Date: 1/7/2004



In the world of long tail rodents, the size of a weasel, the rat is the supreme commander and his consort the prime minister.

“We accept partition. We accept Pakistan. We put a seal to its legitimacy by despatch of our prime minister to its capital Islamabad.

“We accept their flags of rebellion and diplomatic missions in New Delhi and we even accept the full sovereignty of EAST Bengal because it has more Muslims than all the non Muslims put toghetgher.”

Ironically, where the Muslims are in minority they become each one tenfold, whereas where the Hindus are in majority each one is reduced by one third and where the Hindus are a minority they vanish altogether.

Hindu leaders and scholars, thinkers and preachers, ought to concentrate on this tragic fact very seriously now to find a way out whereby a majority of Hindus in Bharat acquire the point of view that Pakistan was our surrender to the bullies under duress, hence it is unacceptable.

If an average Hindu cannot raise himself by a factor of 10 in the near future (Guru Gobind Singh tried, IN VAIN, to raise one by the factor of 125,000 when he declared, “Sawa lakh se ek ladaon!”), even the survival of the Rest of India cannot be guaranteed.

How can we accept the Muslim threat of 1947 that “We shall ignore the minorities in Chittagong and Lahore if they happen to be non Muslim. And if we snatch North Kashmir, we shall keep it, too.”?

We also need to repeat one line to ourselves day and night, and it is this: “At the PARTITION talks, Baldev Singh was the Sikh voice, Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the Muslim voice and Pandit Nehru & Mr. MK Gandhi were the Congress voice who represented all, including the Muslims and the Sikhs. There was NO Hindu voice.” We need to remind ourselves day and night that while All-India MUSLIM League sat on the right of Nehru & Gandhi, (All-India CONGRESS Party), on their left there was VACUUM. The chair meant for All-India HINDU Mahasabha was VACANT.

Pandit Nehru was not only a (Con)gress man, but also a man under alien name who created public opinion.

Indian “Public opinion” then was that of ONE man with Arabic/Persian/Urdu name [Jawahar or Gohar (Persian), La’l (Arabic) and Nehru (attributive case of “Nehr” in Urdu- “Nehru” like “Gaandu”].)

More often now than ever before, the voices of true patriots like Nathu Ram Godse and Nana Apte of all India fame, and Nanak Singh (“Martyr of Multan”) haunt us, “Listen carefully and pass the word: If a bully snatches your possessions, will you let him keep them? If a rascal abducts your sister, will you let him keep her? If a bully forces you into signing a document, will you abide by it for ever? What we have said so far are your personal things. Similarly there are things that belong to us all collectively. The defence of South Kashmir, for example, is our collective responsibility. Fighting the unconditional surrender of Multan, Lahore and Chittagong was also our collective responsibility.”

How can one say, “I shall fight for my personal interests but not for our collective interest?” How can one say, “It’s two years since he abducted my sister.”? Surely if a Muslim had run off with Mahatma Gandhi’s “langoti”, stick and glasses, there would have been a thunderous oucry and the police would not have rested till they caught the miscreant and restored our “Bapu’s” personal possessions. But when ONE THIRD OF INDIA was snatched, there was NO outrcry. Our Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) did not go on “fast unto death” or warn Mr Jinnah of dire consequences. He had NO idea of COLLECTIVE responsibility and loyalty. He did NOT relate to territory and fellow Hindus. One day he declared, “India will be cut on my dead body,” the following day he went on with his normal daily routine. Mahatma Gandhi went on with his usual prayer meetings at which he warned the Hindus not to harm any Muslim of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

The above was narrated to me by someone who had to leave his home in Karachi. He and others like him came away, carefully avoiding to step on the corpses that littered the byways and the highways from Karachi to Gilgit and Chittagong to Sylhet till they reached the safety of India, totally exhausted, in mere three clothes.


None can accept PARTITION that was imposed on the unsuspecting, trusting and gullible people of India, without referendum or challenge. The entire nation was bullied or tricked into accepting history’s worst ever unconditional surrender of vast territories along with all the inhabitants to ISLAM on one day.


“Partition WITHOUT condition, NO!

“Partition WITH conditions, YES!”