Date: 1/16/2004


........................SIKHS ARE HINDUS

The aim of this article is not to belittle either the Sikh or the Hindu but to make both think of re-uniting and re-integrating by shedding pretensions and superiority complex of the Khalsa (“baptised” Sikh) and the learned Brahmin, bordering on arrogance.

The aim is to see through the designs of the powerful ruling and fooling establishment in India and thus achieve unity of all NATIVES in order to strengthen the crumbling nation, within bogus Islamic borders, that is still NOT able to (a) reclaim Lahore or Sri Nankana Sahib, (b) recover North Kashmir, (c) abrogate Article 370 of Constitution, (d) enforce Secularism on all, (e) construct a HINDU/SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM, (f) broadcasat live from Ayodhya, Mathura, Varanasi, Somnath and Amritsar, (g) protect the lives and properties of Indians living abroad and at home; and (h) raise the magnificent Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

The following ought to be read in the spirit of true Nationalism and Pride in Hinduism. We need to reunite with all the breakaway sects, missions and “panths” to unite as one nation, as one people. Only then can we match the prosperity and power of countries like the UNITED States and the UNITED Kingdom. We must now make ours a UNITED India despite fierce hostility and opposition by our own “Hindu bashing” rulers at the top.

Many Sikhs assert their separate identity. It is just based on having a distinct Holy Book and their carrying five symbols. The rest is the same, Any Hindu can believe in the divinity of Ten Gurus and Sri Guru Granth Sahib, go to Gurdwara, eat food, and feel quite at home, physically, mentally and spiritually. “Kirtan” at gurdwara is not much different from “Satsang” at mandir.

The concept of separateness is alien to Hindu and Sikh mind. It is ISLAMIC. It is a new political fog and cloud since Partition that has injected INSECURITY in the Sikh psyche as much as in the Hindu mind. It was introduced by anti Hindu rulers like Bandit Nehru and his All India Congress Party. The mischief and damage done to India and the NATIVE religions is incalculable. We have gone under due to illiteracy and disunity among the Hindus.

Here are some indicators to show that the Sikhs are Hindus:

1. Sikhs do not relate to DHARTI (TERRITORY). None felt sufficiently ATTACHED to dharti to recall and publicly mourn the surrender of Lahore and Multan to the Muslims. This was great gift to Bandit Nehru and Dynasty. They went on chopping off territory of even EAST Punjab, and the Sikhs, like the Hindus, did not mind.

2. Sikhs do not relate to their own kind. Close to quarter of a million were massacred, thousands of women abducted and raped, property burnt down and business and homes looted and thousands forced into accepting Mohammed of Arabia as their Divine Lord, yet they are all forgotten. The cowards have not dared to establish even one Sikh Holocaust Museum. Nor have the Hindus.

3. Like the Hindus, the Sikhs are more divided within than united to present a united front to their enemies and predators. The divide between a clean shaven Sikh and the other is as sharp as the divide between a Shudra and a Brahmin. It is ironic that a Sikh feels closer to a Muslim than to a fellow Sikh who wears a cap instead of turban.

4. Despite the “sword” the Sikh is a sheep who like the Hindus believes in Maya and Tyaag. The Sikh preachers in gurdwaras go on preaching these two defeatist concepts of Mahatma Gandhi all the time. The valour and courage of Guru Gobind Singh, Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are not converted to the political disaster in which the nation lives.

5. Sikh prays for the weal of the world and takes pleasure in donating quite a fortune towards all kinds of charities and good causes that are NON-Sikh. Gurdwaras have reached out to help the flood victims in Bangladesh where the sight of a Sikh is most unwelcome. But their own causes and Foundations are short of money.

6. Sikhs spend a fortune in feeding all at gurdwaras and they fed a lot of Muslims in West Punjab in the same “nishkam” manner before their extermination at the hands of Muslims yet not drawing any conclusion. They have FAILD to convert expense on free food for all into I.T. or spread of awareness among the masses.

7. Sikhs trust the rulers just like the Hindus. None bothered to appreciate the spirit of Nathu Ram Godse and Nana Apte. They became blind followers of Mahatma Gandhi just like the Hindus. When Mahatma Gandhi told everyone, “India will be cut upon my dead body. You need not get into panic, the Sikhs, just like the Hindus, stayed on in Multan, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Lyallpur, Leiah and Khanewal. In the event when Bapu Gandhi vanished, so did the Sikhs from the whole of West Punjab.

8. Sikhs have local knowledge but global knowledge. They could be inspired by PLO sticking to their territory despite heavy odds. They could also be inspired by the Jews backing their cause in Middle East from across the globe.

9. Sikhs fight at the level of earthworm. It is the lack of one or the other symbol that irritates a Sikh rather then what the “sarkar” on top is planning for him. (What the Sarkar called Indira Khanum was planning by way of driving a permanent wedge between the Sikhs and the HINDUS did not occur to anyone.).

10. Sikhs do a lot of “akhand paths” to imbibe the spirit of “trusting all” including their sworn ideological enemies whose HOLY books defines them neatly as Infidels. The phrase uttered by Muslims across India, “Mohammed is the last Rasul Allah,” does not perturb any Sikh. It definitely takes away the divinity of their own Guru Nanak and the other NINE Gurus.

11. Sikhs are afraid of offending the bully. At least on their own territory one could have looked in the eye of a Mohammden and challenged him, “How dare you deny the divinity of our Gurus?” NO. The Musalmaan’s false assertion goes into one ear and out of the other. None has said to a Mohammed in Patiala or Jalandhar, “Did your Mohammed order God not to send another Rasul Allah down to earth?”

12. Sikhs do not believe in converting though thousands of them have been converted to Islam under the threat “ISLAM OR DEATH”. The number of those converted to alien and hostile Islam in 1947 alone is incalculable. Not all could flee to safety and save their NATIVE religion. Sikh landlords invite labour from distant parts of India. Many of them, coming from UP and Bihar, are Muslim. Yet not one Sikh landlord has offered them the paltry sum of Rs. 70 (less than one pound Sterling) as reward on embracing Sikh Faith. They come in their tens of thousands, take large sums of money back to their villages and support local mosques where the Sikhs is called a “KAFIR”. The most glaring example was the liberation of EAST Pakistan where the Bengalis were fed up with Urdu and Islam. Indira Khan chose a SIKH general for the task. Yet after she returned the territory (to which neither the Sikhs nor the Hindus relate, as mentioned above), a Sikh became a persona non grata, as per the new ISLAMIC Constitution. Today much decorated Sikh General Jagjit Singh Aurora will not even be offered a cup of tea in EAST Bengal (Bangladesh).

13. That brings to Indicator No. 12. Sikhs do not feel or recall the COLLECTIVE degradation and humiliation. Their status in EAST Bengal does not bother anyone. The “union territory” status of the only Sikh chief minister in Bharat does not bother anyone. The treatment they received in WEST Punjab was soon forgotten in order not to recall the great insult and humiliation. The “bloody nose” received from Indira khan was also forgotten within days when many simpleton Sikhs prayed for her visit to Amritsar and saying “sorry”. Then they would forgive her. It was just like the Hindus a generation ago who hoped that the Muslims would say “sorry” for killing one million of them in just a few months during 1947. NO Muslim ever said sorry or felt bad about the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur. But the fools hope and secretly pray for this word to close the chapter on Brutality of Islam.

14. Sikhs have NO concept of COLLECGTIVE identity, nor have the Hindus. Like the Hindus, the Sikhs pursue individual fortunes and wealth. The state of ruin in Ayodhya does not MOBILISE the Hindus collectively. Nor did the attack on Golden Temple to catch the rebels “Made by Sarkar” in 1984. Seeing the country fragmented and millions of Hindus trekking to safety for hundreds of miles and taking days and nights, making slow progress with bicycles and bullock carts and on foot, one wealthy but grieving Hindu of Delhi remarked, “Individually we are pious pundits and millionaires, but collectively a jackal.” In the same way a Sikh tourist from Canada who visited Amritsar soon after Operation Blue Star, remarked, seeing the burnt out shell of Sri Akal Takht Sahib, “Individually we are grand sardars but collectively an ass.” Our enemies have come to know of our “I am all right, Jack, TO HELL WITH THE OTHERS” mentality. They could attack Golden Temple without worrying about any reaction from the Hindus. They can bully the Hindus into “eating dust” in Ayodhya without the fear of infuriating the Sikhs. And they could expel all the Hindus from Srinagar and Muzaffarabad without the fear of similar “QUIT INDIA” notice being served on them in Mumbai or Chennai.

15.. Sikhs do not bother to spare a second thinking of their tomorrow. Like the Hindus they are SURPRISED and KICKED. The Pakistan Resolution was passed in LAHORE in March 1940, not one Sikh or Hindu body or leader took serious note of it or started a lively discussion on its IMPLICATIONS for the citizens who would come under the Sword of Islam if Pakistan were really conceded. The result was a big shock and surprise when the SWORD of Mohammed actually started beheading them left, right and centre. Surprise again, they had only one recourse or response: FLEE in all directions. The Sikhs and Hindus of West Punjab, Sindh, NWFP and Baluchistan were catapulted by cruel destiny to places as far away as Assam, Tamil Nadu, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, UK and the USA. It appears that when a Sikh LEADERS ties the turban around his head, he also TIES HIS BRAIN tightly within it. This is a FACT and they can feel offended if they like. But the result of “going blind” has meant great loss of life and property. We do not see any Sikh or HINDU leader with eyes wide open even today. Letting the Indian Muslims get away (or Scot free) over PARTITION means we are all gong about with eyes closed and brains shut.

During World War I and II, curators of museums moved the treasures secretly to a safe place and even buried them underground. They remained safe while wars, battles, looting and plunder, murder and mayhem, went on. Today these are the prized possessions of those towns and cities and the world can go and see them in museums. During Soviet rule over Lithuania, the farseeing management of the Cathedral successfully evaded detection and removed all the precious historic articles to safety. We quote from TILTAS, magazine of British Lithuanian Association, dated December 2003, page 3). “On 1 September 1939, Germany attacked Poland and World War II began. In view of Vilnius Cathedral’s experience of previous military ravages, the Chapter (Canons of the Cathedral) took immediate measures to safeguard the largest and most rarely used items in its Treasury. Valuables from the Treasury and Great Sacristy were hurriedly piled in a niche in the stairwell between the Gostautas and St John Nepomuk Chapels. Some were covered with newspapers, and everything was bricked in. Only a very few people knew about this event and they must have disappeared during the war, because the Cathedral kept its secret for 45 years.

……………… It was only in 1985 that it was decided to break through the Cathedral stairwell wall. Approximately 270 silver and gold pieces were revealed; monstrances, chalices, patens, reliquaries, crosses, ampullae, candlesticks, rings and other liturgical vessels and requisites. Around 750 small ex-votos were also found. The find was not publicised due to a fear that the Soviets might confiscate them, but all the objects were taken to a museum for cataloguing, restoration and preservation, and were hidden again. It was only in 1998, that the Cathedral treasures were revealed to the public. Now they can be seen in a special vault at the Vilnius Old Arsenal Museum of Applied Art. (Unquote).

“WELL DONE CUSTODIANS OF HISTORIC TREASURES IN VILNIUS. SHAME UPON YOU BOGUS “SARDARS” AND IGNORANT “KHALSA”, WHO WERE MEANT TO ENSURE SAFETY OF THE TREASURES OF SRI AKAL TAKHT SAHIB FROM ANTI NATIONAL PREDATORS. You ought to have left the deep and dark intellectual “well” (“khooh”) called East Punjab, and gone round the world to see and learn from the others.”

Hindu temples were exquisitely constructed edifices of great magnificence and had articles of excellent craftsmanship that dazzled the eyes of every Muslim invader. The size and grandeur of grand temples in Mathura, Ayodhya and Varanasi can only be imagined. All their treasures were looted by the foreign bandits carrying Koran and Sword and removed to far off places like Kabul, Ghazni, Kandhar and Teheran. We have no record of any priest smartly burying these items and writing up the details of the hideouts in Hindi or Sanskrit for later generations to recover them. The foreigners left the land desolate to resemble the wilderness of Arabia.

But come to the Sikhs again, whose “mukhya granthis” have the same love of preservation as the Hindu high priests: The precious relics, rare manuscripts, sacred articles and priceless books and literature went up on flames in the historic Sikh museum kept in that building in Golden Temple complex. These relics and precious articles, some of them donated by Sikh maharajas in earlier times and by the Sikh devotees and pilgrims over the centuries were not removed to safety by those responsible for their SAFE KEEPING. The nation can never repair that loss. Our Bharat is the poorer without them after we let the Bandit Dynasty do its devil’s dance on our territory. Like the Hindus, the Sikhs, too, do not care to find out all about their top rulers. Hardly a Sikh is bothered about the fact that Nehru was an imperial agent and a great friend of Islam. The corollary was that he was enemy of India and of the natives whom he, like Sonia Khan today, he regarded INFERIOR. Like conceding Secular Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh, secular “Hindu” Bandit Jawaharlal Nehru, too, took up an Islamic cause first before touching a Sikh and Hindu cause. Our leaders have REFUSED to take a peep into the mind of rulers even when we saw doing nothing when Idi Amin of Uganda kicked our his Indian subjects (1972) and Col Rabuka of Fiji terrorised the Indians into submission or emigration to foreign lands (1987). Nor did any native leader question the motives of Rajiv Khan in sending his troops to kill and suppress the Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN living in Sri Lanka. We let them play hell with our dignity and well being. While accepting the unconditional surrender of five provinces, barrister Nehru had NO fear of Hindu and Sikh reaction or retaliation. He was mighty relieved when NO Sikh and Hindu leader asked him to utter the word “Referendum”. The cunning Bandit agreed to referendum only in one province that had 98 per cent Muslims (NWFP) but not across India where the HINDUS were close to 70 per cent. He also knew that NWFP being cut off from the rest of India had no chance to exist as a province of India. His vision proved right when East Pakistan got away from West Pakistan but then due to HIGH TREASON by Indira Khan, went separate4 and ISLAMIC. That is why Bandit Nehru allowed referendum only in ONE province, not in four others (Bengal, Punjab, Sindh and Baluchistan). It is quite possible that Punjab, AS A WHOLE, would have voted for India. It was up to the Sikh LEADERS of the time to THINK THIS OUT. But they were more busy in fleeing in all directions and later in reciting countless “akhand paths” and serving countless free food hand outs.

16. Sikhs throw away the memory of all those massacred during the holocaust of 1947 “to dogs”. Sword bearing people with SINGH in names, ought to have shown guts and courage, if not wisdom, to establish at least one SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUM somewhere safe on the territory of East Punjab. Perhaps even the Hindus might have taken up the idea.

17. Sikhs refuse to learn any lesson. A person once bitten by a snake will avoid a rope. But the Sikhs seem to walk into traps set by their rulers and enemies alike. The Hindus forget their disasters and defeats within seconds. They saw in 712 how a Muslim predator with Mohammed in his name took away and CONVERTED Sindh, destroying and plundering all the Temples. Instead of chasing the bandits right up to Mecca and then locking all the doors, the Hindu leaders went to sleep, drawing NO lesson and not bothering in the least what the Mohammeds were doing across the rest of world, right across Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan, and North Africa.

In the same year they occupied Gibraltar and crossed into Spain. Not long thereafter, they returned and occupied Peshawar, Quetta and Punjab, too. What they did later is known to us all though we have drawn no conclusions. Today the Muslims live in safety in Amritsar as well as in Lahore while one would be lucky to see a Sikh in Sialkot or a Hindu walking upright in North and South Kashmir.

18. Where is the spirit of enquiry and initiatives? It seems that our Jagats (Sikh as well as Hindu) wait for events to overwhelm and envelop us. Where is the spirit of excellence? Iran, the size of Maharashtra, regards itself as a super power whereas 25 Indian states are represented at the UNO by one pseudo-secular Stooge of Sonia.

A Muslim once remarked, “When India is brought under Islam once again, all the States will be granted independence like EAST Bengal. With each independent Islamic republic, we shall have 25 more representatives at the UNO, providing us with a formidable ISLAMIC clout in the world. Good heavens! We do not even dream to bring EAST Bengal back to WEST Bengal or North Kashmir back to Sough Kashmir while our enemies are so sharp eyed looking deep into the future.

19. Sikhs have NO concept of patriotism (did not stand up to DEFEND Lahore) nor of being an integral part of the great Hindu family. With such brilliance Sikhs would have rallied around the Hindus and together they would have MARCHED ON AYODHYA telling every Sonia Khan and Mohammed Ali along the way, “What the Hell are YOU doing here on OUR territory?” One had to be sent off to his Pakistan and the other to her cherished Vatican. Wouldn’t we have seen the grand temple rise up to the clouds in sky by now? NO. The Sikh Jagat is watching as neutral “bhangis” the plight of Hindu nation in Ayodhya, East Bengal and North Kashmir while the Hindu Jagat is watching the plight of the Sikh applying for visa to visit the Janmasthan of Guru Nanak Dev at Nankana Sahib.

What is the difference between the UNITED States and the DIVIDED India? In one computers are as common as there are carts in the other. One is dreaming of landing man on Mars while the other is jubilant over the safe landing of Shri Vajpayee on the INDIAN soil now called Islamabad.

Surely the esteemed members of this List can think of many more pointers that indicate that the Sikhs are basically HINDUS with grand pretensions. Please go ahead. Your discoveries will benefit our coming generations and keep them UNITED and in SAFETY on our own TERRITORY.