Date: 11/20/2003



REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of Pan Am Flight 103! >

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993! >

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon!

A BILLION HINDUS WOULD ADD to the above list:

Remember the MUSLIM attack AGAINST the secular united India that broke her up into THREE FRAGMENTS. The map of India since 1947 is the UGLIEST map on earth. On either side of present day India sits an ISLAMIC DEVIL ever thirsty for the infidel blood.

Remember the MUSLIM destruction of the Hindus' most sacred Temple in Ayodhya that stood on the birth place of Lord Rama?

(You also omitted to mention the Al Aqsa mosque on the very site of a Jewish Temple.)

Every HINDU in India defines a Muslim as the ugly promise of Mischief, Malice, Murder & Massacre, Disruption, Rape and Plunder.

Muslims today form the VAST MAJORITY of those who are fleeing across frontiers on land and sea to come to the Christian West for better life, yet in their own ISLAMIC republics they hate the non Muslims.

Muslims are INTOLERANT "beasts". While not allowing a Hindu to enter Mecca, they threaten civil war in PARTITIONED INDIA if the Hindus try to rebuild any of their ancient temples that were converted into mosques by Muslim marauders in the past.

Muslims are intolerant "devils" who insist on CONVERTING every non Muslim bride to Islam. In India thousands of Hindu maidens suffer this fate after being seduced into marriage by a Muslim fellow. There, Hindu females are producing ENEMIES OF HINDUS by the hundred (even thousand) every day.

Muslims never feel the guilt or sorry for spilling innocent blood of the non Muslims. On the contrary they rejoice.

Whenever the Muslims have an upper hand in any conflict or situation, they go straight for the defenceless WOMEN AND GIRLS of the losers, OFTEN HAVING SLAIN THEIR MENFOLK, and molest and rape them without mercy. It seems they are following the example provided by Mohammed himself.

During Muslim onslaught against India in 1947, many Hindu girls and women COMMITTED SUICIDE seeing Muslim mobs advancing towards them. Many jumped into deep and dark wells. Many fathers shot dead or killed all the females in the household before going out to fight and die at the hands of the Muslims.

There must be something "devilish" in their so-called HOLY Book that inspires them to become the beasts who could fly the jumbos filled with passengers and fuel into WTC Towers on 9/11.

It is astonishing that Muslim atrocities are not remembered by the rest of the world for more than 5 seconds.


.........Why did LAHORE get covered in Mohammed's FILTH?

LAHORE in the heart of Punjab, the historic Land of Five Rivers, the Land where Hindu rishis and sages wrote up the Sacred Vedas, was not the LAND OF ROOTS, OR ORIGIN, of the Muslims, as Palestine most certainly is, for the Jews.

The Jews are AT HOME in Palestine. The Mohammedans are ALIEN FILTH in Lahore.

While Israel knows how to defend herself, when will HINDUSTAN bring a huge BROOM to sweep away the DIRT AND FILTH OF MOHAMMED FROM LAHORE, North Kashmir and EAST Bengal?