Date: 2/21/2004



Address to Hindu nation's COLLECTIVE Head (Where is it? Who is it?):

SIKH KIRPAN OUGHT TO BE HINDU KIRPAN. For the sin of giving Kirpan only to the Sikhs, we became weak and unable to stand up to the enemy who invaded us countless times.

Not satisfied with one third of our country's area, he invaded Kashmir. Our weakness invited his aggression. Today, unable to lift our heads in Ayodhya, unable to live in peace in Srinagar and even unable to challenge Partition that was imposed by bullies and traitors, we are reduced like our country.

We saw the Sikh in danger in 1984 when Indira KHAN succeeded in inciting the nation against him, and earlier, we exposed him in 1947 when Bandit Nehru surrendered the whole of WEST Punjab, unconditionally, to the "butchers". Up to now the Sikhs have held on to their fine tradition of being vanguards of Bharat's defence along her most dangerous frontier to the north west.

Let us be SENSIBLE, BRAVE AND HONOURABLE. Yes, each and every Hindu should be sensible, BRAVE and honourable, and carry kirpan. India is not a civilised place like the West. She is already partitioned and mutilated. She is bleeding in Kashmir and in the North East. She is in turmoil with beasts in human form prowling inside and along her borders. Bombs explode, selective assassinations are a routine and the media have selected only the Hindus for their relentless attacks. Thus Pakistan is legal, but BJP is "fundamentalist dangerous Hindu Right Wing Party".

A Sikh in Bharat, carrying a long kirpan, occasionally full three feet long, seems to be from another world and as the rest of the humanity move on, he seems to stay back as a sacred relic of the past.

Different people react in different ways, seeing a Sikh with kirpan. Let us look closer.

First of all, let us take the MAJORITY community. The Sikhs, with kirpan, long or short, are moving effortlessly through the HINDU world. Compare them to the fish in the ocean. They are at home in water. But there are sharks, too. These deadly sharks are especially targeting the Sikhs who are seen big with kirpan, while swallowing the small Hindu fish all the time.

Hindus know who the Sikh's sword was originally meant for, and regard the presence of a Sikh carrying a long kirpan quite reassuring if not outright welcome.

Never in history has any Sikh used his sword to terrify someone to change his religion or intimidate a girl, or charged into a mosque to set fire to it, or used it to loot a shop. It is only the ill informed Hindu or the one who has got his doctorate from the likes of "Jawaharlal Nehru University" in New Delhi, who finds the sight of a Sikh with kirpan irksome and wishes the kirpan put away for ever.

Then we have those (you know who), who hate the sight of a Sikh with kirpan. They are the ones who wish East Punjab too were in Pakistan and so was South Kashmir. They're the ones who support and accommodate the terrorists from across the border and also explode bombs in far off places like Delhi, Mumbai and Coimbatore. They are the ones who have prayed for the success of Osama Bin Laden and victory of Saddam Hussein.

They are the ones who showed their true colours to all of us on August 15, 1947, and to the United States on September 11, 2001.

They are the ones who do not wish our grand Temple to come up in Ayodhya and they are the ones who find it an act of piety to abduct or convert a non-Muslim female, calling it Victory of God.

They are the ones who want separate Sharia Law for them in India and have established a separate Parliament in England.

They are the ones who do not know where their soul and spirit belong, whether to Mecca, Istambul, Islamabad, Nankana Sahib, Varanasi or Delhi.

They are the ones who pray in an ALIEN language and consider not one site in Bharat as good for pilgrame as the big black stone in Mecca.

They are also the ones who can have four wives while regarding the witness of all four equal to one man's evidence at court.

They are the ones who are proud of Hassan and Hussain of Karbala but not of boy Hakikat Rai or of Guru Tegh Bahadur.

They are the ones who not only captured Lahore but also wish to keep the Temple in Ayodhya reduced to rubble.

They are the callous, heartless and uncouth ones who think the Sikhs are happy to see the Islamic flag over Nankana Sahib and the Hindus should be content in seeing a Babri Masjid in Ayodhya and also "lump" the abhorrence of seeing crowds spilling out of grand JAMA Masjid in Delhi on to public roads all round for Friday Namaz.

Obviously they are the ones who would hate anyone to stand in their way.

Then there are all those KHANS who wouldn't hesitate from molesting a maiden in a bus full of Hindu passengers but will certainly take account of a Sikh with kirpan sitting in the corner.

These Damn Khans are proud of the victories over Hindusthan by Jengis Khan and the other great Khans of the past, and of their wanton loot, murder and plunder in Hindusthan.

The grandfathers of these INDIAN Muslims (we thought they had all been kicked out to their Pakistan!) know well that these Sikhs put to sword many a Khan going back to Afghanistan laden with tons of silver and gold and hundreds of Hindu maidens and their humiliated men, all being force-marched towards HINDUKUSH.

They have also heard of the Sikh army marching right up from Lahore to Khyber, to hoist the BHAGWA there for the first time in history. And that is why they find the Sikhs an obstacle to their design of capturing more territory and converting, seducing, abducting, raping more Hindu girls.

Bandit Nehru sent the Sikhs as the FIRST troops to push back the invaders in Kashmir in October 1947 but he was shocked seeing them advance, recovering own territory from the enemy. Since he himself was one of them he promptly went to UNO and obtained a cease fire. The ignorant nation never caught up on his SECOND act of HIGH TREASON (the first being the unconditional surrender of five provinces a few weeks earlier.)

Has anyone ever heard of a Muslim raping a fellow Muslim female in Hindustan? Why not? The reason is that the Hindu girls are so easy for picking, and they have NO defender at home, whereas the MALE relatives of the Muslim girl will not rest until the rapist is beheaded or shot dead.

The same community are praying for the day when they could do to the Hindus in Delhi what they did to the Sikhs in Lahore. But the "SHAITANS" will have to wait a long time. They may have their dream even reversed if the Sikhs go for Lahore and the Hindus go for Mecca, the Americans go for Kabul and the Jews go for Baghdad and the Chinese go for all the Mohameds and Mosques on earth, to balance the score.

Such an idea ought to be appealing to every Hindu even if he cannot imagine the BHAGWA ever flying over Kabul and Mecca.

We realise that such Hindus who know history, recall Partition and do look, IN VAIN, for old majestic temples across Northern India.

They do appreciate a Sikh with his kirpan. But they are a "dying breed". The modern Hindu is comfort loving, crisis avoiding, and an escapist. He is more useful to Sonia Khan, Priyenka Wadra and Islam than to VHP or Bharat. Modern Hindu is a computer expert and dreams of a yuppie's life. His ideal bride is an Italian, never mind, if she swept the streets back home in Italy or worked as a domestic help in England.

The march of time is also turning the Sikhs into "bunyas" and "bhayyas" otherwise someone would have given a call to all the Sikhs of EAST Punjab, "AYODHYA CHALO", to rhyme with "DILLI CHALO" of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Sadly, Bose never reached Delhi and even more sadly, the Sikhs never made it to Ayodhya.

Then it was the British who stood in the way of our joys and "gaurav". The British went away from Delhi ignoring the pleas and prayers of our "Chacha" NEHRU begging of Lord Mountbatten, "Sir, please stay back. Be our first Governor General. And if you must go back to London, then kindly leave Edwina Mountbatten behind." Inferority complex ridden tick called Jawaharlal Nehru never once said, "Brown is Beautiful."

But the Hindu did not get his independence. He is still in the terror of another Oppressor who calls himself "Secular Indian" but calls the Hindu "Right Wing Fundamentalist Dangerous Fellow".

Now we need to eliminate these (you know who), too, from Ayodhya, Kashmir and beyond.

Partition was a lethal blow to the Sikhs and at the same time delivered Kashmir into the jaws of Islamic terrorism and death. In modern India the Sikhs have become the PEOPLE OF FRONTIER.

The earlier frontier, NWFP, is now East Punjab for us. With secularised demoralised Sikhs, and with more and more of them dropping their swords, the Frontier is becoming porous, easy to infiltrate, and easier still to PENETRATE.

Unlike the Hindus, who have NO collective head, our enemy has one. The Hindu Collective Head is supposed to be the VHP but they are still babes in the woods when it comes to psychology, initiative, drive, and the art of destabilising Pakistan, dissolving BOGUSdesh, and infusing Spirit to raise the Grand Temple at Ayodhya.

All-India Muslim League could fly its colours over Lahore for the whole world to see despite their separatist NON SECULAR agenda, while our VHP is still afraid of being noticed and then labelled fundamentalist.

What shall we do with our Sikhs and their kirpans?

Shall we leave them to fight their losing battles on their own, and in the meantime face the bewildered look of Rashtrapati and angry stare of the Catholic White Elephant from Italy? Neither of them can really appreciate the Sikh with Kirpan who stands in the way of their own hidden agenda and separate designs.

One secretly wants to link Pakistan with Dhaka overland (otherwise he would have dropped or dumped his provocative Arabic name), the other wants to plunder all the Hindu souls and hate any Hindu who shows guts and spirits.

The Sikh is the Hindu with NOT ONLY A SWORD but also with SPIRIT. So, all you Hindus and Sikhs, sit back and imagine yourselves to be these TWO for a second. Yes, the Sikhs have NO chance unless a miracle takes place in the HINDU nation.


The miracle is to get ALL THE HINDUS adopt sword as their religious symbol. The FIVE symbols that go with the Sikh sword ought to be Five IDEALS, or VIRTUES, for all the Hindus.

First of all we need to formalise the ideals and create a ritual that will act as a kind of "tether" for the wandering weak human mind.

Here is the new INITIATION ceremony of a new MANLY Hindu, irrespective of one's region, caste or creed.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) ought to implement it immediately with big publicity drive, inducements and incentives, across Hindusthan.

To understand the ritual part of it please go and SEE the Sikh Initiation Ceremony. Have the same hymns sung and have the same ingredients for the "AMRIT" (sweetened consecrated water).

Then get the same double-edged sword (KHANDA) and stir the consecrated water with it.

Invoke the blessings of Guru Gobind Singh ji and Lord Shiva in the SAME way. Sing the soul stirring hymn ("shabd") "DIH SHIVA BURR MOHE EHAI."

Then the unthinkable would take place, the SUBSTITUTION of the traditional 5 K's of the year 1699 A.D. BY FIVE Virtues for the future glory.

The Priest will give a small inspirational talk, as follows, to the volunteers of the new "Khalsa", the invincible (never surrendering or cease-firing) LORD SHIVA SENA.

"Now YOU are the warrior sons (or daughters) of Lord Shiva and Guru Gobind Singh. You are the guardian of our great Hindu nation. You are brave and courageous. We invoke Lord Shiva (or the Almighty) to infuse the SPIRIT of DEFENCE in you. You will defend the following FIVE Virtues until the last breath in your bodies: -

1. DEFENCE OF DHARTI (TERRITORY). Dharti being "maata" needs to be defended from all predators who look towards Mecca and Rome.

(Remember the enemy's unwarranted surprise attack of 1947 when they took away five provinces of India on one day. That Territory must be recovered by the manly and virile Hindu nation after giving a crushing defeat to the cowardly and treacherous enemy, the so-called Pakistanis and the Bogusdeshis.)

2. DEFENCE OF (HINDU) DHARMA. Remember, every mosque in Bharat has a signpost on its door: "Out of bounds for Lord Rama and Guru Nanak". Make them "IN BOUND" for Hindusthan's OWN betrayed Avataras, Rishis, Sages and Gurus. Our neutrality and bogus secularism make them look very weak.

3 DEFENCE OF "DHANN" (NATIONAL WEALTH). This means everything on OUR TERRITORY. It is the shops, factories, farms, fields, homes and mansions, schools, colleges and universities, train stations, banks and bank accounts, as well as all the birds, plants, trees and animals, and all the natural resources beneath and above the earth.

4 DEFENCE OF DAUGHTERS OF HIND, the weak, the infirm, the persecuted and the Romuva (the so-called Pagans who never surrendered their original faiths and dignity). This will also takes care of the KHANS-BEIMAN chasing Hindu maidens on and off stage.)

FINALLY, 5 DEFENCE OF "DHYAAN" (SPIRIT & MORALE). Even a small force with HIGH SPIRIT and MORALE can overwhelm a much larger and more formidable enemy. It is AMAZING, if not outright PREPOSTEROUS, that the Hindu leadership has never put their heads together to investigate the cause of Partition inflicted on us all.

How is it that NONE has wondered, "How a minority could give us such a CRUSHING DEFEAT and OCCUPY SUCH A LARGE PART OF OUR COUNTRY?" We need to do this kind of questioning and soul searching on behalf of our "army" of cowards whom our brainwashed and intimidated nation regards as torchbearers and freedom fighters, "Rashtrapatis", Mahatmas and "Rashtrapitas," etc., etc.

Toay a vicious MINORITY with high NEGATIVE indoctrination has shoved the HINDU MAJORITY into two corners called Kashmir and Ayodhya and there is a stalemate.

Yes, the stalemate that began a long time ago will also, most likely, last an indefinite long time to come. The majority community, SPIRITLESS, LIMP and DEMORALISED, CONFUSED and DISUNITED, SCATTERED ACROSS THE GLOBE and HELTER SKELTER, has become an object of ridicule and derision when the bad news keep coming:

"India cedes Pakistan. India cedes North Kashmir. India cedes EAST Bengal- TWICE in three decades. India concedes Sharia Law. India concedes Hindus' right to stand up in Ayodhya. India does NOTHING over the massacre of ONE HUNDRED pilgrims near Amarnath Cave on one night. India does NOTHING when the Indians are kicked in Uganda and Fiji. India concedes Article 370 of Constitution to South Kashmir," etc. etc. India concedes Mohammed's birthday as statutory holiday. India concedes hefty HAJJ subsidies to the "SWINE" who occupy Sindh, North Kashmir and Chittagong.

If we are satisfied with this "dog's" quality of life and "donkey's" honour, then do no more. Relax and sleep till.

Relax and enjoy life till finally you see the HATED ISLAMIC flag over Red Fort once again and the Sikh leaders being beheaded in the fashion of Guru Tegh Bahadur and Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha being BLOWN UP like the World Trade Centre Towers in New York.

Yes, do NOTHING. That is the easier option. That is the GANDHIAN way, which the whole rotten establishment is commending to the Indians (NOT to the Pakis, the NORTH Kashmiris or the BOGUSdeshis, mind you!), day and night.

But if we feel that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and tide must be turned now, then this, indeed, is the ultimate psychological machine,

Hindusthan's LAST Saviour, the new AMRIT (PAHUL), to make ALL the Hindus "Khalsa", a formidable force on earth.

The best example of SPIRIT, that is, of raising the dead from the graves was provided by Guru Gobind Singh ji on April 13, 1699.

Seeing a ragbag of a "sangat" (congregation) in front of him, taking refuge at the feet of the Guru from the chasing MUSLIM vagabonds, looters, killers and abductors on all sides, he could have cried.

But the Guru said in a resolute voice, that seemed borne on the positive waves of Divine "Shakti": "I shall initiate you into the Brotherhood of KHALSA, and then make you warriors. Each one of you will acquire the courage and strength to take on 125000 of the enemy, single-handed. Go forth into battle and put your minds on VICTORY."

That was the DEATH KNELL of the mighty Mogul Empire in much oppressed and crushed Hindustan. Rapid UNWINDING of the evil regime and system began straightaway.

Please close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are standing in front of such a Hindu who has just taken such an "Amrit" and taken such FIVE VOWS.

He has INTERNALISED the FIVE D'S instead of EXTERNALISING THE 5 K'S, and there in front of you stands the NEW warrior of Guru Gobind Singh as well as of SRI KRISHNA.

This is the way FORWARD. We need NOT shrink any more along with our country. One only needs to see the pre partition map of India to realise what has gone wrong and how terrible and DEVASTATING that MOHAMMEDAN attack on Akhand Bharat was. (Did I hear a "rat" squeak, "Forget it. Partition is history."?)

Now the plan is no more TOP SECRET and the world will proceed to bash and batter the Hindu still more.

Therefore, we must make it become a REALITY immediately. Now we must bypass the dull headed Hindu and Sikh "leaders" to whom "Tyaag" (surrender) and "Nishkam Sewa" (self-sacrifice) are the only two steps to heaven.

None did more recitations of Sri Guru Granth Sahib than the Sikhs of Rawalpindi. None served more langar (free food) than the management of Sri Nankana Sahib and none did more Nishkam Sewa than the Hindus of Multan.

Is it good enough to say that "All the Hindus and Sikhs who were massacred during brutal Partition of India must be in heaven while the separatist evil Mohammed Ali Jinnah must be burning in eternal fires in HELL?"

COME ON VHP, it is time to sit up. It is time to think. It is HIGH TIME to adopt these new FIVE D'S, not for God's sake, but for the sake of SURVIVAL of the remaining Hindus in our Broken Bharat where the noose is tightening around the necks of the NATIVES.

Tell the Sikhs, "Thank you for offering your heads for so long. Now there is NO difference among all the citizens of a country and you put your sword down. It will be taken up by ALL THE HINDUS.

"Shame upon us if we let a tiny minority go about, believing that they are defenders of native Dharma with all the HINDUS watching passively like the eunuchs.

It is the duty of ALL. From now onwards NO evil "King" or "Witch" or "White Elephant" of Bharat will isolate you to demoralise and kill you in the manner of Operation Blue Star of June 1984.

"Any scheme against you will be perceived to be a scheme AGAINST the Hindus- against ALL THE HINDUS."