Date: 2/16/2004


....................GAURAVI GUJARAT;

What is the motivation of the Hindus in Gujarat to consign the name of their capital city "Ahmedabad" to dustbin of history?

The recent memory of burning of the train compartment, bringing home Hindu pilgrims from Ayodhya, did cut through the raw nerve of the Gujarati Hindus.

They may have forgotten the past memories of the times when the name was imposed on the historic Indian city by the ancestors of Taliban who held sway over Hindustan for centuries.

Lots of other cities, too, were given ALIEN (and often REPUGNANT and PROVOCATIVE) Islamic names without popular consent of the natives.

So, the PROUD Gujaratis are doing two things now: Firstly, call their capital city "KARNAVATI". That way the natives, the tourists, the visitors, the priests and all the Hindu girls and women will feel relaxed without recalling the bloodshed, arson, abduction, rape and tyranny of the days of that hated undemocratic autocrat called Ahmed.

The second thing the Gujaratis are keen on doing, is to respond to Islamic aggression in the ratio of SIX TO ONE. That means, give ONE SLAP back to the indigenous Muslims for their SIX SLAPS to the indigenous Hindus.

The patriot explained, "Today FIVE provinces of Hindustan have been turned into "HINDU FREE" STATES. They are (1) Sindh, (2) Baluchistan, (3) NWFP, (4) West Punjab, (5) East Bengal and (6) Kashmir. However we shall make only ONE state Muslim Free Zone in our Bharatvarsha. Who could object?"

He nearly added, "Shame on the bogus sword bearing KHALSA of East Punjab, dreaming of Khalistan since Partition, who should have thought of such an initiative years AHEAD of the Gujaratis. Blinded by clouds of Khalistan, they have also FAILED to notice the number of new mosques, churches, liquor shops, discos and pubs coming up in EAST Punjab!"

"Yes, ONE slap for SIX, just to prove that the Hindu is breathing. Perfectly justified whatever our "Vidhan of Pseudosecular Bhangi" says or enjoins."

GO AHEAD, dear Gujaratis, at least you are showing signs of PATRIOTISM and HINDU HONOUR. Let your children not grow up, genes stunted, writing "Ahmedabad" in addresses, nor waste time in listening to the tales of horror of the day when the notorious Sultan Ahmed humbled the Hindus in the past.

Let us RE-NAME the city "KARNAVATI". Let us explore the splendour of those days when the citizens of Karnavati celebrated their Holy, Dussehra and Janmashtmi without the fear of their daughters being followed, stared at, seduced and abducted by the Ahmeds of the day (counterparts of today's KHANS at Bollywood).

WE SHALL NEXT LOOK AT FAIZABAD where not "Faiz" (Blessing) but CURSE of Islam is standing in the way of construction of our Sri Ram Temple of great magnitude & splendour.