Date: 2/23/2004


Nearly every day we hear of the brutal persecution of the HINDUS in EAST Bengal, now BOGUSdesh, thanks to Indira Khanum, Prime Minister of India in 1972 who DELIBERATELY committed High Treason towards them. She promptly went to liberate East Pakistan when the Muslim females IMPREGRATED BY PAKISTANI TROOPS in their thousands came crying to her but since then all the Prime Ministers of India have gone deaf because the victims are Hindu.

The world, too, has gone deaf now when the Hindus are being subjected to suffering, death and unmentionable indignities.

................Here the news as of today:

(Quote) “HRCBM (“Human Rights Commission for Bangladesh Minorities”?) is overwhelmed by the plights of destitute women and girls in Bangladesh yet world ignores.”


Comment 1: "World" for them, my dear friend, is the ELEPHANT SIZED but PARALYSED Hindu parents (Hindustan) under Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam next door.

Since he regards Partition “history” he has absolved himself of the Great Historic Act of Betrayal & HIGH TREASON by which his “Government” surrendered YOU (the so-called Bangladeshi “minorities” as well as the Pakistani “minorities”) to the Devil called MOHAMMAD (BIN QASIM) OF ARABIA without accountability.

Comment 2: If our emaciated, gutless, neutral bystander and debilitated and spiritless PSEUDO-SECULAR Bharatvarsha has done NOTHING for the last 56 years, it is obvious to the whole world that its RULERS will do NOTHING in the future, too.

Dear Dying Hindus, following the example of Hindus of Lahore, you, too, should make arrangements for your future: ISLAM OR FLIGHT (the latter option means, RUN FOR LIFE), and save the honour of your daughters NOT YET ABDUCTED, CONVERTED OR MOLESTED by the beasts in human form.

Comment 3: The Hindus in Pakistan and BOGUSdesh are “FOREIGNERS” to the cowards ruling Bharat while if the Muslims in Gujarat are hurt then the matter becomes of great urgency and calls for IMMEDIATE action. Just compare the coverage given to YOU and THEM by BBC World Service and Voice of America. Not only these TWO world broadcasters, but also our own All India Radio knows when to shut their eyes and when to open them wide.

Just see the Hindus being hammered into pulp in South Kashmir and persecuted in East Bengal and see what coverage, if any, they get in the Indian media.

Comment 4: If they don’t lift a finger for the Hindu victims of South Kashmir and REFUSE to mention the Hindus in EAST Bengal (but appear with great alacrity in Gujarat) then it is a signal to the MOHAMMEDAN "RASCALS & RAPISTS" to go ahead with even greater zeal and bestiality to fulfil the Will of Allah, as per Koran. Their aim is to reduce the number of Hindus in EAST Bengal to be EQUAL to their number found in HINDUKUSH in Afghanistan and Rawalpindi District in West Punjab.

Surprisingly, our fat, overstaffed and useless RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) has no clue to the fate- present and future, of the HINDUS in BOGUSdesh but a lot of clue to all the “terrorists” within Bharat whose presence makes it impossible for their “Rashtrapati” and Prime Minister to grant the petty concession of dual nationality to the non resident INDIANS.

Surprisingly, too, both BOGUSdesh (the illegitimate baby of Indira Khanum, born in 1972) and Pakistan (“bastard” son of Bandit Nehru, born in 1947) granted DUAL NATIONALITHY on Day One to their expatriates due to negative “SHAKTI” of their ISLAM while the weightless VACUUM of Secularism in our own Constitution holds the lacklustre and spiritless BHARAT down.

(At least one NRI is waiting for the day when this “Government of EUNUCHS”, that stands between him and his land of birth, is blasted away in the manner of BOFORS CHOR. “Then,” he says, the NEW Constitution of Bharat, written by a HINDU, not by a Buddhist, will grant it without the NRIs demeaning themselves by begging for it.”)

Comment 5: If any Taliban, Kalam and Hussein, “touches” an American maiden in Kabul or Karbala, the whole world SEES THE FIREWORKS. But O’ separatist wild BEASTS in human form, the gentle, defenceless and “fatherless” daughters of Sri Krishna in EAST Bengal and Guru Gobind Singh in South Kashmir are at YOUR disposal, to treat them like “virgin substitutes” on earth of the ones you are promised in your Heaven.

Go on, MOHAMMEDS, enjoy “Hindu Hunting”, abducting, raping and killing. Finish off the Hindus until NONE is left alive and the whole of EAST Bengal becomes “Hindu FREE Zone” like HINDUKUSH, North Kashmir and West Punjab.

You also have the license, not only from the UNITED Kingdom and the UNITED States but also from the UNITED NATIONS, that are BLIND to all the Islamic constitutions but do find any Hindu stirring in Ayodhya at once a threat to world peace.

North Kashmiri Hindus are no more there. They have VANISHED like the Hindus of HINDUKUSH. The Bangladeshi Hindus may not have any memory of 1947 since the topic is unmentionable and Partition is "history" TO THE COWARDS, but our TRUNCATED Bharat ought to have a better memory than that of a mosquito and some sense, too, of being “HINDU” after conceding the Indian MUSLIMS (all the Indian Muslims) their Homeland in 1947.

If Partition WERE “history” like all the COWARDS tell us, then the BOGUSdeshi Hindus as well as the Kashmiri Hindus would have been as safe as the Allahabadi, the Ahmedabadi and the Faizabadi Muslims today.

In reality the fireworks let off by Partition are seen all over the sub continent TODAY, and threaten to engulf what is left of our HINDU nation in South Asia.