Date: 1/19/2004


Let us face it dispassionately, let us put the blame (and assign responsibility) exactly where it belongs. Let us also look closely, and not stop short of taking cognizance of the huge spectre, the spectre of Islam, that is hovering all across the skies and landscape of India.

At this very moment of time, as I am trying to write this out, the sleezy and gimcrack spectre of Barbaric-Islam is extending over hundreds and hundreds of miles over India. This spectre is eager, impatient, and itching to roll over the Kafir-Hindu, and bring unspeakable agony and horrors upon him. The Islamic-Torture of the last 1200 years, that we Hindus have endured, shall only be a picnic, compared to what is lying ahead. Sullas have every intention of keeping their pact, with their Allah and with their Gangster-Leader Hazrat Mohammad, both of whom have assured them victory over Hateful-Kafirs (us Hindus included). Moslems have been commanded to engage in Perpetual-War against the Hateful-Kafirs, that is exactly what the Sullas are doing (Sullas are going completely by the book, the book of Quran), that is why Jehad is the way of life for each and every Sulla.

In a few more decades, Sullas will take over India democratically by reason of majority, the sex-driven demographic expansion of Moslem-Population (this is DEMOGRAPHIC-JEHAD), guarantees that Sullas shall be a majority in India, in just a few more decades, ready to pounce upon the Kafir-Hindu, annihilate entire Hindu-Population, with the tropical intensity of rainfall, and put Hinduism in mortal danger. A few more decades are Not million miles away either, they are much much closer than what most of us Hindus realize. We Hindus, by not taking proper steps in time, with the passage of every day, every week, and every month, we Hindus are beating the drums of funeral marches to the grave, the grave of us Hindus.

Only a fool can fail to discern, that as soon as Sullas reach 50% of the population of India, HELL shall break loose all across India, every day of the week, there shall be protest marches and slogan-shouting, in every city and town of India, Sullas shall be demanding that India be declared an Islamic-Country.

3. At that point in time, Sullas shall invite all Hindus of India, to embrace Islam and acknowledge the Gangsterism Of Hazrat Mohammad, failing that Hindus must surrender and pay Jaziya. If Hindus reject both offers, then Sullas shall have no alternative, but to make wide slaughter of the Kafir-Hindu. Sullas have been forbidden to take prisoners, Hindu-Slaughter is virtually guaranteed. Hindus shall be made to realize that, their biggest crime is to deny Allah and Hazrat Mohammad's Exclusive Right to be believed in, paid respects and homage. If Hindus fail that, then Sullas of India, shall feel justified to go after the Kafir-Hindu, and declare slaughter, arson, rape, enslavement, plunder, and loot against the Hindu.

It may seem to the Un-Observant that I am exaggerating, but I am neither exaggerating nor embellishing, I am only elaborating the threats and menaces that confront us Proud-Hindus. It does not take that much intelligence to size up the threat that is approaching us Hindus. We can draw appropriate conclusions from the reality that is clearly visible, if only we are willing to look at history, and examine the past-fury of Islamic-Jehad that was unleashed upon the world, across countries and continents.

4. Let us burst the myth, and look at the seeds of truth, from a vantage point of factual straight-forwardness, in TOTAL-HONESTY to ourselves. When we do that, we find that our Customer for the Above-Question (What the Hell are Sullas doing in India, after Partition?), is not the Sulla, but our own Hindu-People, that is, people like you, me, and the next Hindu.

What kind of Dummies have we Hindus become, or are aspiring to become, by allowing snakes of Islam to roam across our Bharat-Varsha, the land of our gods and goddesses?

Did not more than 95% of Sullas state in 1946, that they did not want to live with the Kafir-Hindu, in the Kafir-Land of the Hindu (Hindustan), and that they wanted to live in a land of their own, in the Pak (Pure) land, in the Pakistan-Area.

Sullas were granted their Pak-Land of Pakistan, Pakistan was specially created for the residence of Sullas (the Home-Land of Sullas). After getting their Living Place (Pakistan), and after stating their choice so explicity and so much certainty, "With What Face," can Sullas now stay on in India?

Answer is really very simple. Sullas have no leg to stand upon to stay on, "for even one day in India." Sullas are illegally amd immorally, staying on in India, after the creation of their Living-Place (the Pak/Pure land of Pakistan), not because India has become any more Pak (Pure) now than what it was in 1947, it is still a Kafir-Land, still inhabited by the Hateful Kafir-Hindus. Sullas are staying on in the Kafir-Land (Impure-Land) of India, purely for one reason and one reason alone, and that is to conduct their Jehad against the Hindu of India. To a Moslem, India is Kafir-Land, if you want to be technical about it, India is Dar-Ul-Harb (the battle-place). The Sulla of India, is conducting his religious doctrine of Jehad, to convert the Dar-Ul-Harb of Kafir-Hindustan into Dar-Ul-Islam. And the Sulla of India, is using the Female-Pelvis of Moslem-Women, to conduct his Jehad against the Hindu. Not to conduct this kind of Jehad against the Hindu, shall be an act of Impiety, for a Sulla.

5. Hindus: Make no mistake about it. Sullas are staying on in India, not because of their prowess, right, or smartness of any kind?

Sullas are staying on in India, for one reason and one reason alone, and that is that we Hindus are not willing, to kick their Stinky-A** and give them, a "One-Way Ticket" to Pakistan. Why the Hell are we Hindus showing so much generosity towards these Good-For-Nothing Barbarian-Sullas, who have murdered hundreds of millions of our Hindu-People in centuries gone by, and who have demolished 63,000 plus sacred temples of us Hindus? Why? Why?

Why the Hell do we Hindus, have so much difficulty making a simple decision, to make the Sullas "Get The Hell Out Of India?" Why? Why?

Can't we Hindus see (by projecting ourselves a few decades downstream), that we are going to be hit, by an Islamic-Onslaught, an Islamic-Hurricane, and a Massive Islamic-Barbarism, that is stunning in its constitution and application. Whether Hindus know it or not, whether Hindus realize it or not, we Hindus are definitely-headed for:


Are we Hindus afflicted with some kind of "Insanity," or do we Hindus have some kind of "Death-Wish?"

6. Hindus: Make no mistake about it:

The Unmerited, Unjustified, Undeserved, and Unwarranted Sulla-Stay in India, Is Strictly by reason of Stupidity Of Us Hindus, and by our terrible failure to kick Sulla's Stinky-A**. This stupidity is Terribly-Scary. By not kicking the Sullas out of India, we are digging our own grave, we are definitely-sowing the seeds of a Terrible-Jehad against us Hindus, in not too distant future.

......................................Surinder Paul Attri