Date: 2/20/2004



When did we Hindus ever occupy Mecca Teheran, Ghazni or Kabul, to boast of at least some tiny semblance of PARITY with them?

Jim Corbett, the great tiger hunter, has a Park named after him at the Himalayan foothills. Posted in Dehra Dun after World War 2, he got interested in hunting the tigers after hearing stories of wanton killing of the innocent by one of world's most successful, cunning and ELUSIVE predators.

After doing his "field craft", he became such a master of skill that he could merely take a walk through the forest and on seeing a tiger's pug marks could instantly conclude when the tiger had walked that way, whether the beast was male or female, whether it was hungry or satiated, and where it would be at that very moment.

After he had shot the man eaters, the forest in the area became safe both for the Hindu with rosary and the Sikh with his kirpan as well as all the wood picking girls and women. Corbett made that jungle a "Tiger Free" zone.

Now, what about the Hindus? Have we identified any predator in the last ONE THOUSAND years? Have we discovered any people of a particular Faith or Belief, culling and decimating our numbers? Did we hear about the destruction of all the grand temples across North India? Did we hear of the great massacres of Noakhali and West Punjab?

And yet we have put more trust in the "Vidhan by Bhangi" than in our own eyes and senses, brains and history.

We are amazing, always steadfast along the way to culling, abduction, decimation and extinction. We have yet to realize that the "Hindu-eating" MUSALMAN has cleared his own habitat (Pakistan) of ALL the Hindus.

His "Hindu Free zone" now extends from Karachi in the South to Gilgit, Chitral and Baltistan in the North. And yet, anaesthetised by our Vidhan and Pradhan Mantri, we go about our daily chores, living among the "HINDU EATERS" all the time, sometimes calling them "brothers and sisters" and sometimes eating Iftar with them.

Before anyone jumps up to disagree, please sit up and answer these simple questions,

"Did the Hindus ever advance on Teheran, Kabul and Mecca (and London), since the beginning of time, in order to exploit, plunder, kill, rape and convert?"

"Under whose TERROR should our children at school learn all about the Holocaust in Europe, but not a word about the HINDU HOLOCAUST right in our own country?

Should one not therefore, shout abuse at the writers of India's Constitution that starts history only after Partition? A constitution is like the ruder of a ship, which gives it direction and ensures its safety from icebergs, torpedoes and the hidden rocks. Our Constitution cannot even guarantee the safety of Hindu life and property in South Kashmir, that we CLAIM (from the roof top) to be an integral part of Bharat.

Please read the following account to see how USELESS the Constitution of India is.

For "SS Bharat", the year 1947 could be compared to the sinking of the ship Titanic. The ship's master, Captain and Crew FAILED to spot the huge rock beneath the surface of the water. We are told some 2000 people perished in icy waters that day, April 15, 1912.

How does THAT compare with the sinking of our own SS "AKHAND BHARAT" with the loss of OVER A MILLION LIVES? It works out to be FIVE HUNDRED TIMES BIGGER DISASTER in lost human lives alone.

While the sinking of Titanic did not destroy any property on land, nor uproot any individual, family or tree, nor indeed take away even a square inch of territory, in the case of our own "ship", over 30 million people had to escape death or slavery by moving across the border, and nearly ONE THIRD OF INDIA'S SURFACE AREA VANISHED overnight from her map. Some betrayal, some falsehood, some treachery, SOME COLLECTIVE COWARDICE, and some loss of memory!

Amazing and beyond belief that our Hindu nation takes it "lying down" despite what we call "our independence".

Obviously one would admire the world-wide FOCUS and publicity given to all the circumstances of the sinking of The Titanic while the Government of (Partitioned) India simply declared, "The sinking of our SS AKHAND BHARAT (Partition) is unmentionable." (The Constitution doesn't mention it even in passing, nor did it give our Broken Bharat a BHAGWA flag!)

The Captain of The Titanic was a real hero and a gentleman. He WENT DOWN WITH THE SHIP. The Captain of our ship "SS AKHAND BHARAT" jumped out of the sinking ship before the eyes of the whole world, and ESCAPED.

Not only did he escape like a coward, but he also instantly jumped on the golden chair of Prime Minister of India. After that he founded his Dynastic rule that was to last more than half a century, destroying all evidence of the sinking that was history's worst ever defeat and unconditional surrender.

Indian Captain Jawaharlal Nehru did not even send rescue ships and patrol boats to keep away the murderous pirates of high seas, and to pick up the survivors, struggling along the dusty roads, getting looted and hacked to death, losing girls to predators and abductors along the way.

Obviously every patriot, especially a true Hindu, is praying for the day when the Indians cover themselves in glory after shaking off the disgraceful adoration of the pro Islamic NEHRU Dynasty created by the media and the vast ruling (and FOOLING) establishment of India, that has shamelessly METAMORPHOSED itself into surname "Gandhi".

These false and bogus "Gandhis" are just waiting to be discovered by India's real patriots though due to extremely poor quality of Indian journalists, the nation is still far from any meaningful research on the real roots of Indira Gandhi's short-lived husband, Feroze KHAN. He may have been short on life but was VERY LONG ON HIS ISLAMIC FAITH to have converted Indira to ISLAM before taking her to bed, and then keeping it all TOP SECRET from our gullible ignorant and soft hearted Hindu nation.

The present BJP rulers are unfortunately also part of the plan to keep the Truth buried deep under ground.

Keeping the nation ignorant is to ensure that the "Hindu-eating" predators roam at large and freely in Bharat, and will kill again, and again, and AGAIN, first here and there, now and then, but finally at once and ALL OVER like the attack on WTC Towers.

It may seem repetition of the obvious and it may seem dull and boring but it must be said again and again, even drummed into deaf Hindu ears, that the price of freedom, my esteemed friends, is eternal vigilance.

What is AWARENESS? It is to know the past well, very well, in order to safeguard the future.