Date: 2/11/2004


Here is our comment from India that is being DEVOURED BY MOHAMMEDANS in the same manner- bullying, intimidation, assassinations and killings.


The Voice of the PEOPLE is mud, is ZERO.

Did Indian LEADERS hear the VOICE of the people before surrendering one third of their land mass to the indigenous LAND HUNGRY WOLVES called the Indian Muslims?

Did they hear the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE a second time in January 1972 when our POLITICAL WITCH, BANDIT QUEEN, INDIRA GANDHI, returned even EAST BENGAL to the land grabbing hungry wolf called SHAIKH MUJIBURRAHMAN?

NO Sir, PEOPLE ARE SERFS AND COOLIES IN THE EYES OF OUR RULERS. It's a pity that we cannot hand them over to the enemy like our LAND.



Voice of Judea 19 Shevat 5764




After a minor earthquake registering 5 on the Richter scale, was felt throughout the land of Israel, the only visible damage that has thus been reported are cracks in the Knesset wall and foundation. The most visible cracks are in Sharon’s office.

Voice of Judea Commentary:

The people of Israel remain silent as Sharon and his comrades in the Knesset continue to defy Israeli public opinion with dubious plans to make a unilateral surrender of Jewish land, thus rewarding the Arabs for their savage terrorism. Sharon hears not the warnings of his own Shin Bet and Intelligence Chiefs who continue to explain that the Arab world will interpret Israel’s retreat as a victory for terrorism and that this will cause an increase in terrorism in other parts of Israel.

Sharon hears not the warnings of his military experts. Sharon does not pay much attention to public opinion or to the basic security needs of Israel. Sharon ignores the Biblical prohibition against surrendering G-d given Jewish land. The Rabbis and the people of Israel remain silent. Instead of us shaking the Knesset and shaking the heavens to rid us of the tyrants who continue to sell out Israel, we wait for miracles and signs from Heaven. Well, here is a sign for the mystical nation that waits for Divine signs. The walls and very foundation of the Knesset were exclusively singled out in this rare earthquake. Will this shake up Sharon? Will this shake up the nation of Israel?

The whole nation of Israel from Dan to Beersheba felt the earth shaking under their feet. Our hearts all stopped for a moment as we asked ourselves, “Is it a bomb? Will this building come crashing on all of us? Is this our last moment of life? What is left for us to do?” As one’s entire life flashes like an ultra-speedy movie, in our brains, contemplating what might be our last seconds. Thoughts about what we could have and should have done different in our lives flash by in those last critical seconds as well as snap thoughts about your family and loved ones.

What could we do? What should we do? We should all stop for a moment again and try and recapture that minute of the “blast”. And we should all pledge to do everything humanly possible to ensure that no Jew will ever have to live through that experience and through the horror of a true terror attack. Indeed, the trembling and shaking affects of the earthquake could have been a terrorist attack. Sharon and his recent invitation to Arab terrorists must be stopped, before more innocent Jews are blown up. Our salvation will not come from Arafat. And it is not George Bush or his empty “guarantees” that guarantee the survival of Israel. Only the G-d of Israel and Jewish power will guarantee peace and security in the Holy Land.

Every Jew in the Holy Land felt the earth shake under their feet. Let us remember and not forget that feeling. Wake up and do something now. It is in our hands to stop Sharon from implementing his political earthquake that threatens the very foundation and existence of the Jewish state. We propose here a simple and modest program of survival for the land of Israel.

“No to surrendering Jewish land! No to expelling Jews from their homes.”

Expel the Arabs instead so that we can restore peace and internal security. Expel the Arab enemies so that our economy can recover from the billions of dollars lost due to Arab terrorism. Expel the Arabs – so that we could live as free Jews in a Jewish state.

One good thing has come of Sharon’s suicidal unilateral surrender plan. Nobody can call the Kahanists and Israeli realists “racist” anymore for advocating the expulsion of our Arab enemies. If it is kosher for Sharon to babble about expelling and displacing Jews from their homes than it is no less kosher to speak of throwing out the modern day Nazis who thrive on Jewish blood.

It is these simple words of sanity, perhaps the only blueprint of survival for Israel that needs to be plastered up throughout the land. Everyone who felt the shaking of the ground under their feet needs to read these words and to hear the only proposal that could save Israel today.

To support the printing and distribution of this message in millions of copies, to every mailbox and billboard in Israel, please send a generous contribution to Homeland Initiative – 1403 44th Street PMB 29, Brooklyn NY 11219

Every 1000 dollar contribution means the printing of 30,000 flyers. Every flyer and poster counts. The people of Israel need to hear another alternative. They will not hear this message anywhere else!

The traitors who brought the “Beilin Geneva Initiative” into every Jewish home in Israel received millions of Euros from the anti-Jewish European states. We don’t have the Germans and Norwegian governments to sponsor broadcasting a message to save Israel. We can only rely on Jews and gentiles who love the land of Israel to support our initiative to spread the only message that can save Israel and the only message that will not be stated by anyone else.

The earthquake has passed. The Arab time bomb is still ticking…

To support the printing and distribution of this message in millions of copies, to every mailbox and billboard in Israel, please send a generous contribution to “Homeland Initiative– 1403 44th Street PMB 29, Brooklyn NY 11219