Date: 11/23/2003


NB: SGPC = SHIROMANI GURDWARA PARBANDHAK COMMITTEE, the organisation for the management of the Sikh gurdwaras in India.

Until the immoral and BOGUS partition of India to reward the indigenous Muslims with Indian territory and Hindu/Sikh lives, this body controlled all the gurdwaras in the united India.


We learn that the newly elected SGPC president Gurcharan Singh Tohra on Thursday asked Pakistan to let Sikhs administer their shrines in the country.

We are told that Gurcharan Singh Tohra criticised the Pakistan government for appointing a Muslim as head of the Pakistan Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee -- that runs more than 170 Sikh shrines in Pakistan.



Ridiculous idea and ludicrous demand from the cuckoo's nest.

Is there any surprise at Pakistani actions if PARTITIONED India herself appoints a MUSLIM as Supreme Commander (President) to defend our territory, temples and daughters? The rot begins at home. Is Tohra bothered or perturbed about it? Has he even wondered as to who his own wife or daughter RELATE to in the houses of Prime Minister and President of Hindustan? (Why must India NOT have a HINDU lady of calibre and dignity in either or both of them?)

Pakistan may even turn around and ask, "Why is the capital of your state on "Union Territory" despite Rajiv-Longowal Accord of 1986?" And WE ask, "How can anyone in EAST Punjab vote for a political party (Congress Party) that surrendered Lahore in 1947 and deleted the word "PARTITION" from the nation's vocabulary to cover up their own High Treason?" Who will EXPOSE that High Treason to the whole nation if not Tohra?

Is Tohra even bothered about the Constitution of his own country that ought to have been HINDU after surrendering Lahore to the terrorist ISLAM of Mohammed of Arabia?

Did he, his SGPC, or ANY other Sikh leader, question Indira Gandhi's decision in 1972 to RETURN East Bengal to ISLAM after capturing it, instead of joining it to our own secular WEST Bengal where it rightly belonged till August 15, 1947?

When did he approach the United Nations to demand the same status for SRI NANKANA SAHIB that Vatican enjoys in Italy? He could inspire the Hindus to demand similar status for Ayodhya, too. (Tohra could reflect, "If I cannot enter Mecca, being an infidel as defined by Mohammed, then how can I tolerate the sight of a Mohammedan in Patiala or Ayodhya?")

Tohra should, instead, approach his own nation to mobilise guts and spirit to claim back the whole of West Punjab, East Bengal, North Kashmir and the other territories snatched or occupied by indigenous Muslim terrorists in 1947 (or ORDER the so-called "indigenous" Muslims to leave for Pakistan/Bogusdesh.)

Does he know the number of new mosques being built in his own EAST Punjab and what is going on in them?

Tohra ought to tell the Sikhs why Multan, Lahore, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Rawalpindi disappeared from the map of India OVERNIGHT.

Has he suggested wearing BLACK ARMBANDS or ribbons on August 15 every year to remind the nation of the most humiliating unconditional surrender of one third of India to the indigenous Muslims in 1947 that immediately "sentenced the Hindus AND SIKHS of Pakistan to death"? He ought to put up a highly visible memorial or monument in his Amritsar to remind the world of the manner of extermination of the Sikhs of West Punjab. It was not less brutal and savage than the extermination of the Jews in Nazi Germany.

He ought to do his utmost to turn his own into a MAN'S world, not remain reconciled to a cow's.

Tohra, a respected Sikh leader, at the head of a premier religious institution (SGPC) need not cry in WILDERNESS.

The first thing he ought to do right now is to utilise the vast funds to provide a computer with Internet link to each and every MANDIR and GURDWARA in his own EAST Punjab so that this e-mail could be read in thousand places.

..........IGNORANT population produceS ignorant LEADERS.