Date: 11/29/2003



...............What is coming from Arabia?

PEOPLE'S REVOLUTION. But why India, the well-known democracy on earth?

The FACT is that the term "democracy" is only to throw dust into the eyes of the world, and mainly the HINDUS, who are to feel proud of one (Bandit Nehru's) DYNASTY misruling our country for decades, fanning the "culture of corruption and immorality" not mentioning the terms of Partition, going about bashing the Hindus, controlling All-India Radio and Doordarshan (Broadcasting), not looking at the ongoing bloodshed in South Kashmir, allowing Sharia Law in secular Hindustan, perpetuating the HIGH TREASON of Partition (unconditional surrender of one third of our territory to ISLAM) and the fraud of "cease fire line" in Kashmir, ignoring the severe Hindu persecution in Bangladesh and ordering the HINDUS to keep away from the Sri Ram Temple site in Ayodhya.

Democracy is POWER TO PEOPLE. So, let us ask, "Who consulted the people on Partition?"

Who consulted the people on declaring unilateral cease fire in Kashmir in January 1948?

Who consulted the people on the "constitutional status" of a Muslim in Bharat AFTER Partition?

Who consulted the people bafore returning EAST Bengal to the enemy after its capture in 1972?

Who consulted the people before launching Operation Blue Star in Amritsar in June 1984?

Who consulted the people before despatching our troops to kill the Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN in Northern Sri Lanka in 1987?

Going back in time, who consulted the people before hanging the finest PATRIOTS of the day, Nathu Ram Godse and Nana Apte, from the gallows, a punishment that Bandit Nehru himself deserved richly and rightly had the Indian PEOPLE been empowered then?

If that is democracy, then the word must have been defined by Bandit Jawahar Lal Nehru himself (who signed off one third of India to his "first cousins" without insisting on Referendum) and accepted by brainwashed Indian morons, and none else.

PEOPLE OF PARTITIONED INDIA WILL GRAB POWER VERY SOON, that is, soon after the people do so in Saudi Arabia.

One thing good about the present era of "Kal-Yug" (besides the discovery of "Kay" for Komputers!) is that PEOPLE are rising everywhere though some PEOPLE need just a hint to rise while the others need big sticks to beat them up into standing up for their own democratic rights.

The Greek are undoubtedly the FIRST to have ruled themselves by popular vote.

The British, too, rose as early as 1215 AD when they FORCED the King into signing the Magna Carta that is often thought of as the corner stone of liberty and the chief defence against arbitrary and unjust rule in England. It was a series of concessions wrung from the unwilling King John by his rebellious barons in 1215.

What state was our India then? In 1192 AD, that is, 23 years EARLIER, the savage Turks had conquered Delhi and let loose their reign of Islamic terror on the subjugated Hindus.

In recent times it was the French who rose. On the 26th of August 1789 the National Assembly issued the Declaration of the Rights of Men. All citizens had the right to decide what taxes should be levied and how public revenue should be spent. Other fundamental human rights included freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious liberty and freedom from unlawful arrest or imprisonment.

Then in 1919 the Russian people rose against the Czar. The more recent revolutions were in Egypt, Libya, and IRAN where the Shah was overthrown in 1979.

During the first half of 20th century the Indians remained under the yoke of Britain. The real era of freedom began at the end of World War 2 but the Indians failed to rise.

India was attacked by indigenous Muslims and broken into three fragments. Seeing NO resistance, the Nehru Dynasty strengthened their own strangulating stronghold on India, RUINING the country further through corruption and misrule, empowerging Bollywood to set moral standards for the masses.

While the much battered, bashed and betrayed Hindus are now trying to rise, we see signs of revolution in another unexpected country, the land of birth of Mohammed.

The Faith of Islam that was carried on SWORDS and Koran from Morocco to Indonesia went across the world like a jungle fire, wiping out civilisations (our own in Lahore and Dhaka) and murdering countless innocent people going about their daily lives.

Now we see that the "FIRES" are returning to Mecca. Their march will be relentless until the culmination of the centuries old history of their ruthless advance across the globe. On one day alone Islam covered one third of the entire Indian sub continent (August 15, 1947, the darkest day in the entire human history when TENS OF MILLIONS of people went under the draconian Islamic laws totally OUT OF TUNE with the ways of freedom, secularism and democracy.)

Now let us see, what David Blair, a correspondent for "The Daily Telegraph", London (November 27, 2003), has got to say about SAUDI ARABIA where the rulers (as in our own "Hindu-bashing/Sikh killing" Bharat) FEAR their own PEOPLE?

(Quote) In a country where the economy is stagnant, 60 per cent of the population is under the age of 25 and unemployment is about 20 per cent. There is no shortage of impoverished young men willing to join the militants.

The ageing King Fahd, who western diplomats delicately describe as "inactive", issued a rare joint statement with Crown Prince Abdullah, the country's de facto ruler, calling on all Muslims to "unite" against terrorism.

Saudi Arabia's most senior cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh, echoed their words.

"Today it is crucial that we stand united and speak with one voice supporting our leadership against those who threaten our religion, security, resources and stability," he said.

"God intended Muslims to be a moderate and tolerant people and avoid extremism."

The ministry of Islamic affairs keeps a close eye on the message being preached in Saudi Arabia's mosques.

About 1,300 imams have been withdrawn for "re-education" since May. The rest were careful to stay "on message" during Eid.

According to the Saudi press, the imams in mosques across the kingdom preached that the "message of Islam was peace" and prayed for the "misguided to return to the correct path".

The "misguided" is Saudi Arabia's official euphemism for al-Qa'eda sympathisers. Day after day, police raids across the kingdom show how determined and well armed the kingdom's "misguided" are. (Unquote).


Does the phrase "misguided" ring the bell in Hindu ears? IT OUGHT TO.

When the ferocious ISLAMIC onslaught was developing against the HINDUS across the whole of India in 1947, "mahatma" MK Gandhi, instead of addressing the HINDUS (Rajputs, Jats, Gurkhas, Marathas and Sikhs among them) to rise and beat the Hell out of the Pakistanis in our midst, instead, addressed the Hindus telling them, "They are my misguided children. Don't touch their whiskers. They will see sense one day and beg for unity with our India. Then our Broken Bharat will be united again like the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States."

"Bapu" Gandhi's "misguided children" DEVOURED a million Hindus overnight and chased out some 15 million more from their homes in 1947. They did not say "sorry" or repent until 1989 when they chased out all the Hindus from the Valley in Kashmir, too.

Watch out for events in Saudi Arabia to unfold now rapidly. Islam's "misguided" children are about to blast the palaces there, which are now protected by the super power America. Next will be the turn of Pakistan and Bangladesh, now protected by the super power GREAT Britain. Time and tide wait for nobody, not even the high and the mighty.

In the new glorious and proud Hindustan the word "NEHRU" and all the statues of MK Gandhi are about to vanish like the word "Hitler" and all the statues of Stalin.