Date: 1/7/2004



When we read about those "jauhars", when our HINDU girls and women found themselves totally defenceless while their menfolk had been put to death by the alien Muslims on our own territory, one wonders whether we have jauhars ONLY because our Hindu manhood does not inflict them on the MOHAMMEDANS in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia.

Is there any other reason for the Hindus' inability to prevent them, or to INFLICT maximum punishment on the Muslim rascals who relish in the misfortune of even terrified defenceless females of the country whose air, water and bounties they richly enjoy and feed on?

Time and time again we have seen that the Muslims, both RULERS and scavengers, relish the prospect of a Hindu or Sikh being "roasted alive".

Those brutal murders of small boys like Hakikat Rai, who refused to embrace Islam, and the gruesome manner of murder of two little sons of Guru Gobind Singh and his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, are a reminder that the Muslim psyche is deeply impressed with the idea of killing the kafirs for piety and relish.

We have to get the history books out, to take note of the enemy within, who will do tomorrow to the "infidels and kafirs" of Hindusthan what he did yesterday.

Till date NOT ONE Muslim organisation in India has passed a Resolution condemning the creation of Pakistan on their own secular Indian soil. So much for their love of "secularism". Of course, they did pass the "Pakistan Resolution" in Lahore on March 23, 1940 and then BACKED IT UP by relentless force, clamour and bullying besides perpetrating that savage "Direct Action Day" in Bengal on August 16, 1946.

When shall WE resolve and take a vow, "NO more johars by our noble Hindu/Sikh girls and women on our own territory."?

Plead read the account of one such Johar (below) that did not happen so long ago like those earlier ones committed in CHITOD in Rajasthan.

How 90 (NINETY) young women of THOHA KHALSA, a small village in Rawalpindi, committed Jauhar to escape falling into the hands of barbarians, was described in a report published in the "Statesman", New Delhi, on April 15, 1947.

"The story of 90 women of the little village of Thoha khalsa, Rawalpindi District, who drowned themselves by jumping into a well during the recent disturbances, has stirred the imagination (sic) of the people of the Punjab. (NB: Merely "stirred the imagination", but did not result in a FIERCE COUNTER ATTACK against the murderous Muslims anywhere in the rest of Hindusthan, including Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Gujarat?)

They revived the Rajput tradition of self-immolation when their menfolk were no longer to defend them. They also followed Mr. Gandhi's advice to Indian women that in certain circumstances even suicide was morally preferable to submission.

Thoha Khalsa, situated at the foot of a hill, until recently belonged to members of the Sikh community. It was small, prosperous and pretty.

About a month ago, a communal army (i.e., MUSLIMS) 3,000 strong, armed with sticks, tommy guns and hand grenades, surrounded it. The villagers defended themselves as best they could. They had two guns which they put to good use. But in the end they had to raise the white flag.

Negotiation followed. A sum of Rs. 10,000 was demanded by the besiegers. It was promptly paid. The Muslims gave solemn assurance that they would not come back. The promise was broken the next day.

They returned to demand more money and in the process hacked to death 40 of the defenders. Heavily outnumbered, they were unable to resist the onslaught. Their women held a hurried meeting and came to the conclusion that all was lost except their honour.

Following the example of Indian (i.e., HINDU/SIKH) women of bygone days, they decided to evade inglorious capture. Ninety women jumped into a small well. Only three were saved. There was not enough water in the well to drown them all.


From: "PARTITION DAYS; THE FIERY SAGA OF RSS" published by Suruchi Prakashan, Jhandewala, Deshbandhu Gupta Marg, New Delhi- 110055, India. Phone: 011- 3514672. Price Rs. 220. (p. 204).


When will our brave HINDU nation raise a befitting memorial to their sacred and honourable memory on the soil of Bharat? Would we first have to beg for the approval of Sonia Gandhi and Abdul Kalam? Why did the idea not come from THEM?