Date: 2/8/2004


......SCHIZOPHRENIA ("ANGST" & TERROR unleashed by KORAN):

This is a true story told by a friend. His daughter was doing well at university when suddenly she became schizophrenic. It is a most serious mental disorder that needs prompt treatment by psychiatrists.

The patient HEARS VOICES and believes he or she lives in a very HOSTILE & DANGEROUS ENVIRONMENT.

My friend's daughter heard voices constantly telling her that her father was a cannibal and wanted to kill her. She ran away from home in terror of her own father. The family alerted the police and also ran around on roads to locate her. Finally they did find her, begging the motorists for lift to somewhere.

Her father spotted her in time and ran up to her and brought her home. The girl wouldn't eat normally and had NO volition to dress up nicely or even comb her hair.

Soon thereafter she thought her mother was a wolf and wanted to eat her. She grabbed a kitchen knife and ran after her mother.

Luckily her mother could restrain her and dial the police. Within minutes the police arrived, soon followed by the ambulance. The girl was taken to hospital under police escort and admitted for treatment.

Having seen the BEHAVIOUR of Muslims in general, and of the diabolical INDIAN Muslims in particular, who attacked their own fellow citizens, KILLED over a million of them within weeks, and cut up the country into fragments, I believe that they are seriously suffering from schizophrenia.

Study of Koran tells them that their Hindu and Sikh (Christian, Buddhist and Jewish) neighbours are planning to wipe them out.

So they ATTACK and kill the Hindus and the Sikhs (and the other non Muslims) with the same ease and lack of concern with which they kill the sheep on their "Holy" Day.

While in the case of my friend's daughter, there were police and psychiatrists on hand to restrain the patient and keep her under Section 2 of some British Law, as well as the doctors to treat her, the MUSLIM schizophrenic were out of control in Noakhali (August 1946) and in Rawalpindi (March 1947) as they are in South Kashmir today.

There was NO police in 1947 to restrain or arrest them, and there were NO hospitals to treat them with heavy sedation and drugs.

What a pity! We saw one third of our country destroyed & ruined, and frontiers set ablaze with rivers of blood flowing.

So, what can be done about these MUSLIMS, given that both KORAN and SCHIZOPHRENIA are permanent calamities for most "good" Muslims?

There are two things that the normal and sane SECULAR societies (foremost among them, the HINDU India) could do.

Firstly, to set up STRONG HINDU MISSIONARIES (VHP, please shed your shyness, bashfulness and fears, and step forward BOLDLY to save the survivors) who could work bravely, out of conviction, and openly, to cure the Indian Muslims (I mean those inhabiting INDIA PROPER from Chittagong to Khyber) of the Schizophrenia called the KORAN;

And secondly, to bring them back to their ancestors' HINDU Faith.

If action is not taken promptly, throwing off the fetters and handcuffs (the ingrained terror of Congress (Italy & Islam) and the instinctive fear of "VIDHAN BY BHANGI", the danger of Schizophrenia spreading, and taking hold once again, among the Indian Muslims is really great, and, considering the rapid increase in their numbers, will most certainly prove lethal to the REMAINING Hindustan.

As in 1947, they will perceive themselves to be exposed to extreme danger from the surrounding Hindus, who will be regarded anything from wolves and tigers to scheming enemies due to the constant drumming in their ears of the verses from Koran that exhort the good Muslims to kill or convert the "Infidels" and "Kafirs" to gain sure entry into Paradise.

It is quite NATURAL that the "Believers" will be convinced that the HOSTILE sea of Hindus (or JEWS), who ought to be LIQUIDATED, surrounds them.

It is not a wild guess or imagination. One only needs to look at the plight of Hindus in Sindh, Baluchistan, West Punjab, NWFP, North Kashmir, Sylhet (formerly in Assam) and East Bengal who are either pushed into the corner to the satisfaction of the Schizophrenic Muslims, or simply WIPED OUT. (There are plenty of schizophrenic "bastards" known as "Their Excellencies" at the UNO. So do not look towards that Organisation to put North Kashmir and East Bengal under civilised secular law).

Would any SANE and MENTALLY HEALTHY community have carried out slaughter of fellow citizens in their own country, to THAT extent what the Muslims did to the peaceful and law abiding Non Muslims of India in 1947?

It is high time the Hindu nation applied serious thought to the SCHIZOPHRENIC MUSLIMS in their midst.

Are we Hindus really such IMBECILE, even STUPID, that having lived under, or among, the Muslim Kings, Nawabs and "rank and file" for over 1000 years, we still cannot DIAGNOSE the dangerous schizophrenic patient ON THE LOOSE throughout Bharatvarsha?


(to rhyme with Hindukush).