Date: 1/6/2004




Muslims have a right to choose to live in India, However, all person in India should live by uniform rule of law, that is a part of democracy. Without uniform civil code there is no equal rights under the law, and that is NOT democracy. THOSE WHO WANT TO GO LIVE IN SHARIA OR ISLAMIC DEMOCRACY OF PAKISTAN- SHOULD GO THERE, THAT IS WHY PAKISTAN WAS MADE. THEY CAN SELL THEIR PERSONAL PROPERTY HERE, CONVERT THE MONEY AND GO TO PAKISTAN. ANY HINDU LIVING IN BANGLADESH OR PAKISTAN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO COME TO INDIA, after the governments there have given them their wages and compensation for being held in bondage or involuntary servitude. They should be counted against the population being exchanged.

All the land based on the muslim population in 1947 has to be calculated by the total proportion of muslims.

After that the total number of muslims who want to live in india should be calculated. Their land proportion should be calculated from the proportion of land that was calculated for all muslims. After this we should see Pakistan and Bangladesh's total land holdings including POK and land given by Pakistan to China and decide how much land actually Pakistan and Bangladesh should have. Then they should give the rest of the land back to India, free and clear, and move their population to the land that Pakistan should have.

After that, India should made multipurpose ID card for all citizens with fingerprint and picture ID; one should also be issued for any person who applies for a visa to India. If anyone comes to INdia, illegally, and fails to approach BSF or other border agency as a political asylum / refugee; they should be tried and hanged. India is not a free for all the firangees and nutcase jihadis to come and commit crime. As soon as they enter India illegally they have committed a crime to be punished by hanging till they are dead.

Kashmir is not the only issue with Pakistan we need to discuss all the issues, in any open forum, whether it is a meeting or SAARC or UNSC or International Court of Justice- these issues include-

Murder, ethnic cleansing, rape, conversion, abduction of girls, etc. of Hindus / Sikh, etc. at the time of partition; taking of their personal property at the time of partition- - when is Pakistan and Bangladesh (then east Pakistan) going to pay for this injury, damages to the families and survivors. Such damages should be assessed and Pakistan should be ordered to pay them within 30 days, with interest, to refugees from Pakistan or their survivors;

Pakistan should get out of POK, which is still being treated like a colony and not as a democracy.

Pakistani forces attacked Kashmir and indulged in rape, loot, abduction of Indian muslims in war after the partition- Pakistan should pay restitution to these victims, with interest for 55 years.

Hindu girls were sold in slavery to Arabia after the partition from Pakistan including Bangladesh- they should disclose all the sales, records, monetary gains- India should repatriate all such slaves and their children from any country. They should be asked to pay damages for keeping them in slavery, sexual slavery- and those who do not send back the slaves- India should send special ops forces to bring them back and arrest their masters and bring them back to India to face the justice. They should also pay for back wages for such slaves with interest.

Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh have been forcefully converted, held as second class citizens, raped, their property taken without compensation, their businesses looted, etc. They have to stop this immediately and UN Commission on Human Rights should make sure all the cases are fairly addressed in hearing held in bangladesh and they be given due compensation with interest. If they do not stop the crime against the minority, especially hindu / sikh girls- India should send special ops forces and for each Hindu/sikh killed we should kill 10 muslims. In the worst case scenario, we should do Katl e Aaam like Nadir Shah did in Delhi, and kill every MUSLIM man, woman and child in Bangladesh; after one year of them being in non-compliance. These barbarians understand force.

The same treatment should be given to Pakistan, Afghanistan or any other country where Hindu or any associated religionists are being prosecuted; one country at a time. From Egypt to Tibet to Indonesia. India should have very stron defense before this plan is put in action, with multiple nuclear command bunkers, standby officers to take over the continuity of governance, moon based ground laser, satellite based lasers, for targeted killing of those who are proven guilty and refuse to put themselves in front of an Indian judge to answer the charges, etc.