Date: 2/8/2004


The following letter has been forwarded by a friend in the UK. It is posted here for information of all.

Islam is causing a storm even in the most democratic land on earth called the UNITED Kingdom.

Many wonder, "How long will it remain UNITED, given the EXPLOSION in Muslim numbers in recent years.



(name and address of newspaper withheld).


I protest at your provocative headline and mourn your monumental IGNORANCE in pandering to the anti national and UNPATRIOTIC views of the "establishment" in using the words "sparks outrage," while giving the news that BNP (British National Party) will contest seats for European Parliament.

Whose "outrage" and WHY? And what about the outrage on the OTHER side? Are members of BNP not allowed to feel outraged by such headlines?

You also quoted the Leader of (name of city withheld) Council (a female), saying, "I hope they get slaughtered at the polls."

The word "slaughtered" was not put in brackets. By SAME right of democracy I could say, "The BITCH is prejudiced and unfit to hold office."

Furthermore, Sir, as I read it, you have given more space to the anti BNP lobby. The BNP candidate expressed his views in civilised language. Peter Francis did not say, "The Labour Party ought to be SLAUGHTERED."

Your readers, over the age of 18, and mature enough to form their own opinions with their own heads, will see the benefits of having a Party who uses (a) civilised language; (b) has a solid case for keeping Britain safe from the deluge of asylum seekers and economic beggars, mostly belonging to ONE religion & Ideology (separatism, aggression and VIOLENCE); and (c) has the COURAGE to call a spade a spade in public.

On every count, given the FLEEING TENS OF MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS (Muslims form an overwhelming majority of these, seeking entry into Britain, encouraged by the anti BNP hysteria here!) ON THE RUN, the BNP stand is RIGHT.

It is not only a pity but also a big SHAME that the issues they wish to discuss openly, and the FUTURE role of "indigenous" ISLAM as a main threat to our security and STABILITY, is, as I believe, illegal under current legislation.

The result? People's PENT UP feelings will find expression one day, and I am afraid, THAT expression will be an EXPLOSON. Britain is NOT India, waiting to be attacked savagely and then partitioned in the blood of her citizens.

For peace on these Isles that have not seen a VISIBLE invader for a thousand years, one is now silently and helplessly witnessing an INVISIBLE invasion that is ironically, tolerated, even encouraged and supported, by the Government of the day.

These are the formative years of BNP, and they will grow very fast, given the hysterical reactions to them.

The same Labour Party pampered and appeased the Muslims in India and left the people there mauled and disembowelled as a result.

I should conclude by saying that were the Legislation to gag BNP to be removed, and were the media to give equal publicity to the views of BNP, the BNP will beat the rest, and be VICTORIOUS at the next general elections in this country..

Please do show the courage to publish this letter, withholding my name. Those who claim to be champions of liberty are, indeed, most intolerant and the worst offenders against free speech in Britain. The future looks gloomy unless BNP comes into Parliament in large numbers.

This country saw a CIVIL WAR centuries ago but the next one will take place within decades.

Please study the Muslims' holy book, the KORAN, and the Nazis' holy book called the MEIN KAMPF and tell your esteemed readers the difference.

Mr. Kilroy, the BBC presenter, criticised the Arabs and lost his job. In future it will not be just the job but one's HEAD.

BNP is merely warning, "Watch out! Islam is coming in various ways and garbs, with Government's backing."

When Mr. Clement Attlee struck India's head with the Islamic AXE, he split the sub continent into THREE fragments overnight. Little did the forerunner of Mr. Blair realise that the axe would land here and none will have the eyes to SEE it.

Finally, could the nation be informed (and, WHY NOT?) on the number of Muslims and Mosques in the United Kingdom 20 years ago, and now in 2004, so that the PEOPLE of this country could draw the projections and prepare for the onslaught?

What happened in the past in India and lies dead there, is alive, kicking and rapidly GROWING in Britain.)

Yours truly Sd Forum "INDIAN FRIENDS OF BNP"