Date: 1/5/2004




I have just returned from a holiday in Miami. Security at the airport was very high and the security personnel were efficient and courteous. I was glad to see the care being taken on our behalf at the cost of billions of dollars.

I am rather surprised that until today no political leader has had the courage to tackle the scourge of world terrorism except Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair.

The only way we can get rid of this menace permanently from the world is if we deal with the root causes, which continues to produce terrorists in the first place.

The problems as I see them, are as follows:

Islam is a kind and compassionate religion and most Muslims are peace loving people. Unfortunately the Islamic leaders religious as well as political use the interpretation of Islam not to serve the people but to control them. Look at them, while they enjoy having modern educated wives who like to dress in western clothes; they on the other hand preach to their fellow citizens to remain backward and observe outdated customs.

These leader ensure that no other religions is allowed to enter their countries in case people start to ask questions or start to compare themselves with people of other religions who are more progressive and advance.

The second problem is the treatment of women in Islamic countries. Muslim men keep women backward in order to control them and they are allowed to have four wives and can divorce at a whim. They fail to understand that one is judged by the company one keeps.

Hence those who keep women uneducated and backward are themselves falling behind in the world.

Muslim men on average have one income whereas their counter parts have two as their wives also work. Therefore it is no coincidence that Muslim families have more children and smaller income. That is why they hate other who have done well in their lives.

No technological, scientific or medical innovation has ever taken place in Islamic countries. Instead we get poor, intolerant and backward people who are misfit in this modern world. These are the precise reasons Muslims wish to live separately and do not allow any other religion to enter their countries. No wonder they are at war with almost every religion of the world.

I fear that if no other leaders political and religious, are prepared to call a spade a spade, then we will continue to live under the threat of ever increasing terrorism and will continue to waste billions of dollars in implementing security measures and see innocent people die in vein.

Please urge all good politicians and religious leaders to show courage and come forward in condemning those leaders and states, which are intolerant and ignorant about the ever-changing word.

We have seen the result of appeasing totalitarian regimes. They haunt us ultimately. To some degree the terrorism of today is the result of our bad judgements in the past.

Our fellow Muslims need our help in becoming equal citizens of the world if we are to enjoy peace and stability in the world.

Finally the only way we can make the world a safer place is to ensure through the United Nations, equality for women and religion in ever country of the world and ban marriages between first cousins.