Date: 11/22/2003





Ex Muslims Speak Out

Why did we leave Islam?“ It's neurotic to believe and follows regulations that are tailored for 7th century even they would have been working back then.

Islam is based on the thought that a person shall get perfect by deeds and constant halal/haram asssesments. You need islam everywhere even in your bed and in the toilet.

The good deeds for their part don't even count as "good" but neurotic (praying in arabic, washing, eating in some manner, walking in one manner, denying some normal or enjoyable things as listening to music). In addition some of those rules and even ideals are against human rights, lack individual freedom, the ideal of equality of both sexes in decision making. Furthermore, islam inspires people to be suspicious and intolerant, even rasistic towards other religions and encourage to so called narrow thinking. There is no pure and unconditional love, love and hate is for the sake of allah and hence, love's not free and real but must follow Allah's rules. I really dislike animistic habits the effect of which has no logicalexplanation, I cannot accept unequality and suppression of sexes and praising of martyrs, and cannot categorize people according to their religion and limit anybodys or my own freedom.

Also, I don't think sex must be related to each and any communication and cloth. I want to be me, praise my Lord with music and singing, be independent, express myself, make decisions...etc..”– Friend, Finland

“I personally left Islam because, to put it simply, it was grim. ”– Anonymous, USA

“If you truly follow Islam, that means you must live in fear of hellfire all the time. Even though Islam dictates every aspect of your life, it fails to promote the most important values, like honesty, respect for all of humanity, individual choice and accountability, love, and I could go on. ”– Eva, USA

“Their teachings goes against many human rights.”– Elixx

“I find the whole idea of God nonsensical. Plus Darwin made a convincing argument for evolution.”– Ron Jeremy, Malaysia

“Because Islam is not for me whether it right or not.”– Juniper, Malaysia

“Because I am no longer comfortable in it, and I discovered that I am more comfortable as a Christian, as Christian teachings made more sense to me than Islamic teachings.”– Adam, Malaysia

“The main reasons I left Islam are because I found out that it allows wife beating, sex with prisoners of war and sex with children and I cannot accept a prophet who allows this. Other reasons include the intolerance of other religions, an imperialistic foreign policy and the belief that all non-Muslims are going to hell.” – Ben Rukhsana, Britain

“Islam didn’t make sense in many ways, and then I saw the so-called "miracles" of Quran are exaggerated stories. By knowing these 2 facts, I knew Islam was not a religion from God, but a creation of mankind. I believe Islam is not right for me, because I believe humans are born free, and for Allah to impose laws on us is unfair. Sure, breaking the speed limit is also a law but it helps protect other innocent civilians. Following Islamic rules like eating Halal food, Prayer and Hajj doesn’t protect or benefit people in any significant way.” – Sheraz Malik, USA

“Islam is suffocating. Everyone, up to and including god is watching your every move. Did you pray five times today? Did you fast today? Been a good slave to Allah lately? To be fair, a lot of other religions are somewhat like that, because religion, when used as a method of crowd control, requires oversight.” – Amin, Canada

“Islam is based on barbarism, male chauvinism, racism [in favor of Arabs], censorship, lack of freedom of thought and terrorism.” – Hale, USA

“Islam is not a religion of peace, as I erroneously believed before; it is an extremely fascistic doctrine perpetuated by the Arab imperialists.”- Abul Kasem, Australia

“I left islam because it did not fulfill, or go along with my desire for love of the world. Ethically the concept of hell started my kufr.”– Abu Lahab, USA

“It's oppressive, restrictive, anti-humanism, stagnent, anti-progress, anti-joy, anti-women, and very violent and dicriminatory in practice.”– Ampbreia, USA

“I left Islam because of glaring intellectual inconsistencies within the Quran and the Hadiths; because of the judgmental and angry way Islam deals with problems both internal and external.”– Bean, USA

“Because I became convinced that what Isa said in the Bible was true.” – Anonymous

“I started to realize how much hate there was in Islam. Especially after September 11th. I couldn't believe the support from a large number of Muslims for Osama bin Laden had for his crimes. Overtime, I started to have doubts about certain hadiths and ayats - later I found a website of other stories of people who left Islam. I looked closer at the ayats of scientific proof, I researched the "Satanic versed"... Everything just piled up against Islam... I just woke up...” – Anonymous

“I learned that according to Islam, non-believers are going to hell no matter what, which is not fair, it is a religion that is hard to follow and time consuming. Plus, as I women I couldn't accept the need to wear the veil (Q 4:31) and that men can beat women (Q 4:34).”– Murtad Mama, Canada


Hindus need to pass THIS WISDOM on, fearlessly, to their MUSLIM fellow citizens in Bharat that is minus Lahore, Dhaka and Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya DUE TO MUSLIM SEPARATISM, MISCHIEF, BESTIALITY, BRUTALITY AND MONSTROSITY.

Partitioning India on religious basis alone was not an act of good morality and kindness that would benefit mankind. On the other hand the bloody MUTILATION of India left TENS OF MILLIONS of Islam's VICTIMS who will PROFUSELY ABUSE Mohammed whose BOOK, The Koran, divided mankind into "Muslims and THE REST", and provided negative inspiration for the demand of Pakistan at the cost of SECULAR India.