Date: 1/12/2004




"Actually the true enemy of Hindus & Sikhs was the khalistani > leader, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale(who caused a lot of > destruction to the sikhs & caused differences to them > in the past). So i really hope that there'll be no > more people like J.S.B & i also hope that we all could > be in unity to bring Hinduism's glory back to the > world."



One moment, please sir,

Bhindranwale was the PRODUCT, not the MANUFACTURER.

At intellectual level it is not wise to make such sweeping statements as you have done above as per "Sarkari line".

We must not allow ourselves to be carried on the mighty current of "sarkari line". What you wrote is great joy to the ruling and fooling establishment of Government of India and the world of Pope and Islam. To them even NATHU RAM GODSE was a traitor and Gandhi and Nehru great patriots.

Bhindranwale was a "Khalistani" in the eyes of Indira KHAN. (Call a man Khalistani and set all the hounds and dogs upon him. No need to take up the ISSUES. In the same vein no one reads the statements of Nathu Ram Godse written in Ambala Jail, or sees his motivation but just "he killed Gandhiji" is enough to delete him from Bharat's Roll of Honour.)

Earlier, PARTITION was fully fustified in the eyes of BANDIT Nehru and so it became acceptable instantly to the whole nation including all its (THIRD CLASS) scholars, professors, generals and PhD's.

We accept the view of Indira Khan just as much as we accept the surrenders of FIVE provinces by Nehru. We need to examine our brains and guts both. Hindus hold world record in slavery and the Sikhs have surpassed ALL OTHERS in receiving persecution, beating and "bloody nose". That is the truth behind our Hindu family of which the Sikhs are an integral part.

How come we do not look AT THE TOP, even today, 56 years on? Are we BLIND to the two at the very top, one "Rashtrapati and Rashtrapita" who is a NON HINDU and the other the mightiest female in Bharat who was not only born in Italy but is also NON SIKH.

Our genetic tail has been twisted over centuries to attack at ground level but NOT look up at the sky from where brainwashing lethal gas is being pumped down into our nostrils.

And what if semi literate Bhindranwale was sending a message to the GUTLESS nation by IMPLYING, "Khalistan because there is PAKISTAN"?

He could have posed this question and carried the day. But for that the Sikh is not smart or clever enough.

Even the top Sikh body is DULL AND DUFFER. None has explored the role of SGPC in the total destruction of treasures and rare relics at Sri Akal Takht Sahib in June 1984. But the FOOLS, like most of us, do not realise that NON Hindu top will only throw fire balls at Hindu / Sikh heritage.

What benefit has come to the HINDUS from Congress rule since the Day of Partition? The worst attack on Hindu psyche is to MAKE THEM call it Day of Independence.

How much does a Sikh scholar today relate to LAHORE or to those 90 Sikh women and girls who jumped into the well in Rawalpindi district in March 1947? If that is "history" then we are all children of "mice and jackals" despite Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh ji, and I offer no further comment.

Sardar Sahib, if a wheel is taken off a car, it will only run in circles. At Partition THREE WHEELS of the car called Bharat were taken off.

Hindu-Sikh rift is the most LOGICAL consequence of such a car that is now grounded. It is not even moving in AYODHYA and SOUTH Kashmir. The chief minister of EAST Punjab is confined to his UNION Territory, not that he or any other Punjab feels the disgust. There is NO Bhindranwale around to cause his degradation today. The international airport at Amritsar is named after the village it is built on, NOT after a great hero of the soil. Suggest "Maharaja Ranjit Singh International Airport" or even "Guru Gobind Singh International Airport" and you are exposed to utmost ridicule due to the effect of secular gas the nation has been INHALING since 1947. But the whole lot of crushed Hindu nation do accept the unworthy name "Indira Gandhi International Airport" in New Delhi. How many days was that Indira KHANUM in jail during independence struggle? In fact she returned EAST Bengal promptly to repressive ISLAM and ensured the slow EXTERMINATION of the Hindus and Sikhs there. For such "service" we have umpteen institutions and foundations named after her. But we do get a prompt comment on any Hindu or Sikh who does not confirm to the Will of Bandits and Witches (all NON Hindu) at the top.

Congress and pseudo-secular Sarkar has SUCCEEDED in turning the Sikh away from Hindu and vice versa. They control education, jobs, army and even brains. Our challenge is to THINK IN DEPTH. Our challenge is to CONFRONT THEM.

Our challenge is to concentrate on the damages inflicted on the brain and body of Hindu by Nehru, Indira and Rajiv, AND SONIA and their Congress Party, and to consign them to the dustbin of history in order to emerge as a great nation worthy of our ancient past and heritage.

At this time we are overlooking another danger that may well wipe out all the Sikhs and Hindus on what is left of India. It is the INCREASE in Muslim numbers and more cooperation between "VATICAN & ISLAM" on the territory of Bharat with the ULTIMATE aim that we ought to realise if we have brains.

I for one am not for a quick attack on any "Bhindranwale Made By Indira KHAN", while we do not dare to mention Indira's role and motivation in the return of EAST Bengal to MOHAMMED after capture in 1972 and if we do not ATTACK Bandit Nehru who surrendered Lahore, Gujranwala and Multan UNCONDITIONALLY without consulting you and me and every other Hindu alive then.

To such Hindus who "go for" an ant, I challenge, LOOK UP AT THE EAGLES soaring above. They are HINDU BASHERS/SIKH KILLERS and are pouncing upon us, one by one, SCATTERING us in all directions.

If the Hindu does not rise and DOMINATE Hindustan, then Hindu/Sikh unity becomes MEANINGLESS. We both are to perish in the end.

The biggest challenge for the MAJORITY community right now is to look into the eyes of each and every MUSLIM and demand to know, "What are YOU doing in our post partitioned India" and the other challenge is to RAISE SRI RAM TEMPLE in Ayodhya, appealing to the Sikhs to come and help.

No cheap jibe at Bhindranwale, it is easy and safe, but lunge forward "sword drawn" at the MIGHTY ENEMY, i.e., those who occupy North Kashmir and Lahore, and have thrown us, Lock, Granth and Gita, OUT of even SOUTH KASHMIR, nor permit us to stand up in Ayodhya.

We also need to ERADICATE or exterminate the Party of High Treason (Congress) who do not see any merit in a Hindu or Sikh. As long as they are around, generating and controlling "public opinion" in India, manipulating Broadcasting, controlling jobs, and stalling over the trial of BOFORS CHOR, our debates and discussions, fights and quarrels, are among the dwarfs.

Now to Indira's motivation. She NEEDED (desperately needed) a "Khalistani" in order to justify all the PAKISTANIS who belonged to her own Muslim family and were being regarded traitors. To have a Sikh "traitor" was to SOOTHE their consciences. Is it too difficult to comprehend?

The "fire" called Bhindranwale was not quelled but ignited and FANNED by none else but by the then Government of India under Hindu basher/Sikh killer "Imperial Empress" Indira Khan of that (despicable) time. She was a PAKISTANI at heart.

...................Now SAY IT OPENLY.