Date: 1/18/2004



Ex. Senior Scientific Officer, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay

P.O. Box 1055, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad 500029, Date 17-1-04






Recently while the Congress president, the Italian born Antonia Maino now being called Sonia Gandhi was talking in English, I felt that she can’t speak proper and good English, leave alone our national language Hindi. How one of the leading political parties has come to this sad state of foreign ownership should wake us from our stupor. Sonia as I understood from my UK friends was working as a barmaid in UK and doing part time study of English language, when she was presented in front of Rajiv Gandhi. The rumor is that she was presented in front of Rajiv by the KGB and the Vatican secret agency Opus Dei in a similar manner in which CIA planted their agent as the ex-wife of the present Bhutan King. As to the education of Sonia it is being said that she has not even passed the Xth standard equivalent. Recently there was much talk about her lying about her qualification in the 'Who is who' record of the Parliament where it was found on page 291 that Sonia had a diploma in English from Cambridge University. This was withdrawn as Sonia never studied at the Cambridge University but we are yet to be told of her actual educational qualification. What exactly she was doing in UK between1963 to 1967 in UK is not known.

Sonia Gandhi became a voter in 1980, a solid three years before she became a citizen of India while she was still a citizen of Italy which constituted a violation of Section 31 of the Representation of the People Act, 1950 that is punishable with imprisonment for one year or with fine or both." Being an Italian citizen, she was director of Maruti Technical Services Private Limited from 1975 violating FERA and as per Section 56 of the Act she should have been imprisoned for a maximum period of seven years. Yet law did not take its course in the case of Sonia. Sonia illegally working as MD of Maruti Technical Services was exporting coffins to Virginia Cover de Rodrigues of Tribute Caskets in US, and Rodrigues had links to the drug lord Manuel Noriega. Rodrigues was paid through an account bearing the name Svenska millions of dollars and it was also the same account that was used to channel Bofors kickbacks. Archbishop Marcinkus, former president of the Vatican Bank, that handled drug money was wanted by police in US and Italy when he was received red-carpet treatment in India and conducted Catholic service at 10 Janpath for Sonia in 1986.

Bofors fame Quattrocchi’s wife Maria is Sonia’s cousin.

Quattrocchi got nearly US$40 million in kickbacks on the US$1,300 million Bofors arms purchase and the Italian government asked India October 2003 to withdraw the Interpol’s red corner notice issued against him. Win Chedda who was in our social circuit in Dubai had clearly indicated about the involvement of Rajiv Gandhi in the Bofors scam and he used to get cabinet decisions by fax from Rajiv’s office. Rajiv was also seen in Dubai, visiting the Jumbo Electronics office secretly in the night when its owner Chabria, was wanted in India by the Police. These aspects should be looked in to by the CBI.

The Russian spy agency KGB had deposited US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank account in 1985 in the "minor" account of Rahul Gandhi managed by his mother Sonia Gandhi that was reported years back in .Schweitzer Illustrierte, a Swiss news magazine. Sonia is accused of the Rs 10000 crore antique smuggling racket in which Italian diplomat and LTTE operatives were reported to have involved. On Tuesday 21st May 2002 the central government told the Delhi High Court that Sonia Gandhi’s citizenship could be cancelled if CBI investigations proved that Sonia had links to KGB. The court also asked the centre to take further steps to probe whether Sonia Gandhi's relatives owned two antique shops by name Etnica in Rivota and Ganpati in Orbassano in Italy. . My Dubai friends’ relatives living in Italy confirmed that such antique shops are in existence and they sell smuggled Indian antique statues of Hindu Gods.

Indian born citizens who have become Italian citizens are not eligible for standing even in municipal elections in Italy as seen in the case of Sonali Das Gupta. But Sonia was made an MP of Congress party and she managed the downfall of an elected government through manipulation. She was even successful to get some manipulation time due her clout with our previous president Narayanan who is rumoured to be a Christian convert. Strangely one by one those senior congressmen who could be a challenge to Sonia died all in natural accidents on Sundays. Congress under Sonia have become a party controlled by the 2.5% minority Christians as most of the top posts including many Chief Ministers, CWC members are now Christians.. The biggest scam ever to hit our nation could be the mysterious Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi.

.....................................................N. KRISHNA