Date: 1/10/2004


............British newspaper Stands by Kilroy Article

The Sunday Express, London, England, has rejected suggestions that the article it published by BBC presenter Robert Kilroy-Silk was racist.

The BBC has suspended Kilroy-Silk's daytime discussion show pending an internal investigation and the presenter himself has apologised for his controversial remarks about Arabs in last Sunday's paper.

Under the headline We Owe Arabs Nothing, Kilroy-Silk branded Arabs as "suicide bombers, limb amputators, women repressors".

Kilroy-Silk apologised saying: "I greatly regret the offence which has been caused by the article published in last weekend's Sunday Express."

He added: "When the article was originally published last year, it caused no comment or outcry and, I was told at the time, generated only a couple of letters to the paper.

"I would never have wished it to be republished in this manner and it is not what I would have said today."

He said the article had caused offence because it had been taken out of the context in which he wrote it.



It is very sad that just one comment by that illustrious broadcaster Kilroy, taken out of context, has caused such a furious debate in this country.

Since his remarks pertain to the Arabs, and we ought to include all the so-called ISLAMIC republics into that world, too, we see that, indeed, the MUSLIM world is lumbered with a lot of repressive and backward baggage, lack of freedom of speech, repression of women and "holy" sanction behind amputations.

They have oil but that, too, is dug out, processed and marketed by Western (non Arab) companies. Their record in technical progress is dismal. They produce dictators by the dozen.

In the ISLAMIC world, by and large, we see only "morons". Why is this so?

It is because in Islam free debate is NOT allowed. If one ventures beyond the accepted norm, that happens to be at a low level, he is to lose his head.

The result is that none can raise his head high enough above the rest. It is a sad feature of the world of Islam in which the "Koran was dictated by God," word by word.

Now even in England we see that anyone who raises his head above the others, may lose his "head" (job).

It will have two implications:

Firstly, none will venture to be outspoken. There will be FEAR of hostile reaction by mullahs, Islamic scholars and their spokesmen.

Secondly, after eliminating all who can speak so freely, the British society, too, will resemble an ISLAMIC society where everyone, by and large, is a moron.

Kilroy ought to be promoted in his job by BBC, not only retained, and viewers need not be DENIED his excellent programmes. Will a "moron or mediocre" replace him?

Muslims are coming to this country in very large numbers from ISLAMIC republics, where NATIVE genius has reduced the quality of life to near zero, and they need not play the same fiddle here.

Otherwise, the British public, used to their freedoms, will react against the Muslims.