Date: 1/5/2004





Use your own head. Study history. See their performance throughout history. Read the news. See their treatment of minorities in ISLAMIC lands. See the freedom of speech and women in Muslim societies. Read KORAN between the lines. Find out as to why a Bangladeshi or Pakistani Muslim is ever ready to go to Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan or Irak for "Jehad" though he doesn't even know where these countries are.

Find out why a Hindu or Jew is UNIVERSALLY condemned or despised by a Muslim anywhere on earth. Find out as to WHY the Muslims could stay put in India to enjoy superiority in law and equality in society after they partitioned it and took out their homeland called Pakistan. Find out as to in how many mixed marriages is the groom willing or able to accept the (non Muslim) religion of his bride. Find out the rate of INCREASE of Muslims in non Muslim democratic societies such as India. Draw your own conclusions about the future of the Hindus there.

Find out as to why the Constitution of India, written just 2 years after PARTITION and imposed on the helpless and clueless nation on January 26, 1950, doesn't mention the word ("Partition") nor the vast territories (one third of India's surface area) surrendered to Islam unconditionally.

Find out why India does not regard August 15 as the Day of PARTITION but as the day of independence.

Muslims have been described in many ways as NO other religion on earth. Some, like Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, call it "religion of peace" since so far his own family, wife and children, have escaped rape and abduction. He will also not be around when they gang up to yell, "The Islamic Republic of England!"

On the other hand some have described the Muslims as marauders, bandits, murderers, rapists, gangsters, extremists and now, more and more, as TERRORISTS.

By the way, when the Kashmiri Muslims objected to the term "terrorists" the entire Indian media switched over to describing them as extremists or militants, etc. HINDU and APPEASEMENT go together.

Mahatma Gandhi adored them so much that his son Hira Lal converted to Islam. Gandhi, the Father of India, was thrilled at his swapping the sheep's coat for the tiger's.

A confused Mahatma, who envied his son for taking the lead over him in going over to brave Mohammed, could think of no other benefit except, "Now my Hira Lal will not be a vegetarian any more. As a meat eater he will develop his muscles and become a brave man."

Hindu girls share the noble feelings of their Mahatmas and Gurus and follow their teachings of 'love towards all' that were uttered or composed centuries before the appearance of prowling, abducting, seducing and marauding followers of Islam, and are seen ever ready to fall into Muslim traps instead of giving a slap in the face of one wearing steel ring, calling himself "Mohan" and declaring his love of Sanskrit.

Later in life, Mahatma Gandhi called them "bullies", seeing them press home their demand for PARTITION. He also noticed that the dream of Pakistan held as much spell for the Muslims of Tamil Nadu and Assam as for the Muslims of Sindh and East Bengal. He became terrified of them, seeing them all standing united.

Some have called the Muslims "disruptive, trouble makers, separatists, dim, dull, and producers of suicide bombers.

The others believe that the lure of embracing the "numerous virgins in Paradise", as promised by Mohammed in his own Book called Koran, is too much for most young Muslims to resist temptation to death by blowing themselves up. The urge to die makes them fighters for life.

Whatever one calls them, the fact remains that firstly, they can get away with anything, and, secondly, they are forgiven promptly by the world for any crime they commit. That savage attack on the integrity of India in 1947 is already regarded "history" by most Hindu leaders born with the genes of goats.

Take the case of India just before the British Imperial Masters left her after sucking every drop out of her economic and mental body.

When the Muslims demanded, "There should be Sharia law over all parts with Muslim majority," the HINDUS promptly buckled and agreed.

Thus Lahore got its provocative Mohammedan flag 'Made in Arabia'. The Indian "coolies" there put Arabic above the languages spoken by their own mothers.

But when the Hindus said, "Now what is left after conceding you Pakistan, ought to be under a HINDU CONSTITUTION, the whole world yelled at them, "How dare you be so fundamentalist and separatist?" The Hindus buckled and appointed a Muslim as the Head of State to prove their secularism.

The idea of today's "nuclear free zones" actually originated in the head of Mohammed. He declared his Arabia to be HINDU FREE ZONE nearly 14 centuries ago.

Can one beat that? His followers have gone on relentlessly adding to those Zones of Islam.

Today in South Asia, Sindh is HINDU FREE ZONE. Afghanistan is HINDU FREE ZONE. Baluchistan is HINDU FREE ZONE. West Punjab is HINDU FREE ZONE. NWFP is HINDU FREE ZONE. North and South Kashmir are HINDU FREE ZONES. And even East Bengal is HINDU FEE ZONE.

Copying the Muslim overlords, the enslaved Hindus of Gujarat also thought of creating a MUSLIM FREE ZONE in their own state. But did they get far?

That idea was nipped in the bud by none else but by ABDUL KALAM, the PRESIDENT OF INDIA.

When the Hindus in Gujarat proceeded to do what the Muslims in EAST Bengal and North Kashmir did, the whole world ganged up against them. India was painted in BLACK across the UNO and every Islamic republic threatened severe consequences.

India buckled and made sure that not one Muslim was touched but allowed to live, laugh and PROCREATE more.

Now it is time to turn the Islamic tide of MISCHIEF and TERRORISM back to Mecca.

How do we know that Muslims are gangsters? By the simple fact that even the starving Muslim in Bangladesh and the road sweeper in Indonesia and the bandit in Afghanistan is ever ready to do Jihad against infidels anywhere on earth.

Their foremost target is the tiny State of Israel. Second in line is SOUTH Kashmir.

Israel is ONE Jewish state that the whole world ought to go out to protect. There was the "home coming" of the Jews there in 1948. There was NO "home coming" of the mischievous Muslims to Lahore and Dhaka. So how did they get away with forming Pakistan?

Even having produced 42 odd Islamic republics on earth, the "devils" are not content to live within their own borders and MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. They wish to push Israel out into the sea.

What will happen if we allow the bullies and gangsters to wipe out Israel?

The world will move ten steps closer to DARK AGES, the kind of which we saw in Afghanistan under the Taliban and the Hindus saw under Aurangzeb, and ARE SEEING in North Kashmir, West Punjab and East Bengal.

To become equal to the Jews on earth, the Muslims should be allowed to have just ONE Islamic republic and that can be Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere we need to unite AGAINST them. Elsewhere we need to CIVILISE them and TEACH them secularism and tolerance.

The FREE, DEMOCRATIC and SECULAR world will always remain at LOGGERHEADS with the World of dictatorial and brutal Islam, and their totalitarian Rule under Sharia Law.

So, let the COUNTER ATTACK begin now. We have been retreating before the marauding Muslim armies.

Now let us resolve to set fire to every ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION, starting with the ones imposed over LAHORE and EAST BENGAL.

Let us sound the bugles and drums of battle for enlightenment, freedom of expression, and women, the dignity of the languages our own mothers speak in 25 states of India, and for the enlargement of Israel in territory and for pushing Mohammedans BACK to the land where their war mongering Mohammed was born. He had, and has, NO right to damage or destroy the existing civilisations of his time. They need to be RE CREATED and the Temple Mount and The Temple in Ayodhya need to be liberated.

The dark night over Lahore needs to be turned into perpetual sunshine of freedom.

Occasionally we need to speak their language: We ought to explode bombs and send suicide bombers into the BELLY of the Islamic world, and not tolerate them killing our people on our own patch of territory.

Let us DEFEND our lives and values of life, and let us teach them a lesson for ruining the peace of world for the last 14 hundred years.