Date: 1/15/2004



And you also have Muslim women who are more interested in blowing themselves to pieces and making their own children motherless. What a bankruptcy of the mind Islam bequeaths?

I had heard that 75% of Moslem-Males in Pakistan whack their wives, either regularly or irregularly. The Moslem-Women have a Fat-Chance of escaping this Barbaric Modus-Operandi of Islam (that is, battering and mauling at the hands of their husbands).

It is un-realistic for any Moslem-Woman to expect to escape a routine, that is prescribed, stipulated, and dictated in no uncertain terms, in Holy-Quran itself, and Sullas regard Quran as the Word-Of-God.

To confirm the veracity of this anecdote, I decided to check it out, get the story first-hand, by obtaining it at the source, that is, from Moslem-Men themselves. I talked to a few Sullas from the city of Lahore in Pakistan ( all these guys are now living in the US).

First, I tried to humor them (in a friendly but sarcastic manner), before posing my question. I said to these scatter-brained Sullas: "Lahore must be a Pak (Pure) city now, since you guys have expelled all the Kafirs (myself included) out of there."

This kind of sarcasm put the Sullas on the defensive, and every one of them became quiet (damn-quiet). It took them full "two glorious " minutes before they recovered their composure enough, to start speaking to me again.

When they finally got out of the " Ragged-Edge," they started speaking nervously again (I realized much much later that I had destroyed their serenity and coolness, to an absolutely devastating-degree), to relate to me that the city of Lahore is now much cleaner than when I saw it (that is, before partition).

All the run-down streets and bazaars of Lahore, have been cleaned up and upgraded, they told me that I must see Lahore to believe their statement.

They even extended me an invitation to visit the city of Lahore, and meet their families over there, adding that their families will host me, and will be absolutely tickled pink, if I pay them a visit.

After this invitation, and other niceties from these Lahori-Sullas, I posed my question "directly "to the Sullas as:

Regardless of what Quran says or does not say, regardless of what others say or do not say, isn't it true that you guys in Pakistan beat your wives?

Sullas responded to my question with vague answers, and with attempts at Diversionary-Tactics, with remarks such as:

Well, that depends on the person and on circumstances, that everybody in Pakistan does not beat his wife, that there is lot of misunderstanding about Islam, and there is hell of a lot of exaggeration.

I was not going to allow these Sullas, to escape or to distract me via Diversionary-Tactics. So I put the question again to them, and this time directly to them, as:

What about you guys here in the US? Do you beat your wives?

The Sullas laughed furiously ( I had succeeded in humoring them) and one of them responded confidently as:

"Not unless she needs it."

I added: Please don't be upset, I am not trying to embarrass you guys, I am only trying to educate myself. The Sullas accepted my explanation, and added that they understand my curiosity.

Regardless, however, the vague answers of the Sullas, revealed to me, an admission of guilt on their part, and an insight into the domestic and social habits of the Moslem-Males. Moslem-Males are absolutely committed to keep their women in line, with use of all means, beatings included. The expression "Not unless she needs it" refers to SATURATION-BEATING. Sullas don't use "Saturation-Beating" unless absolutely necessary, Quran advises Sullas to use discretion. Regardless, no body should have any doubt or skepticism , that Sullas are not Kissy-Faced with their wives inexorably, you can be absolutely certain, that Sullas do not allow their women to get out of line (Islamic-Line).

To put it Simply: