Date: 1/19/2004


The topic will appeal to all the HINDUS (and Sikhs) but not to the dishonest and TREACHEROUS ruling top who have "hijacked" Bharat. After all, why should PARTITIONED India not be firmly in the hands of HINDUS if we are happy or reconciled with Lahore being in the oppressive and dark hands of Muslims?

What is the meaning of POWER SHARING with the Muslims after their brutal and savage ATTACK on the country's integrity, unity and Secularism at Partition when they MASSACRED close to one million Hindus and chased out another 15 million from their ancestral homes?

If the topic is taboo in Lok Sabha of "diminished dwarfs", it does not mean that we Indians are not suffering on TWO counts: first, being minus one third of our territory, and, second, the humiliation of not seeing the word "Partition" in the Constitution, nor hearing it from our supposed rulers. That translates into Defeat then and Degradation now. A weak nation cannot afford to have DISUNITY within its own ranks. Hindu-Sikh divide can, and will, prove lethal to Bharat.

Punjabis, both Hindu and Sikh, do miss LAHORE in their psyche, even sub consciously, unlike the Bengalis who don't wish to know Dhaka any more.

Punjabis are either dishonourable or honourable. The Dishonourable were the first to attack the province and PARTITION it. They imposed the crude "Book from Arabia" upon the citizens of Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi.

The honourable Hindus, IN SHEER DISGUST separated from the central rump on the pretext of language, forming Himachal Pradesh and Haryana,

The honourable Sikhs, ignorant and badly led, feeling betrayed, yelled "Khalistan!" and faced the consequences.

Only a true "mai baap" of a sarkar (of the Hindus, by the Hindus, for the NATIVES) would have explored this crucial area from such an angle. The Devil of a Sarkar, that we have had since the Day of Partition, have been happy to go along with the further fragmentation of East Punjab and took every opportunity to kill thousands of superb Sikh MANHOOD during 1980's. The Hindus of Kerala related to them as the Hindus of Karnataka relate to fellow Hindus of South Kashmir, who are all in refugee camps!

Only the benign DEATH of loafer Rajiv Khan, the BOFORS CHOR, brought some respite to the bleeding/burning EAST Punjab at last. There will be NO more Operations "Blue Star" there but only moves towards a quick Hindu-Sikh reconciliation. The Sikhs being militarised Hindus will again prove to be the best defenders of our Dharma and Dharti.

Their EAST Punjab also happens to be along the ROUTE OF INVASION to Delhi. That is the historic significance of keeping EAST Punjab STRONG because is has to be an IMPENETRABLE BARRIER between the free and secular world of the Hindu and the dark and brutal world of Islam.

There is a very special LINK between Lahore and Amritsar that the rest of us need to comprehend. Not only that Lahore was founded by the son of Sri Rama (Not by any alien Ali, Mohammed or Fatima) but also there goes the saying, "Who has Lahore today will get Delhi tomorrow."

Sonia Khan and other elite at the top, including Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam, cannot share this historic wisdom or sentiment. Can they? If they do, then I challenge them to speak up on this "LINK" that was cut by THEIR Jinnah while OUR Bandit watched.

(Our man, NEHRU, in fact was too quick to jump up on to the rampart of Red Fort, Delhi, like a monkey, to announce, "Rejoice, we have independence." Did he see the slavery of Lahore? Did he see the grieving widows and the naked hungry orphans, and the wounded and the maimed all round, who were arriving from West Punjab, NWFP and as far afield as Baluchistan, while those from Sindh went on to Gujerat and Maharashtra?)

Sharing power with the Islamic Separatist Devils in PARTITIONED India is the loudest cry before the whole world that WE HINDUS ARE WEAK and NEED ALLIES to rule our own land, one third of which was surrendered to Islam only for ONE reason, that is, to get rid of the Muslim BULLIES.

If there was any other reason (apart from the fact that the Muslims were an "INDIGESTIBLE" minority in united India) for accepting UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of West Punjab and four more provinces to separatist ISLAM, then we should know that.

Secretly then the HINDU leaders (we say LEADERS since the Hindu MASSES then were as clueless as they are today!) were reconciled to losing ONE THIRD of Indian territory and also NORTH Kashmir because those MUSLIM MAJORITY areas were considered to be like the limbs of a body afflicted with gangarene.

So, when did the Muslim areas WITHIN Bharat become clean, loyal and "paak" ("trustworthy and patriotic just like the Hindus and the Sikhs, pure and holy," as per Bandit Nehru and his Constitution)?

We ought to KNOW this, since knowledge is strength but in the case of Partitioned India knowledge means our very survival. Did we survive in West Punjab and North Kashmir where we lacked knowledge of Islam and Musalmaan?

Those areas are under the occupation of INDIAN Muslims. The invaders this time did not come from Turkey, Iran or Afghanistan.


Hindu Sikh unity is the KEY to defence of (what is left of) India, a sentiment, or wisdom, or even lesson from our entire history for the last one thousand years, that will NOT be shared by SONIA KHAN or her Congress Party that claim to be the largest POLITICAL Party in Bharat today and hope to capture our Land of Vedas in the next elections.

One day when the BJP have overwhelming support of the Hindus, we shall see major alterations in strategic alliances in India.

One thing is certain, "The word PARTITION will appear in the new Constitution and the Article 370 for the SEPARATIST "Muslim majority" State of (SOUTH) Kashmir, will be BLASTED out of it.

The Hindu has been kept IGNORANT, BETRAYED, INTIMIDATED and BRAINWASHED for too long- and on his own territory.