Date: 1/16/2004


A country's prosperity is based on the solid rock of its IDEOLOGY. What is the ideology of Partitioned India, except to hope and pray that the 120 STRONG vicious Muslim minority keep their heads low and do not declare an INTIFADA suddenly one morning.

They have the unlimited supply of suicide bombers, and every Hindu leader will be RUNNING FOR COVER along with his "prosperity" just like those days in 1947.

On January 30, 1948 "Mahatma" Gandhi was silenced for ever after the Muslims prevailed in Lahore and Dhaka and ruined the country's prosperity, peace and secularism.


Now a promise of new prosperity in India. But will it last?,,SB10741284228324600,00.html?mod=opinion%5Fmain%5Fcommentaries


'Animal Spirits' in India




The words "animal spirit" is significant. It is doubtful whether animals are rational, far seeing, or even capable of learning a lesson from history. Generations of rabbits in jungle still regard foxes harmless. Generations of sheep regard the butchers, who feed them, friendly.

We can work with the zeal of animals but very often see a sudden collapse of the whole thing.

Between all those COUNTLESS invasions of our Bharat, the people were very busy BUILDING IT ALL UP with no thought of danger. Within days they had forgotten the invaders and the invasion, even the abducted daughters taken away by the raiders. Within seconds the nation forgot the most horrendous defeat at PARTITION in 1947. Is the nation different today? What has INFUSED new spirit in the defeated people? Is it the greed and love of money or the Spirit of Lord Rama or Guru Gobind Singh? Has the Ayodhya Temple come up? Has even North Kashmir been liberated or the Hindu REFUGEES returned to Srinagar?

Every time in the past when the Hindu felt prosperous, suddenly there was a big lethal surprise like the surprise of prosperous America on Sep 11.

Older Indians may easily recall the prosperity of Lahore and Rawalpindi and then also reflect on the fires that engulfed them and destroyed them and their people overnight.

There is a saying, MAN PROPOSES, GOD DISPOSES. On the sub continent for the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS it has come to mean "HINDU BUILDS, MUSALMAAN DESTROYS."

With 120 crore of them still all over and PARTITION never looked in the eye, discussed or challenged, some of us will be very happy over the new prosperity but also have the gut feeling that "Sep 11" cannot be far.

Someone said, "India's defence is like a sieve."

Well, let us bring in the Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM, and discuss post partition India's defence in right earnest and give the topic as much time as we devote to money making, pooja, building and constructing.

If prosperous America cannot accept casualties in New York, why should our Bharat accept even one loss of Hindu life in South Kashmir, one kick in Uganda and two in Fiji?

We do not want "animal spirits" to guide us but the Spirit of Lord Krishna and the Spirit of Guru Gobind Singh. For their protective Spirits to prevail we need to keep our focus on the Leader of Formidable OPPOSITION in Lok Sabha, and see her out.

God save "prosperous" Hindu. The predators are watching him from all sides with BIG eyes. No wolf can feel sad, seeing the lambs fatten and grow.