Date: 2/20/2004



Dear Sir

Thank you for a lively discussion on your Radio today. I hope the freedom with which callers spoke will remain in this country for a long time to come.

I AM A SUPPORTER OF BNP. Please convince me otherwise. They have boldly IDENTIFIED the present silently growing FIFTH COLUMN and tomorrow's TIME BOMB in this country. That in itself is an act of patriotism.

Moreover they wish to PRESERVE the culture and way of life of this land while the new irreconcilable and eternally disgruntled and separatist MUSLIM community, that has been thrust upon us all, has the potential to destroy all.

Till their day of glory comes at last, they will be busy (with a few exceptions) in implementing the commandments of Koran, life of crime, violence, import of drugs, FAST BREEDING, supporting Islamic rebellions, revolts and JEHADS across the globe, and "honour killing" of their daughters. All mixed marriages with a Muslim guy result in the unsuspecting non Muslim bride embracing Islam or delivering her offspring to Mohammad. Cubs grow up to be tigers. Muslim cubs when grown up, indoctrinated by KORAN and producing the likes of those who went all the way out to Afghanitan to take on the British troops there, and the likes of Abu Hamzas, go for death and destruction all round and incite violence against the very societies where they live, enjoy life and freedoms, and reproduce, and feel motivated enough to tie bombs to their bodies to blow themselves up in crowded public places and even hijack fully loaded aeroplanes to crash into buildings. They have NO word of regret over the innocent victims of World Trade Centre Towers and over all those "Islam or Death?" kind of forcible conversions of the past centuries.

They are as much danger to living societies as they were to the societies destroyed by them. Iran was once Zoroastrian, Afghanistan was 100 % Buddhist. West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal were once multicultural lands as recently as during the British rule and many older Britons must recall those peaceful days and come on your Radio to speak up of those days. Today it is nearly impossible to find a tourist in South Kashmir where Muslims have had their last word.

In India the cubs grew up to EXPLODE the country into THREE fragments. In the United Kingdom their agenda is, and will be the same. Why should only the BNP have realised this?

Tony Blair's CONSTITUENCY of gentle soft-spoken and well behaved MUSLIM cubs, will one day grow up to be TIGERS. Then, when he will not be around, they will BLOW UP the word "United" in the UK.

Muslims are here to stay, BREED AND INCREASE, and the British public are entitled to know ANNUALLY, the increase in the number of Muslims and Mosques. They ought to be told that "if Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West, then CHRISTIANITY must be the fastest decreasing or shrinking religion in the West. What are the implications for peace in the West in the future? We could look at fragmented India, if not Cyprus.

One caller to your programme said, "Abu Hamza has nowhere to go if deported." Well, what about his LAND OF BIRTH? Similarly, if any illegal Pakistani, Albanian, Iraqi, Afghan and Bangladeshi is threatened with deportation ALL THE MUSLIMS in this country, including university professors GANG UP, and start crying, "He has NOWHERE to go if deported by cruel British society." What nonsense. If Pakistan is such a HELL now then where is the point in keeping it ISLAMIC. There is always secular India next door to get back in. But tell this EVEN to the Paki being threatened with deportation here. His LEGAL place to return will INDIA since Pakistan, his Muslim homeland, was NOT created by Referendum and can, even in retrospect, refuse to be a part of the Muslim gangsters led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah.

He can still claim right to return to India where already MORE MUSLIMS live (despite Partition) than the number of Muslims in Pakistan.

If left unchecked and protected by scare mongering anti national anti Racism Laws of this country, they will simply grow and grow unchecked and unnoticed, and will become more vocal and then use the Islamic STICK to demand more and more concessions from the British till we end up in the hands of homegrown, native version of TALIBAN. We shall THEN see the vanishing freedoms of the British people who are now allowing the cubs in.

At present the gentle Muslim cub needs housing, job, and also a CHRISTIAN or HINDU spouse to produce more and more MOHAMMEDS. At this time the cub is sweet and gentle and moves many a soft heart. We have yet to see the grown up TIGER in its Islamic stripes.

Where the tiger HAS grown stripes, life is replica of HELL. Those on the run are nearly ALL Muslim. So why doesn't our Law allow us to look at ISLAM, MOHAMMED AND HIS KORAN?

If that Book is the Word of God for the INDIGENOUS Muslims, then what about the words like KAFIR AND INFIDEL, and "witness of FOUR women is equal to that of ONE man", etc.? How have the MUSLIMS treated the KAFIRS and INFIDELS under their Sharia Law where they could get their hands on them?

By the way I, TOO, AM BRITISH SUBJECT and I AM A KAFIR as per KORAN. So in any battle will I be attending to the ENEMY in front or the Muslim fellow citizen on my side?

With regard to the cock-eyed Law of Tony Blair on Race, I submit that I am all for the Yellow and the Black and the Brown and the White. They SHARE democratic and Secular values with me. But I do NOT trust a Muslim, of ANY colour since his FUNDAMENTAL BELIEF is to Kill or Convert me and also every Christian, Hindu and Sikh on these Isles.

Finally I submit that these MUSLIMS, all male, all seeking NATIVE WHITE SPOUSES to produce MORE Muslims, and to win the right to legal stay and jobs in this country came from countries under the very Law of Koran that are ON FIRE NOW. They may have left everything behind but they have most certainly brought with them the LOVE AND BELIEF OF KORAN. Not one has said in disgust, "Koran ruined the freedoms in Afghanistan under Taliban. I renounce it an go for Bible for its message of peace."

Most Hindus and Sikhs know Islam FIRST HAND. We left BURNING (PARTITIONED) INDIA when the indigenous Muslims set fire to it and its Secular way of life. We think our views on Islam are not irrelevant to the natives of these Isles. No Law in Democracy can ask us to keep them to ourselves.


(Still in UNITED Kingdom)