Date: 11/26/2003


Was it due to pressure by President Bush of America?

A patriot writes: Really I think this ceasefire is not because of Ramadhan and the kindness of Pakistani heart. I think this is due to Bush and Blairs' declaration of war on Global terrorism. Either you are with us or you are with the terrorist.

I think there are good Muslims and there are true Muslims.

Good Muslims are the ordinary people leading their normal secular lives looking after their four wives and feeding umpteen number of offspring.

True Muslims read Koran day and night and have internalised who is Momin and who is Kafir. They are the extremists and terrorists who want to see the whole world converted to Islam.

I think True Muslims have bitten more than they can chew. With Bush, Blair and Israel on their tails the world will be safer place. Also with education and female equality Islam will destroy itself.

According to the Pakistani source 70,000 people have died in Kashmir conflict.(Javed Akhtar, Press Minister High Commission for Pakistan, London SW1 p26 23/11/03 Daily Telegraph)

There was no need for all that.

Watch the space for their tricks and true colour.