Date: 1/9/2004


....................THAILAND, THE NEXT TARGET?


Muslim separatists in Southern Thailand are increasing attacks on government troops and public bodies. They are well coordinated and receive expertise and funding from similar fanatic groups in neighbouring countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Sources of their ideology lie in Al Qaida.

Thai government is now sending more troops to crack them down. But the official policy is to call them “bandits and criminals”.

This is in line with Mahatma Gandhi’s pious pronouncements, “Not all Muslims are bad. Those demanding vivisection of our Motherland are criminals and bandits.”

“Father of India” forgot that he included his friend, the ex President of All-India Congress Party, Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, too, on that list of bandits and criminals. (Our “bapu” used to refer to the separatist rebellious Muslim leader as “Jinnah Sahib” out of reverence, respect and AWE.

Today, as then, it is the official line in Bharat to either wipe out the word “Partition” from public vocabulary, replacing it by “independence” or simply calling those who continuously penetrate South Kashmir to kill off innocent Hindus and members of India’s security forces as “misguided militants”. The word “Muslim” is assiduously avoided in official handouts in order not to offend the 120 of them living all over Partitioned India. Unfortunately it doesn’t help raise the awareness of the MAJORITY community (Hindus) about the political and ideological mess and quagmire they are in due to pseudo-secular “sarkari” design.

One ought to realise that Secularism to be noble and valid in Delhi, has to be imposed in LAHORE and East Bengal. Present day (that is, post-partition) “sarkari” secularism in Bharat is a lethal trap for the Hindus alone.

Since the VICTIMS in West Bengal, Assam, South Kashmir and Nepal happen to be Hindus, and those in Thailand Buddhists, we believe we need to look the ogre in the eye and adopt the correct vocabulary.

India’s Constitution needs to be re-written. The new one ought to remove the original Congress Party colours and declare “Akhand Bharat” as our cherished goal. If PARTITION must be accepted, or not even mentioned in Constitution then the Muslims on this side of the borders in Kashmir, Punjab and Bengal, have no business to be around. They can only be regarded as alien Fifth Column eventually. The best people to vouchsafe for their loyalty and patriotism are not Sonia Gandhi or Abdul Kalam but the widows and orphans and all those who had to flee Sindh, Baluchistan, West Punjab, NWFP, North Kashmir (1947/48), South Kashmir (1989) and West Bengal.

Very soon there will be a mighty powerful STIR in the sleeping Hindu body. Then South Asia will see the benefits of the sunshine of secularism from Chittagong to Khyber.

If someone thinks that Myanmar (Burma) is safe from the foreign predators, one is totally mistaken. We may not be interested in her woes, just as Burma is not in ours, surely one can see the KAREN REBELS in her body. They have the full backing of Vatican and the United Nations, but are invisible to our own “sarkar” more charmed by Italy. They have no time to make a small observation: The number of mosques in EAST Punjab has increased at least TWENTYFOLD since Punjab was partitioned in 1947.

Our “Rashtrapita” (“Father of Nation”) was once Mahatma Gandhi. He was taken away by cruel fate since he buckled on his cherished “Akhand Bharat”.

Now we have “Rashtrapati”, meaning “Guardian of Nation”. So, we ask him direct, “Jenab Hazoor, if they are increasing in EAST Punjab (and WEST Bengal), then pray tell us, WHO IS DECREASING?”, since these additional mosques, mostly funded by Saudi money, have not added even a bit of territory to the State, only taken away the territory of our own (native) Gurus, Rishis and Mahatmas.” Yes, let us ALL ask.

Not one mosque in EAST Punjab or WEST Bengal, has a single word of praise for Guru Nanak Dev, Guru Tegh Bahadur, Sri Krishna and Sri Rama. Not one commends the virtues of Hindu Dharma to its male “namazis” who turn up five times a day to swear “Vengeance on the Kafirs” in the Arabic language.