Date: 1/6/2004


The TRUE ("Bauddhika") Kshatriya would objectively analyze and explain unanswered questions like why Hindu-majority areas like Lahore, Sylhet and Chittagong were given away to Pakistan by Nehru. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would be the messiah of Indians everywhere on Earth. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would assist the Indians in Fiji, aid the Indians in Malaysia, enthuse the Indians in Africa and inspire the Indians in the Americas. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would emancipate the hungry millions of the land, yet making the ideal trade off in the guns versus butter choice. The Bauddhika Kshatriya would establish Ram Rajya in this country and demolish the ant-Hindu communist conspirators mouthing socialist shibboleths in the universities.

Challenges before the Bauddhika Kshatriya

A Bauddhika Kshatriya would combat the following sections of the Indian nation.

1. Mullah: This refers to the Sunni Muslim elite, which insists on a separate identity than their Indian one. The present government spends more than 190 crores on the Haj travel in an action devoid of any economic benefit. The imam of a certain mosque refused to pray for the soldiers at Kargil as they were combating a Muslim Pakistan. The Moplah rebellion and activities of SIMI also fall in to this category.

2. Missionary: This refers to the Christian missionaries who openly attack Hinduism . In spite of Gandhiji openly criticizing conversion , the activities of the missionaries have continued unabated. Using deception , violence , disguise under cloak of school and hospital the missionaries have contributed directly to the present chaos in the Northeast and the tribal hinterlands of MP and Orissa .

3. Minorityist: This refers to the so called secularists dominating our landscape today. The National Human Rights Commission displayed this by raking up the Best Bakery Case while turning a Nelson's eye to the Jogeshwari case where the accused Muslims were acquitted for want of evidence. The Election Commission of India displayed this by postponing elections in Gujarat, while holding it in the much more disturbed Jammu and Kashmir.

4. Marxist: This refers to the extreme Chinese nationalists [88] born as Indians merely by `accident of birth'. They successfully transformed Calcutta from a gem to a dowager of a city within 25 years of misrule. They further have left no stone unturned in any anti-national activity in the country.

5. Mandalist: This category brought the Indian public sector to its ultimate downfall by implementing time bound promotions for certain Superior Castes/ Scientific Tribes also known as SC/STs. They destroyed meritocracy and established anti-Brahminism as the fundamental philosophy of political life.

6. Mayoist: This refers to the progeny of Catherine Mayo, whom Gandhi described as `a drain inspector'. This category believes that everything good in India came from outside and everything bad is purely indigenous. They constitute most of our Page 3 socialites.

7. Maoist: This refers to the Naxalites and their fellow journeymen who believe in a nation-less world. Their imprudent action has only served to accentuate poverty in regions they afflict.

8. Macaulayite: This refers to the Convent-educated elite marinated for years in Nehruvian socialism. They have inculcated several characteristics from the above listed categories. Their legendary activities make them more Christian than the Christians themselves.

9. Me, Mine, Myself: This category has never bothered itself with any development till they are directly impacted by it. But often it is too late for them to react when it actually comes to them.

10. Media: This M-factor is controlled by the above 9 Ms. This so called secular device has done untold damage to the Indian nationalistic feelings, religious traditions and cultural values.


The modern era is characterized by several radical developments like the deluge of information for which there appears to be no precedent in history. This provides both an opportunity and a risk factor to the emergence of India as a great global power.

The enemies of the nation have mounted an unprecedented attack on it. Any attempt to benefit India in the remotest way is criticized openly or `stifled with silence'.

As the soul of India wrenches in misery at the myriad knots the so called secularists weave, the woven nation as a whole awaits the emergence of a new Swami Vivekananda, Guru Gobind Singh or Shivaji, to lead it through these turbulent times.


NB: In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, a bus stop is called Kshatriya. Another is called Rishikesh. It is quite intriguing.

Were the original inhabitants of Lithuania Hindu, who migrated to that place thousands of years ago?