Date: 11/22/2003


During Ramzan, this Hindu man wakes up Muslims in Lucknow

REUTERS LUCKNOW: Getting up before sunrise is a routine ritual for most Muslims during Ramzan, when the devout fast from dawn to dusk.

But Barati Lal Gupta, a Hindu, in Lucknow gets up even earlier during the fasting month and walks through the lanes of a Muslim quarter with a microphone and loudspeaker in hand, waking up Muslims for sehri or the pre-dawn meal.

‘‘Wake up, it is time for seheri. You have 52 minutes left, please get up and have your seheri,’’ chants Gupta.

Gupta, 55, has been awakening Muslims every Ramzan for 16 years, earning the name of ‘‘Seheri Wale Baba’’.

‘‘I faced opposition from both Hindus and Muslims when I took up the job in 1987, but that was short-lived.’’



Firstly we are sure this Hindu cannot even in his dream realise how CENTURIES OF ABJECT SLAVERY wear down a whole nation.

The Muslims first occupied Sindh in 712 AD and then Delhi in 1192 AD. Any Hindu who stood up was beheaded, leaving the nation intimidated and terrified.

Since FREEDOM did not come and CENTURIES passed, the intimidated and terrified Hindus got their rotting genes SOLIDIFIED into permanent state.

Then for survival there emerged "competitions" of a new kind. The Hindu who conceded, did a deep salaam, did some service, or went out of his way to please, got the job, was shown the favour, allowed to keep his beautiful wife.

This competition and vying for favours and ACCEPTANCE by the Arab, the Persian, and the Mogul rulers and warlords has produced the modern Hindu typified by this diminished and demolished guy. In fact, the whole Hindu nation is still decomposing. It is interesting to make an observation in today's India where the Hindu has lost all self-esteem and sense of IDENTITY.

There are those who do not wish to see the word "HINDU" in the very Constitution of his PARTITIONED India that was written up AFTER conceding Islam top place in Lahore and Dhaka. The idea brings shivers of terror to these Hindus due to FEAR OF ISLAMIC RETALIATION. Objectively speaking, there is nothing wrong in giving a country of Hindus its due identity.

Today India has NO identity and a concubine of all masters, including PLO.

Then there is the one who brandishes his Secularism by the fact that his daughter is married to a Muslim and has produced children that all read Koran. Another shows his secularism by boasting that his children visit the convent and are educated by nuns.

Then there is the ridiculous one who does not even go past Ayodhya for FEAR that someone might see him and label him as worshipper of Sri Rama, "a right despicable fundamentalist Hindu, threat to the security of India".

Then there are those ludicrous ones sitting in PARLIAMENT of India who take pride and big comfort in seeing the Italian born CATHOLIC Sonia Gandhi sitting in front row, and "allowing" the BJP government even to exist.

Then there are those despicable cowards who have deleted the word PARTITION when they happily surrendered one third of India's surface to Islam and call that day of national humiliation, surrender and shame "Independence".

These Hindus accept a Constitution that does not mention the surrender of Karachi nor any aspiration to the reunification of India.

We also have a whole nation of Hindus, one billion strong, who thought it perfectly right for Indira Gandhi to have conquered EAST PAKISTAN in 1972 and then RETURNED our own territory promptly back to ISLAM instead or urging Sheikh Mujiburrahman to accept Secularism like the rest of us and JOIN WEST BENGAL.

The slavery having reduced the genetic quality of the Hindus also brainwashed them into believing that instead of defending ANYTHING the highest virtue is "tuyaag" (RENUNCIATION).

Instead of FIGHTING for anything (anything, even one's wife and daughters) the highest virtue is AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA (total non violence). Under these strong guiding stars the top Indian leadership signed the unconditional surrender of five provinces to Islam in 1947, and also vowed NEVER TO LOOK BACK.

Thus the whole nation is DISARMED, VULNERABLE and ready for another ISLAMIC TAKE OVER.

The worst thing that this long and INTERMINABLE period of slavery (a world record) is that the Hindu is totally DE-LINKED from territory and fellow Hindus since he could not defend either.

This fellow in Lucknow, Mr. Gupta, might be a refugee from Rawalpindi or Lahore and may well be in a STATE OF SHOCK, stunned and dazed, due to what he and his parents went through at the time of that HOLOCAUST.

Such state of shock and terror can well last a whole life time in some instances.

Such "shocked and dazed" Hindus who have seen ISLAMIC BARBARITY at first hand, live through DEEP DEPRESSION, do not relate to the TERRITORY of West Punjab or EST Bengal, nor even to the quarter of a million HINDU refugees who have had to FLEE homes in South Kashmir.

The helpless pathetic brainwashed and conditioned Hindus find it the highest virtue to SERVE THE MUSLIMS. It is perfectly natural for someone who thinks he is a cow and the Muslim is a tiger.


They can even get their shoes taken care of in the mosque by him, he will be "honoured", even get them polished, he will be elated.

For the last act of SERVICE and APPEASEMENT to the Muslims we believe half the parliament of India will stand up to touch the feet of ABDUL KALAM their Supreme Commander.

Only by placing the DEFENCE of their territory, temples and daughters in the hands of a MUSLIM, can the whole Hindu nation sleep peacefully at night.

It's a pity that none in India says, "PAKISTAN NOT UPON MY NELLY." Not even the one who might also have noticed that in India's TWO TOP HOUSES, Prime Minister's and Presidents, there is NO lady. Someone said, "Had there been one, she might have eclipsed the "mem from Italy", the "sarkar (king) maker" in India."