Date: 12/25/2003


.......................Caliph of Baghdad

Conversation with a Muslim friend:

He said with chest swelled with pride, “We occupied one third of your India overnight on Augurs 14, 1947 and met with NO resistance from secular stalwarts like Gandhi and Nehru.”

”Yes, that’s correct and be pleased to know that another Secular Stalwart, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, returned East Bengal after its capture by her secular armed forces back to ISLAM instead of bringing the territory back to Secularism.”

“We are delighted at the turns and twists your India makes to prove her secularism. She has secularism for the Hindus but Sharia Law for the Muslims as well as Article 370 for South Kashmir.

She has even bought peace by renouncing claim over North Kashmir. We couldn’t be happier.”

“What facilitates your easy advance on Hindu territory?”

“Islamic rule and British domination have produced very VISIBLE results.”

“Pray explain what you mean by that.”

“Firstly, the Hindu is DETACHED from his territory. Take away Sindh once, and East Bengal twice, from his map, there won’t be a ripple in Kerala.

While Tamil Nadu is looking on, Sri Lankan armed forces are killing the Tamils.

While EAST Punjab is the land of “million akhand paths”, as never before, Lahore has gone under Allah HOO Akbar. Take away Sylhet out of Assam and it becomes “history” the following day.

Secondly, one Hindu does not relate to another. In the past if one dared to stand up for the other, BOTH were hanged to death from the nearest tree. Thus the Muslims could carry away wailing and crying daughters and wives of Hindus in their HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS since the Koran was first brought into Hindustan and no attempt was ever made to bring them back or to sack Mohammed and Mecca.

Since 1947 no one throughout Hindustan has lifted a finger to record all the Hindu females abducted, raped or snatched in 1947.

Nor is there any Hindu Holocaust Museum anywhere. By the number of killed, the Sikhs hold world record. Yet there is NO memorial to the victims anywhere in their EAST Punjab. They care a lot for the things VISIBLE but forget in a minute what is invisible.

Though they can clearly see Indira Gandhi’s Congress Party behind the attack on Golden Temple in June 1984, the fools have voted her Congress Party to power once again.

The Indian who is a Hindu, does not relate to another, neither in Uganda, nor in Fiji and nor even in EAST Bengal and South Kashmir.

Muslims have a field day in blowing up the Hindus all over, without the fear of reprisal or retaliation. The whole lot of Hindu nation is frozen in fear over their grand temple in Ayodhya. The Muslim minority, who have no right to be in PARTITIONED India, have joined hands with the Pope in Vatican to warn the Hindu MAJORITY community, “You dare move in Ayodhya.”

“What is the Muslim dream with regard to the Hindus,” I asked.

“It is to put them all on reservations and then pronounce freedom one by one to those who embrace Islam and believe in Mohammed as the Last Messenger of Allah on earth.”

“If your Mohammed was the last prophet on earth, does it mean that Allah lost his power to send another prophet down to earth?”

“Yes, a Muslim must believe that or lose his head.”

“It all sounds great. What are your plans for the future?”

“Our plan is to bring the whole world under the sway of Islam. The first step has to be to revive the office of CALIPH OF BAGDAD.

“Who do YOU think will be the first Caliph of Islam after the post is recreated?”

“Saddam Hussain. Just look at his flag and you will see the word to show his legitimacy for the post.”

I looked at the provocative word written in the Arabic script and thought of all the unfortunate ones in Iraq who call God by another name.”

“Sad Damn Hussain,” I whispered to myself and moved away from the Islamic beast in human form whose ancestors put my own sacred LAHORE under a flag with the same provocative word.

May scourge of God smite MECCA where the real "founder of Pakistan" was born 14 centuries ago.