Date: 2/11/2004



Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom just concluded a meeting with his colleague Indian Foreign (Communicated by the Foreign Minister's Bureau).

Tuesday, 10 February, 2004. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom just concluded a meeting with his colleague Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha. During the meeting, FM Shalom expressed his satisfaction with the depth and breadth of Israel's relationship with India and emphasized that in light of the importance of these relations, Israel decided to reopen its Consulate in Mumbai.

FM Shalom praised the existing cooperation between the two countries in the field of counter terrorism and said that Israel also attaches great importance to business activities between the two countries. Since India and Israel established relations in 1992, trade has grown from US$ 2 million to US$ 1.567 billion (end of 2002). Israel wants to expand economic cooperation in the fields of agriculture, technology and bio-technology.

The two leaders discussed India's voting pattern in the United Nations. FM Shalom expressed his conviction that India, given its international stranding, can take the lead in changing the pattern of anti-Israel resolutions.

FM Shalom also raised the issue of the Torah that the Calcutta synagogue wants to bring to Israel. As this issue is very significant to the Jewish community, he asked his colleague to speed up the process.

At the close of the meeting FM Shalom invited the Indian Foreign Minister to visit Israel.

................COMMENT BY INDIAN PATRIOT...............

It is EYE OPENER that the Congress bandits who made our Bharatvarsha turn her face AWAY from the Buddhist splendours of East and the Far East AND HINDU NEPAL, bashed, suppressed and insulted Hinduism at home, but kept their nose stuck in the back of the smelly Muslim Arab camel, always voting as the PLO delegate did at the UNO.

For umpteen years we MISSED on the golden opportunities of having trade, industrial, cultural and economic ties with the dynamic and progressive State of Israel.

We neither benefited from any co-operation with ISRAEL, JAPAN and CHINA, nor from the camel riding, date eating, Arab world of Jenab Nehru's Ideology who only sent billions of dollars to build more MOSQUES AND MADRASSAS in India and BOGUSdesh (EAST Bengal).

Please note the following line from the Communication above:

"Since India and Israel established relations in 1992...............",

Thus India's real FREEDOM began in May 1991 when the last rotten relic of the Treacherous Imperial Nehru Dynasty, the NOTORIOUS BOFORS CHOR, was blown up by a Tamil Goddess.

It was ONLY in the following year, 1992, that our Motherland could muster guts to establish diplomatic relations with the Sovereign State of ISRAEL.

We should not forget that our betrayed and "hijacked" Motherland had full diplomatic relations with the stinking MUSLIM Republic of BOGUSdesh (NB: Our Rashtrapati, Jenab Abdul Kalam Sahib calls it Bangladesh!) right from the non secular "bastard's" illegitimate birth, with the cooperation of midwife Mrs. Indira Gandhi, in January January 1972.

The only benefit to Bharat from this relationship was to get WEST Bengal SWAMPED with MILLIONS of Koran reading saboteurs in Indira's own Secular Bharat. They cannot be EXPELLED or EXTERMINATED since they have become the "vote bank" of Congress (Italy & Islam) swine.

Thank God, we managed to recognise Israel in 1992 (Forty-five years AFTER our own Independence began), and, just in time..............

ISLAMKUSH to rhyme with Hindukush. (Our President and Supreme Commander JENAB ABDUL KALAM SAHIB, who has NO desire to visit Israel at any time, does not mind the NAME of that mountain in Afghanistan.

..............Some "Son of a Bitch" of a President!)