Date: 2/8/2004


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A "New" AntiSemitism is on the March Across the Globe A "new" antiSemitism is sweeping Europe. In an editorial, the British Guardian said: "Why is the liberal left not sufficiently concerned about the growth of anti-Semitism?" It went on to say: "A new anti-Semitism is on the march across the globe," And, "It is no wonder that the Jewish community in the United Kingdom feels unsettled, uncomfortable and fearful."


Jews, Take Heed


WHO will address the HINDUS, "Take heed!"?

It is the one billion Hindus who face the utmost danger to their survival in PARTITIONED India that is fast decomposing in AYODHYA and disintegrating in KASHMIR, WEST BENGAL, GOA and ASSAM. Does the name HINDUKUSH not ring any bell in Hindu hearts and minds? (Are these hearts deep frozen?)

What about the extermination of Hindus in West Punjab in Phase I, in South Kashmir in Phase 2, and the attack on Golden Temple in Phase 3? (By the way, if the Sikhs are part of Hindu family, then we ought to listen to their cries, "Why did 'bapu' collapse over Akhand Bharat instead of giving a CALL TO ARMS to the whole nation to save Karachi and Gilgit from the devils?

Why did 'chacha' Nehru give their Lahore to the Devils but could not recover North Kashmir? Why did mama Indira give sovereignty to EAST Bengal after its capture from the Hindu killer devils? And Why could BOFORS CHOR not be "spat on" for importing a useless White Elephant from Italy who was then promptly elevated to "Rashtramata" without security clearance for her father's links to Mussolini? And Why the whole Bandit Dynasty could go on BASHING the Hindus and killing the Sikhs for over FIVE DECADES?)

Is there any doubt about Phase 4 (onslaught on Delhi itself)? It could also coincide with the bloody assassination of Gandhi No. 4 (after No. 1 on Jan 30, 48; No. 2 on Oct 31, 84, and No. 3 -BOFORS CHOR, the Son of a Bi*** on May 21, 91). Couldn't it?

Full credit to the Jews, who promptly noticed "AntiSemitism on the march across globe" while we HINDUS have yet to notice AntiHinduism across the whole of world, especially on the sub continent- from Chittagong to Khyber, AND BEYOND.