Date: 1/6/2004



People generally see the HURRIAT as a conglomerate of about two dozen leaders and parties mostly Sunni Muslims residing only in a few particular areas of the Srinagar, Baramulla and Badgam districts of the Kashmir valley.

The dictionary meaning of ' conglomeration ' is a group of many things, especially that you would not expect to find together or things that have been put together in a disorderly way.


Dr. Jitendra Singh a columnist and political analyst of the J&K State recently came up with an amazing writeup " Does Hurriat know what it wants" ? An excerpt from the write-up recorded by a leading English daily of Jammu on Nov 2,o3 reads :-

Is the predicament with the Kashmir Hurriat conference the result of the inner contradictions among the various constituents of the Hurriat because the individual Hurriat leaders are unable to find a meeting ground between their unspoken secret ambition for political power vis-a-vis Kashmir and Pakistan or is this so because the Hurriat leaders are by and large still enable to free themselves from the clutches of Pak's ISI's " MONETARY CUM MILITANT CONTROL " ?

What some insiders maintain :-

The Hurriat is the old wine in new bottles. Ideologically the outfit is nothing but a new name for infamous pre-partition Muslim League of Mohammed Ali Jinnah who advocated that Muslims will be the lossers if they accept the Indian values like non-violence and the need for the co-exsistence between Muslims and non-Muslims, besides religious tolerance as lofty principles and decent and civilised way of life.


Accession to Pakistan was voluntarily rejected by the Kashmiri Muslims though the British Independence Act envisaged that the people belonging to the Princely States had absolutely nothing to do with the decision of the rulers acceeding to the dominion of their choice-India or Pakistan. There was no provision for the rular to ask for independent status to his State nor could the state subjects claim any thing like independent status to their State.

However, NC leader Sheikh Abdullah who enjoyed incredible public support told a Press Conference on March 6,1948 (recorded by the Statesman on March,7,1948)

We have decided to work and die for India.... We made our decision not in October last, but in 1944, when we resisted the advance of Jinnah. Our refusal was catagoric. Eversince the National Conference went on clearly maintaining the Jinnah ideology as irrelevant, pernicious,medieval,shameful and out dated.

On Sept 29,1948 at another Press Conference the Sheikh who undoubtedly represented the voice of the entire Kashmiri speaking Muslim population of the valley reiterated:-

We have burnt our boats.There is no place in Kashmir for a theocratic State. Kashmir will never make a plaything of India's honour. At yet at another gathering on id after the Namaz (holy prayer) Shar-i- Kashmir -the lion of the Kashmiri speaking people roared :-

The pledge we gave last year that Kashmir will be the part of India has now become an eternal bond. The National Conference with all its bickerings and diffirences with the government of India, from time to time,however,stood firm with one thing "the pledge of eternal bond with India.

Even today when the N.C is out of power it claims to be a force capable of challenging the military dictator ruling Pakistan and a handfull of Jinnah ideology supporters posing themselves as Hurriat leaders. The world watched on T.V. how the entire Kashmiri population reacted to the demise of Sheikh Abdullah. Wailling and weeping was wide-spread and millions of people participated in his . on foot ,funeral procession from his home to Nigeen Park on the Dal lake. What was note worthy at this historical event was that the body of the" lion of Kashmir " was covered with the tri-colour-Indian National Flag. Not a single Kashmiri individual or group was seen anywhere in the length and breadth of India held Kashmir to express any regret on Sheikhs eternal bond with India highlighted by the tri-clour adoring his dead body. There was absolutely no suggession for the use of State flag under which the N.C. had come to power after the partition and the accession of the State to India.

Farooq Abdullah's periscope:-

The former Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah saw the Hurriat as just 2o demonstrators who were free to enact any drama to justify the money they had been getting from their sponsors . " They know they have to stage a weekly drama by coming out on the streets.We lift them,detain them for a day and in the evening I send them back to their homes. They do justify their funds that way." It all was the stage managed show for the press photographers and the same had no trppings of a mass movement" Dr. Abdullah added.

The Chief Minister claimed that he had full knowledge and evidence of the ' Hurriat leaders' involvement in foreign funds but added his government was in no hurry to take action. ' He would readily give permission to the separatist leaders for political rally provided that they submitted in black and white that they would not speak against the sovereignty and integrity of the country. This forms the excerpt of the Chief Ministers address to the select Newspersons at a television press conference for Doordharshan Kendra Srinagar on October 15 some years back and reported by Ahmad Ali Fayaz in the local press.

A cabinet Minister's statement:-

Dr. Mustafa Kamal saw the Hurriat in somewhat same light.An excerpt of one of his statements published in the local press on April 21,2000 under the caption Mustafa opposes talks with ultras records:-

The people who think that talks with Hurriat or millitants will usher an era of peace in the state are mistaken. To hold talks with the elements who introduced the gun-culture,justify and use it to kill innocents is rediculous and destined to boomrang.

..............A former Prime Ministers view-point:-

I.K.Gujral in his paper 'The Hurriat initiative '-published by Hindustan Times on Dec,12,1995 put some questions to the then top ranking Hurriat leader Syed Ali Shah Gillani who had gone to Delhi with a long list of victims of the on going unrest, insisting that the right of self determination needed to be given to the people of Kashmir as the only solution.

Mr.Gujral asked " Who was responsible for this?....and... how have the guns found their way in Kashmir; and where from they are coming to the valley" And... " Why have a peace loving people opted for the guns? Gillani's myopic reply was " It is India's unrealistic attitude..., arrogance of power...and... intoxication of military might"....

Mr. Indrajit Gupta, CPI leader wanted Mr. Gillani to elucidate "Whose Azadi are you seeking?" Was it their purpose to seek the right of Self-determination" for the valley alone and there too for a segment of Muslims or was he talking about the State as a whole? "If so, had the Hurriat ascertained the views of their fellow citizens in Jammu,Ladakh and even the other ethinic groups in the State? Mr. Gupta recalled with pain that many valuable members of his party were mercilessly butchered by the militants. Gillani's " humane concers " were found having no sympathy for the large number of Kashmiri Hindus hounded out at gun-point and a large number brutally massacred.

An example of Jihadi role:- daily excelsior March 16.

The one time top leader of the Hurriat Mr. Gillani called for Kashmir bandh in protest against the alleged act of desecration of the holy Quran by VHP activities in New Delhi.

It naturally evoked total shut down throughout the valley. The administrative machinery looked crippled and collapsed.

Protesters resorted to stone -pelting on moving vehicles and police. Anti-Indian slogans were raised.Processions lobbed grenade on police and also fired shots at Gojwara Chowk in Nowhatta locality, and exchange of fire continued for some time. The fact that the Muslims in New Delhi and the rest of India were unconcerned and silent exposed that the allegation of desecration was delibrate, unwarrented, mischivious and dangerous.

.....................From Horse's mouth :-

Hassan Zainagairee comments on Hurriat in a Srinagar based English daily namely GREATER KASHMIR (13-10-03) . An excerpt of the long and detailed observation captioned as "Done with Hurriat" is reproduced here in a very brief excerpt:-

Despite having sound money bags and hosts of its representatives abroad- its swash buckling tale of adventure resemble to that of a 'medieval prince, with fanciful orientation. At home front in spearheading intifada' (political resistence) it showed the behavioural patters of a beloved child of a 'noble family' prone to the habit of sitting in judgements and wallowing in luxuries....... It has relied more on Kashmir cell of the Pakistan embassy. On its part it has done precious little. I wonder for what it has opened its office in New Delhi What did its men do .in London, Washington, New York, Toronto and Geneva. How many Congressmen or Lords it veered around to its cause. Is there any strong lobby in America to give us moral and political support? This despite huge amounts at Hurriat's disposal. (Maal-e-muft- dil-beraham) 'Easy come -easy go'. These donations and income from (other) sources were drained more into the gazzling stomach of those holding reigns of the movement in their hands whether in Kashmir, Pakistan or in other countries. For many unfortunate Kashmir gravitated into a killing field but for some high ups it bloomed in a fortune -making industry. Narating the skillful exploiters, shrewd manupulators Hassan states that a friend of his told him that he saw a ,blood-stained trouser , on display in a procession a few years back in Pakistan. The loud-speakers blared out: the trouser 'smuggled out of Kashmir' belongs to that of a Kashmiri Muslim Woman raped by the Indian forces. In hysterical creams the people went on donating whatever precious they had: necklaces, jewels,wrist watches, golden bamgles and currency notes.

The question is where has the huge amounts in millions of rupees gone ? Has it reached those deserving most and in whose name it was collected-orphans, widows,ruined families,demolished house-holds?Sniff around the winds.There are families that have lost the only earning hands and are now mentally wreck.What has Hurriat done in this regard? Last ten years of Hurriat's parking itself into the centre of 'separatist' spectrum have made it swelling and revealing in privatised and commercialised politics. That speaks of its emerging as a priviledged class commanding a parallel authority.Indegenous in charecter, it however breathed the oxygen mask provided to it by its mentors. So controlled were its wits and nerves that of its chairmanship post,it had to wait for the green signal.The recent blood-less coup engineered against it shows that the political lackeys have but to follow the dictates of their masters.In defiance,they will be shoved off and their wings would be pinioned.All these years Hurriat behaved more like a surrogate than an independent body. ...

Top Hurriat leaders son (Local English daily April 9,03)

The vigilance Organisation(Kashmir) arrested senior Hurriat Conference leader Maulvi Abbas Ansari's son Abbas Ansari and his business partner Wasim Ahmad Chisti in connection with Rs.2.5 crore computor scam.

Hurriat recipe of Maulvi Abbas :-

O.P. Modi an independent thinker and columnist states:-

O.P. Modi a columnist and thinker of repute said in a leading English daily of Jammu dated Dec 18,03 that Maulvi Abbas Ansari led faction of the Hueeiat has reportedly come out with a bizarre plan to resolve the Kashmir issue.

The Plan envisages splitting J&K as it stood before 1947,into three parts. According to it Jammu & Ladakh regions will go to India,the northern areas( at present merged with Pakistan) will be retained by that country and parts of(POK)and the valley will be re-united.Though the re-united Kashmir will be "under Indo-Pak duel control" the Hurriat Conference would like its defence in the hands of Pakistan. In other words according to the Hurriat Plan the Indian Armed forces are supposed to vacate the valley obviously handing it over to Pakistan army. What sort of "control" will India have over the re-united Kashmir after it comes under the grip of Pakistani forces.... The idea of "duel control" carries the seeds of greater bloody conflict between the two countries.Gillani,however, is not prepared to leave any part of Jammu & Ladakh for India on the ground that Muslims form a majority in the entire J&K State.


V.P.BHATIA a recognised and well known expert on Kashmir Affairs writes in ORGANISER Dec 22,02.

Hardened killers against whom no charges could be framed for years because of faulty laws are being released under the new regimes. Meanwhile lakhs and crores are pouring in for terrorist outfits from Kashmiri and other Muslims outside India in the name of Azadi. The Pakistani papers expose this racket from time to time. From one Saudi town alone,Rs. 4 Crore is coming annually, according to one secessionist report.. No wonder,they are rolling in wealth. A hardened criminal like Yasin Malik who has suddenly become a Gandhian was cought accepting a lakh of dollars from a foreign lady and jailed. He has now been released by Mufti.To know what type of pampered man Yasin Malik is,read the account from the Congress leader Salman Khurshid's book BEYOND TERRORISM. ............(Bhatia suggests).

On September 14,1989,Mailk and Ashfaq Majid cornered Tika Lal Taploo, an advocate and a prominent political worker of the BJP at Chinkral Mohalla in Srinagar.Taploo did not have a chance.He was gunned down in cold blood and left on the street,creating terror and pamic among the local population. On 1 December 1989,Malik directed Manzoor Ahmad Sofi and Mohammed Rafiq to murder Saiddullah Lone. The next month,Malik was responsible for the murder of officials of the Indian Home Ministry....... The profile of the alleged terrorist as documented is too long for being mentioned here. It is cut short with the prayer that the Dy.Prime Minister may convert the criminals into saints and iron into gold during his talks with them..

GLOBAL SCOURAGE:- An excerpt from S.Gurumurthy's article Jihadi Islam -global scourage..

Before September 11, the West believed those who indulged in terror were those who had nothing to eat, no food, no employment....They thought if people develop economically,terror would vanish After the Sept11,2001 Princeton University in the US conducted a study into the anotomy of the people who took to terror.The study was conducted at the instance of the World Bank.They presented a report that completely overturned the Western thinking that by mere economic development you can bring the terror, violence or hatred under control. The over 150 people who killed themselves in attempts to kill others,to blow up buildings in Washington and in its neighbourhood were well educated,well employed and came from good families. ... will hWE should never decieve ourselves that terrorism can be handled rationally. Overwhelming and visible reprisal is the only method of handling this. The hand that lifts the gun against the State are to be met only with the gun and by no other means. No talks nothing. A benovolant society cannot handle this. A strong society can alone handle this. If a benovolant society has everyone wanting a little headline in his or her newspapers that he is a peacemaker, then that society is commited to suicide. No society that is benovolant to this kind of extremism can hope to survive. The State must develop a super efficient anti-terror machanism. To meet terror you must have a more superior terror to deliver. That is the only way of handling the terror. (Courtesy Bharatiya Pragna-Sept, 2002.)