"MUSLIM TERRORISTS", thank you America.

Date: 11/23/2003


.....................MUSLIM TERRORISTS

Somnath, Ayodhya, Noakhali, Pakistan, North Kashmir, East Bengal, Bali, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Jerusalem, Srinagar, New York, Iraq, Istanbul . .

Two words have recently acquired such frequency and regularity of use that these are now embedded in the English language and have become household words.


Since 712 AD, when they showed up UNINVITED in Sindh, up to the day of ILLEGITIMATE birth of “bastard” State of PAKISTAN, and EVER SINCE, we have had them all over our body, but were forced to be “politically correct” fools, and downright cowards, to call them anything but terrorists.

The popular but highly misleading line of BANDIT Nehru’s Dynasty, ruling and fooling India, was: “Such terms will provoke the Wrath of Allah, infuriate the Muslims and invite death to all of us.

"However, seeing these "devils" with your own eyes in broad daylight, COME, SLAUGHTER, ABDUCT, RAPE (the Hindus) and GO, you may call them “Muslim militants”, but not “terrorists”.”

And so it went on for months, years and decades till September 11, 2001, when the "rat" Bin Laden touched the whiskers of the "LION" called George Bush.

The Western media, immediately coined up the phrase “MUSLIM TERRORISTS” and has used it liberally ever since. On November 20, 2003, the Muslim TERRORISTS exploded bombs in Istanbul before a British bank and the Consulate. That circulated the term “MUSLIM TERRORISTS” around the globe at least a hundred times.

Now some Hindus are wondering, "Coming to think of it, didn’t we concede Pakistan to Muslim terrorists?”

We should have been the ones to invent the phrase and repeat it day and night and even ought to have said, “MUSLIM DEVILS” when they killed 100 innocent pilgrims (“yatris”) near Pahalgam in South Kashmir a few years ago. But in India nobody picked up the news or the story, leave aside, abuse the rascals.

And what term of ABUSE did the Muslim terrorists deserve when they shot dead 36 Sikh young men on the eve of President Clinton’s visit to India? Would “bastards” or “BEHEN-CHO*” have described the bestiality and SAVAGERY of Islam that day?

Now even officially controlled media in India have started writing “Muslim terrorists” BUT ONLY while reporting on Iraq and Afghanistan but not while reporting on South Kashmir where the Muslim terrorists hunting the Hindus day and night with impunity are called simply “Muslim militants”.

Ask the Prime Minister of India, “Sir, Who snatched your Sindh and EAST Bengal from you in 1947?”

The man will be stunned and shocked. The thought NEVER occurred to him. Then he might say one of the following:-

All India Muslim League passed a resolution in Lahore in 1940 but our nation slept for 7 years after that before taking any note of it.

The Muslims of India.

Some separatist Muslims.

Some misguided Muslim fellow citizens.

You see, he has not said, “Muslim terrorists” so far. Being the Son of a Hindu, he never will. Please go and try it yourself. Ask Mr Atal Behari Vajpayee this question, “Who snatched Pakistan from India in 1947?”

But we must KNOW and BROADCAST the TRUTH to the whole world.

When Bapu Gandhi (FATHER OF NATION) declared, “India will be cut and chopped upon my dead body,” the same night Mr. Mohammed Ali JINN appeared in his dwelling.

Putting the pistol to our Mahatma’s head he (the JINN) threatened, “I will blow your head off and also start a civil war if you don’t concede Partition.”

Was that not the threat by a Muslim TERRORIST? Yet none in India calls M.A. Jinnah, the then leader of Indian Muslims, a “TERRORIST”. In fact his house in Mumbai is maitained at State expense instead of being razed to ground like SPANDAU PRISON in Berlin.


The Muslim terrorists will apologise and beg for forgiveness if they see us call all of them TERRORISTS. After all, Truth is on OUR side, the side of secularism and the equality of sexes and of Momin and KAFIR.

Thank you America, for opening our eyes. In fact, having surrendered ONE THIRD OF INDIA to the DEVILS, we could only call them separatists and nothing more.

Up to now we could only think of them as “Bapu’s misguided children,” or simply "Pakistani brethren, but never "MUSLIM TERRORISTS".


Democracy + political correctness + Muslims = Self destruction