Date: 11/20/2003


The Jews have perfect right to return to their land of origin and roots, PALESTINE.

The Arabs and the Muslims there are ALIEN INTRUDERS. They INVADED the land under command of Mohammed, wiped out the Jews and their temples and civilisation, and stayed put, multiplying like the rabbits.

They should be asked to go to their own Land of Mohammed or be THROWN OUT.

By this logic, the Jews coming to Israel after World War 2 were going back to their own historic land of birth.

The MUSLIMS occupying West Punjab, North Kashmir and EAST Bengal are ALIEN INTRUDERS. They should be asked to QUIT or be THROWN OUT. They ought to be EXTERMINATED if they do not budge and refuse to take their Koran back to Mecca where it was either conceived by a very sick mind, or dictated by Devil himself who was called "God" in those dark days of “JEHALAT”, 1400 years ago.

The Jews had another good reason to found their own State for safety and protection from persecution by the likes of NAZIS and MUSLIMS.

But what justification was there for the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, the LARGEST Muslim country, on earth?

In which country had SIX MILLION MUSLIMS been killed? From which country had they been expelled? In which country did they EVER have to wear badges like the Jews in Nazi era and the Hindus in Afghanistan during the rule of Taliban?

On the contrary the Muslims had already established DOZENS of Islamic republics on earth by 1947, and they were also quite a terror in many other countries, especially India, where gentle Hindus don’t mind surrendering territory UNCONDITIONALLY to the Muslims, being massacred, raped, and exterminated by the bloodthirsty “warriors of Mohammed”.

So, the Jews must dominate and RULE the whole of Palestine while the MUSLIMS must be expelled from the whole of India, including Pakistan and BOGUS(Bangla)desh.

That is logic. That is fair. That is the ultimate recipe for peace on earth.