Date: 2/19/2004


HARK, the Will of God is about to be fulfilled.

The Kingdom of SAUDI ARABIA, where Mohammed was born and KORAN was concocted, is now TREMBLING IN TERROR. Why?

An attack is IMMINENT.

The other day Britain warned her citizens to keep away from Saudi Arabia since a terrorist attack was considered imminent.

A Western reporter then interviewed the nervous and shaky ambassador of Government of Saudi Arabia, Custodian of Islam's Holiest Shrines, and sought his opinion.

The ambassador was sombre, and, concealing his own terror with diplomatic ease, he said, "We are going to ascertain the root cause of terrorism and then resolutely eradicate it with the help of our Allies."

"O yes?" mused the reporter inwardly, but outwardly nodded approvingly and smiling at the ambassador's wisdom. He said, "I am sure, Your Excellency, since Allah, too, wants to see them exterminated, not only eradicated.

"Allah and His Prophet are squarely on the side of His Majesty the King of Saud and wish the Kingdom last at least a Thousand Years."

The reporter left but along the way his mind started working. He thought, "We reporters see the tyrants and their victims all in one day, sometimes within minutes. But we do not annoy anyone.

Which one of us thinks that a government that goes down from father to daughter and then to grandson (ignoring a billion others) is a democracy? Yet we grind the axe of Congress Party in India and shamelessly sell our consciences to the devilish Bandit and the bitchy Witch.

"In the presence of this Arab ambassador, I did feel like saying, "My dear, YOU are the root cause of terrorism," but I didn't. Could I? At heart I do know that Arab and Islamic Terrorism is nothing but "as per Laws of Force by Newton"? These are Laws of Nature. Even God cannot get water to flow up the hill. Those who broke up India by force will see it united by force. Those who were crying in joy SOOB HAAN ALLAH, seeing the scared girls and women making a dash for the wells to save their honour, will be shouting YAA ALLAH, YAA ALLAH while fleeing, head over heels, towards Mecca. Artificially created Pakistan, blessed by Britain, and founded on the blood and bones of the cdrying and wailing innocent, the widows and orphans, will soon be SMASHED INTO SMITHEREENS whether Vajpayee and Abdul Kalam know it or now. That is Newton's Law of Force. That is Law of Nature. That, too, is imminent, like the ferocious attack on the House of Saud.

Let us look at the endless stream of Generals and Field Marshals of Pakistan who have been DRIVING the people of Pakistan literally like a vast herd of cattle.

But first, the Land of Rasul Allah who created the "religion of peace" as per Tony Blair and Shri Vajpayee of Britain and Bharat respectively.

Terrorism is the reaction, equal and opposite, to the Terrorism and Tyranny of the Government of Saudi Arabia. These rulers do not have any mandate from PEOPLE to stay in power even one second. They are sitting on IMMENSE oil wealth that is being exploited by Western Oil Companies with share being passed to the Saudi Royal Family for luxuries at home and abroad.

Modern Arab youth, who have been to America for studies and learnt how to fly and crash planes, have returned home with their American wives who wish to go about bare head, drink in public and drive their cars unescorted by a male.

The youth see the wealthy go to western capitals for booze and night sex life, but impose strict Islamic Law and inflict utmost austerity on their subjugated hapless people back home.

The youth also see NEPOTISM of the kind that even Bandit Nehru could not perpetuate in his ardent desire to keep Hindu heads down for ever.

The youth of Saudi Arabia and most other Arab and MUSLIM countries do not know where to turn. The Arab landscape is divided into two camps. One the closest allies of the United States FOR THEIR PRIVILEGED POSITIONS & SAFETY, and the other of countries and people who are dead opposed to States like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Pakistan seeking protection of the KAFIRS, e.g., the Americans, the Jews, the Hindus, and the British.

In India NEPOTISM was blasted by two high profile assassinations, that of Nehru's daughter and his grandson, BOTH prime ministers at the time because of surname "GANDHI" though the fraudsters had nothing whatsoever to do with the real, authentic and genuine Gandhi, the Mahatma.

In the Arab world, too, some HIGH PROFILE assassinations are necessary under God's Will, to shake up the stagnating stinking oppressive ideological landscape that takes the word of FOUR women equal to the word of one man.

One of the victims of Wrath of Allah is SADDAM HUSSEIN.

After his departure, the Americans will make sure that the successors in Iraq do mention the word "Secular" in the new Constitution, and delete the word KAFIR from KORAN.

Similarly India's "Constitution by Cowards, of the Cowards, for the Cowards," will have the word "PARTITION" at least ten times in it and "LAHORE" and "Guru Gobind Singh" at least one time each, and designate a MARTYRS' DAY to recall the HINDUS killed, raped and gang raped in 1947. There is NO escape from honouring your obligation to them, Mr. Prime Minister (often rushing to Islamabad for peace) and Mr. President (delivering fine speeches written up by your sarkari scholars.)

Who would be the next one in the Muslim world and in PARTITIOED India?

Considering that ALL 19 HIJACKERS OF SEP 11 were from Saudi Arabia, your guess is absolutely right. And considering the nature of India's Partition that gave them Lahore but denied them Srinagar (We should NOT have set the donkey's precedence by giving them Lahore in the first place, when what they needed was HARD "JOOTA" up theirs!) and considering that her Secularism is ZERO in Lahore but IMPOSED in Delhi, we can only fear for the future of our children, We rewarded the bully with one third of our India and expect him now to become civilised overnight?

We HINDUS made the Indian Musalmaan a TIGER and now expect him to become a mouse! Our memory is short and logic wierd. We are about to see the result, if a pacifist Supreme Commander "Guarding the Hindus of South Kashmir" with an Islamic heart and Hindu head is not enough.

An Arab democrat and secular guy, the fresh graduate from an American university, with his British girl friend on his side, is listening to the whisper coming from the Indian, "O God, take Gandhi No. 4 into your custody right now before a RAJPUT SON OF BHARAT does to Soniaji what the patriot sons of Bharat did to the earlier THREE Gandhis."

The Arab is praying to Allah, "Let democracy and secularism prevail in Saudi Arabia so that we all could share the WEALTH of the Kingdom and our wives could walk, wearing bikinis through the town bathed in sunshine just as they do back home in England and America."

"A terrorist attack is imminent in Saudi Arabia" means, God is about to listen to the prayers of the crushed, suppressed and bashed Arab youth.

Let us spare a thought for our own Bharat, that is MINUS Lahore, Gilgit, Sylhet, Chittagong and Dhaka. And it cannot even change the National Anthem nor remove Article 370 from its wretched Constitution.

Let us continue to see Saudi Arabia. The flames are about to touch the sky.