Date: 11/19/2003


A vigilant Sikh sent us (the owner web site) a copy of his letter written to the Sikhs' chief religious body, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee in the holy city of AMRITSAR. The holy city of the Sikhs, being in the land of "INDIAN COOLIES", is still awaiting its international status to be at par with THE VATICAN. The RULING & FOOLING establishment controlling the nation of HINDUS has other ideas. It wishes to see the Sikhs' Golden Temple to look like the Temple called Sri Ram's JANMASTHAN in Ayodhya. Here is the letter, and it may be stated right here that what endangers the Sikhs of EAST Punjab, also promises eventual DEATH to the entire Hindu nation in PARTITIONED India.

Respected Sir,

as the premier Sikh body for our RELIGIOUS affairs, I humbly submit that our glorious KHALSA Panth need not remain in ignorance of the GLOBAL conflicts and IDEOLOGICAL conflicts on earth which can any time threaten the rest of the tiny Sikh community in India, too.

Two thirds were wiped out in West Punjab in 1947. A Day of Remembrance is still due to be fixed in the Indian calendar to commemorate their wholesale death and destruction.

Some postings on <www.partitionofindia.com> need to be perused carefully by all the Sikhs, high and low.

Here is the one about "ALL BEING EQUAL" on earth. Thus in this GLOBAL EXPOSURE, we need to value and cherish each and every member of the Sikh community. Each one of them, whether wearing or carryig symbols or not, can act for God and Gurus in the same way.

This is my humble submission in the LARGER interest of our survival.

I dare say that our survival even in East Punjab is threatened despite the present misleading lull that can lead to our complacency. The attack on Golden Temple was part of this "invisible conspiracy" to wipe out the Sikhs in Amritsar as was done in Lahore. That time (1984) the ENEMY WITHIN failed. But there will be more and more attempts against us. Time is on THEIR side.

"NOT ALL MUSLIMS ARE BAD," is always preached from Sikh platforms across the globe.

Yes, some of them fear for the loss of their jobs if they behaved as advised by Koran, the others may be happy to have three HINDU wives out of four, yet others may be in the unfortunate position of being in London where all around it is CHRISTIAN majority.

But ANYONE who believes in the "WORD OF GOD" assertion (The KORAN) that calls one a "Momin" and the other an "INFIDEL", cannot be a good man.

Despite all the good Muslims in the world, India was partitioned and ONE MILLION INNOCENT HINDUS AND SIKHS WERE SLAUGHTERED.

The "good" Muslims merely watched when the two WTC towers in New York fell, crushing all those inside to DEATH.

Yes, not all Muslims are the same. It depends on which one IS ABLE TO blow himself up with the bomb in Bali, Delhi, Jerusalem or Istanbul.

Yes, not all Muslims are the same. It depends which one is able to put LAHORE, GUJRANWALA, RAWALPINDI, MULTAN, EVEN SRI NANKANA SAHIB, under Mohammed's flag in a second, and can also wipe out the entire Sikh community in North Kashmir.

The world in its own interest, ought to GO FOR THE SOURCE of Muslim indoctrination and inspiration, THE KORAN and get it amended to include the sentence, ALL MANKIND IS ONE. A Pagan can be a saint while a BELIEVER (MOHAMMEDAN) CAN BE A RASCAL OR EVEN "BOFORS CHOR".