sets off any kind of signal in a specific zone, the dog can then be brought to that zone to track the terrorist’s present whereabouts. The expensive technology can only indicate where the penetration began. A tracking dog can lead you from the point of entry to the present hiding position of the terrorist. Naturally, most Yeshuvim lack the sophisticated censors and electronic fences. Tracking dogs would be brought in anytime a new hole in the fence is spotted, or when people report suspicious sounds or movement.

The tracking dog is the most expensive dog we maintain on our team. The cost of purchasing and training a good tracking dog and its handler can easily exceed $10,000. The training takes at least 4 months. We are currently looking for sponsors to acquire 2 new tracking dogs.

Patrol dogs - Arab terrorists who lay in ambush to attack soldiers or to enter Jewish towns could be detected with the use of good patrol dogs to sniff them out. Trained service dogs have the ability to sniff, see and hear terrorists better than the most sophisticated surveillance and night vision equipment. On October ’03, 3 soldiers from the elite Duchifat unit were ambushed, murdered and then had their weapons stolen by three terrorists near the village of Ein Yabrud, near Ofra. There was a fourth soldier who was also injured. The three terrorists hid behind a pile of rocks, in darkness, as the four I.D.F. soldiers passed them by. After the soldiers passed, the three terrorists shot them in their backs. A good patrol dog would have alerted to the terrorists hiding only a few yards away and would have lessened the element of surprise on the soldiers. An aggressive patrol dog with good bite skills could also have attacked the source of fire. The three terrorists would then have had to deal with four soldiers and an attack dog responding earlier to their surprise attack. The purchase and training of a patrol dog and its handler costs approximately $6,000 and takes between 2-3 months.

Hostage rescue dogs – one of the goals of the Jewish Legion is to train and station one hostage rescue dog and handler on every emergency response team in small towns throughout Israel. The emergency response teams are the first responders to Arab terrorist attacks such as terrorists barricaded in a house with hostages. Modern day Arab terrorists seek to execute their hostages as quickly as they can find them. For this reason the emergency response teams try and break into the homes and initiate contact with the terrorists before the terrorists can complete their bloody massacre. In most cases the courageous chief of the response team or the first I.D.F. soldiers to penetrate the home are killed by the initial burst of gunfire from the Arab terrorists, waiting in the home. Why should soldiers or response team heroes be the first to enter into the barricaded house? Trained pairs of hostage rescue dogs can divert the first wave of terrorist fire and enable the response team or soldiers to immediately follow behind them and together subdue the terrorists. The dog can run as fast as 35 kilometers an hour, running low and close to the ground, and attack the source of fire very effectively. The purchase and training of a hostage rescue dog and its handler costs approximately $7,000 and takes approximately 3 months to train.

On-vehicle response dog – the on-vehicle response dog rides with its handler on the back of an open patrol vehicle or jeep. The dog is trained to jump off the vehicle and respond to the source of attack. Within seconds the trained vehicle response dog will be neutralizing the terrorist sniper. The purchase and training of the dog and handler costs $5,000 and takes approximately 60 days.

Sentry guard dogs – On October 24th 2003, three soldiers were killed in Netzarim. In darkness and through thick fog 2 armed terrorists cut through an electronic fence, yards away from I.D.F. guards, guard tower, tank and the most advanced I.D.F. surveillance equipment. . A sentry guard dog, stationed by that vulnerable area of the fence easily could have detected those terrorists before they carried out their carnage. Sentry guard dogs are used to stand guard with their handler at a stationary guard booth or position. These dogs are trained to give early warning of terrorists approaching the position. The dogs superior ability to see, sniff and hear eliminate the surprise edge that the terrorist might have had. A basic sentry guard dog can be acquired and trained together with its handler for $4,000, within 45 days.

Home protection dog – The Jewish Legion also maintains a special project to place guard dogs with families who live near the borders of vulnerable Israeli towns. These dogs can offer the needed alert to their newly adoptive families before the terrorists get too close. These dogs are friendly with their new family and every family is given a short course on how to properly maintain and care for the pet/guards. These dogs will bark and awaken the family when strangers approach. And if necessary they can attack those who threaten their new family. These dogs are more affordable, we often rescue these dogs from animal shelters, before these homeless dogs are put to death. The cost of adoption, transportation, basic training and installation in their new home costs approximately $750.

To sponsor the purchase, training and deployment of a dog and Jewish volunteer handler in Israel or to join the Jewish Legion, visit or email or call in Israel 067 910 341 from USA call 718 874 2057