Date: 11/22/2003


Newspaper headlines screamed on November 22, 2003, “BRITONS ON WORLDWIDE BOMB ALERT. Metropolitan Police chief warns of attack on London.”

AND ALSO, “It is time for the leaders of British Muslims to make a choice. It is the British way or it is the way of the terrorist.”

AND also: “Sleeper cells pose threat to Britain. Fanatics are here and ready for attacks.” Etc.

But dear England, what can the Imams and the leaders of British Muslim do when their KORAN exercises a great pull upon them to do what they are CONDITIONED and BRAINWASHED to do?

If a Hindu is conditioned and brainwashed to love and truSt ALL, can he then have any ground or reason to yell out in anger and fear, “NO MUSLIM PRESIDNET, PLEASE. WE CONCEDED PAKISTAN TO THE ENEMY IN 1947!”

Mr Jack Straw, the British Foreign Secretary, has appealed to the British Muslims to be more vocal in condemning the attacks on British property and interests in Istanbul, Turkey.

COMMENT: In appearance the appeal is made by an experienced British minister but in reality it is the cry of an innocent babe looking up at the wolf for kindness and fellow feelings.

Mr. Straw, the HINDUS have spent CENTURIES appealing to the Muslim conscience but are still nowhere. How do YOU hope to succeed in five minutes?

The entire history of Islamic aggression against the civilised secular world is nothing but false oaths and promises. What good will the good statements of all the Muslims of Great Britain be when they are all committed to the Glory of Mohammed on earth.

That “glory” is the ruins of the non Muslim world. It was clearly seen in Istanbul in Turkey on November 20, 2003, in New York on September 11, 2001, at Bamyan, Afghanistan, two years ago, while breaking frontiers of India in 1947, and at the RUINS of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya. That is a very short list of Islamic glory.

The true glory of Islam is the sight of a donkey cart carrying missiles to kill the innocent in Iraq.

Unknown to Mr. Blair and Mr. Straw of the United Kingdom, the British Muslims, too, aspire to the ultimate goal of “global” supremacy of Islam and will have their say.

The British Government under Mr. Tony Blair, a CATHOLIC by Faith, has let in too many MUSLIMS (male, single, of marriageable age and MUSLIM) as asylum seekers, thus overlooking the fact that a new FIFTH COLUMN will be up and menacing within two decades from now.

Neither Mr. Straw nor Mr Blair will be on hand to “PREVENT PARTITION” then.


COMMENT: Now is the time when India should declare Pakistan as a terrorist state.

RESPONSE: Quite right. India had to do so on August 15, 1947.

But still it will not happen if ABDUL KALAM is the President. In his heart he MUST love Pakistan more than the hated Hindustan, full of kafirs and Sikhs.

The Difference between Abdul Kalam and Aurangzeb is this: One is benign the other was malignant. And why did bloodthirsty Akbar become so benign in the end? Because he was presented with a new Rajput maiden every night. He had no reason to complain.