Date: 2/14/2004



NOTE OF THANKS from Institute of Hindu Ideology, to the learned author:

Sir, It's most kind of you to enrich us with your profound knowledge and deep understanding of ISLAM, the perennial menace to civilisation and Secularism on earth.

Islam, it seems, cannot contain itself within its own land of birth (Arabia) nor within the frontiers on the surface of earth it has conquered through brutal and beastly VIOLENCE and BLOODSHED (Did the people of Lahore and Chittagong beg to go under ALLAH HOO AKBAR in 1947? Do we know how these two cities "died" and the FLAME OF LIBERTY went out, after continuous massacres and Muslim mayhem?) and brought under its sway.

Islam seems to be continuously POURING OUT of every seam, hole and crack in the beautiful and colourful garment of Secular and Civilised world.

It's role and function seem to be "WHAT THE OTHERS MAKE, WE SHALL DESTROY."

Blindly pursuing this IDEOLOGY like human beasts or morons, they attack own countries of birth (India in 1947), countries of domicile and the countries that give them education, comfort, luxuries and OPPORTUNITIES of life (the United States, September 11).

Such observations compel one to look at a Musalmaan fellow citizen critically, and then ask the Question, "What is he doing here today and what will he do tomorrow?"

For the gentle, civilised and SECULAR Hindus and Sikhs of Lahore and Rawalpindi, yesterday was arson, loot, rape and MASSACRES. Today they hear only the howls of Allah Hoo Akbar in Arabic and the threat of civil war over the Temple in Ayodhya, and evacuation of the Hindus from Srinagar. Tomorrow they see the darkness of death and doom through lawlessness, whip of Mullahs and the gun of army generals, and more assassinations, power grab and more "Field Marshals" like Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadafi, General Pervez Musharraf and so on.

Islam DESTROYS everything in its path and doesn't stop anywhere. Its relentless march now threatens even Partitioned India.

When all opposition is overcome, or eliminated, the Shias begin to explode bombs in Sunni mosques and the Sunnies start slitting the throats of the Shia in the fashion of slaughtering the sheep at Eid. Keep your fingers crossed over the "Dance of Death" that is about to envelop Iraq.

Having become Almighty and All powerful, Islam then beats up its own Women, whether in Chador, Hijab or Burqa, and KILLS OWN FREE THINKERS.

Salman Rushdie is not alive due to Mercy of Islam or due to any Pardon pronounced by its "bloodthirsty" ALLAH, but due to British police and security forces. Even in this strong and secular UNITED Kingdom he is not seen shopping around without escort on his own.

The tyranny of Communists in Soviet Union and of the Nazis in Germany were just a passing show. They came, killed, destroyed, looted, and vanished.

Islam, on the other hand, came, slaughtered millions, destroyed every church, looted every temple, entrenched itself, became "indigenous" to FOOL the natives, and then struck.

Killing millions upon millions, conditioning the survivors to think and behave like serfs, coolies, rats and concubines, it stayed put, increased its numbers through one-way marriages, seduction, enticements, and outright CONVERSION.

Today PARTITIONED India seems to be creaking and cracking in its joints due to DEAD weight of ISLAM once again. Many fear a repetition of 1947.

India can rightly, and with full justification, call Moh'd Ali JINN, the "father of Pakistan" MAADERKUSH, to rhyme with Hindukush. Yes, without any doubt, he and his rabid following KILLED what the rest of us call MOTHER India.

They went outside, and their SEPARATE ways. But they had great support of all the cowards and traitors like Sita Ram Kesri, LM Singhvi, KR Narayanan (Spouse Christian missionary Usha Tin Tin Narayanan), secret agents like Bandit Nehru, and the clueless IGNORANT Hindus like Rajendra Prashad (Rajan Babu), Baldev Singh (Be-waqoof) and Swaran Singh (Lickspittle), etc. etc. besides all those swamis, priests, pundits, granthis, mahatmas and scholars, the whole Army of Cowards & Clueless, who promptly ceased fire at the exact stroke of midnight on 14/15 August 1947.

Their India did not fight for even ONE SECOND the AGGRESSION OF MOHAMMED against Lahore and East Bengal. It is as if they ALL knelt down to pray to God in gratitude, "Thank God we got rid of so many DEVILS overnight." That was also the ground why NONE of them said a word against Mrs. Indira Khan (secret convert to Islam, killed on Halloween, 1984) when she RETURNED part of our Motherland (EAST Bengal) to Mohammed once again in 1972.

Although "Dharti was MOTHER ("mata"), did anyone shed a tear? But what a joy to the so-called INDIAN Muslims, having inflicted the worst ever defeat on India and also having won the privilege from Bandit Nehru to STAY BACK in India, as well. Some lucky devils, who are growing and growing once again to say "Thank you" as they did on September 11!)

For long centuries Islam has been a giant KILLING MACHINE, the CURSE OF GOD, on earth, yet until now NONE could dare to stand in its way.

Today we are the BLESSED GENERATION that has seen the Coalition (mainly MANLY American) FORCES drive their tanks through KARBALA, blazing away with GUNS, and dominate Baghdad, and KABUL as well.

It seems that these BRAVE men and women of our FREE world are sitting right on top of the mischievous, separatist, destructive "hijacking" ISLAMIC IDEOLOGICAL VOLCANO and ensure that no more red hot lava, fires and lethal KILLING FUMES escape, or gush out, to destroy civilisation all round.

The Muslims wiped out the Syrian and Moroccan cultures, Christianity in Turkey, Jewish religion in Syria and the rest of Middle East, Zoroastrian Faith in Iran, Buddhism in Afghanistan (destroying the two tall ancient statues only a couple of years ago) and BURNT OUT the HINDU, SIKH AND BUDDHIST Faiths (all NATIVE TO INDIA) from India's FIVE PROVINCES, including North Kashmir to call it Pakistan and Bangladesh.

While the soft and gentle EAST collapsed and went under the petrified stony HOOFS of Islam, Christianity in the West is, with utmost courage and determination, saving our TOMORROW from the predators who eat nothing but the Infidels, their maidens and the HOLY BOOKS of the NON Muslims.




My work is unique in that it uses Islamic writings with history in correct context to decipher the inner workings and attitudes controlling Islam’s relationships with the rest of the world, diving deep into the minds and hearts of faithful orthodox Muslims. The much earlier version posted at seems to be receiving a favorable response. Many who have reviewed it so far have mentioned they will never look at Islam the same way again. It is also still a work in progress, any corrections or suggestions you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I am offering it for free to interested parties as currently it is only an E-book. Enjoy… Vernon Richards