Date: 2/23/2004


The latest from Hindustan. NAJMA HEPTULLAH, A MUSLIM, is being mooted for some high post to designate her as FIRST LADY OF HINDUSTAN.

Perhaps the uncrowned Queen of India, the Italian born Catholic SONIA KHAN wants company at her level where she sees NO native HINDU female within a stone’s throw.

That's exactly what the inferior rumour mills in the capital city of Partitioned India are saying,

"Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairperson Najma Heptullah may soon join the party she has spent a lifetime fighting (sic)."


WATCH OUT for the despicable sarkari propaganda machines who have started throwing such lines in the nation's ears.

Isn't the language of scholarly Indian "dogs" and rotten media moguls familiar to our ears?

"Spent a life time fighting"! O YES?

Fighting for what? Who will dare ask? One billion of us will listen to this line and start a stampede to touch her feet.


For the safety of Hindus in Kashmir?

Fighting for dignity of WOMEN in Hindusthan with ITALIAN CATHOLIC HAWK called Sonia on top of all, who is most certainly NOT prepared to embrace Hindu Faith under any circumstance?

Fighting for NRI's dual nationality?

Fighting for abolition of Article 370?

Fighting for return of EAST Bengal to Secularism and to join bereaved and forlorn WEST Bengal?

Fighting for return of North Kashmir to South Kashmir?

Fighting for return of LAHORE, Ambala and Shimla to Punjab? Why not?

Fighting for exemplary punishment to Rajiv KHAN for being such a notorious and stinking BOFORS CHOR?

Fighting for the dignity of INDIAN women, that fell in “mud” when the BOFORS CHOR brought a worthless spouse, worse than even a White Elephant, from ABROAD?

Fighting for what?

Insist on getting the answer from Hajpayee and Abdul Kalam.

DEMOLISH these citadels of falsehood and Hindu bashing directly and INDIRECTLY who ignore Hindu talent but elevate and raise the MUSSAL-MAN AND MUSSAL-MANI.

Please DO NOT BE FOOLED once again. Do not be intimidated. ALL THE HINDUS AND SIKHS WHO FLED PAKISTAN were prepared to be more secular than Abdul Kalam, Sonia Khan and Nejma Heptullah if allowed to live on in their own homes. How were THEY treated? We ought to worry about our dignity and also about our image abroad. The sight of NON HINDUS at the top does tell the world very clearly something NOT FLATTERING about us, and about our “ancient” civilisation.

Do not accept all what is coming from above. It is POISONOUS gas to dull our brains so that we accept, "Islam is fine in Lahore and in Delhi, TOO, but Hinduism, O’ NO, NO, NO, not even in Ayodhya."

Najma Heptullah is PAKISTANI by Act of Partition 1947, which is NOT "history" if you notice the broken frontiers of our country and feel like bleeding like them. Please do bother to read the Act of Partition in full. It was also posted on the URL ( in August last year.

Let Heptullah and every other Ullah and Allah, go and SERVE their own nation in Pakistan. They badly need talent like hers. There the plight of women is a million times WORSE than of the Hindu females around her who, like their useless men (often called “eunuchs”), do not tire of adoring FOREIGN females while IGNORING the native born HINDU ladies of high merit.

Can we IGNORE ONE BILLION OF US and pick out an alien here and an enemy there and shower all praises on them?

According to these Indian GOEBBELS,

Wasn't Rajiv a graduate of Cambridge?

Wasn't Sonia a student at Cambridge University?

Wasn't Feroze Khan, the seducer, abductor, and later husband, of Indira Nehru, a PARSI? Do find out. Do investigate. Do locate Indira's marriage (NIKAH) certificate before it is destroyed.

Wasn't Indira a Hindu despite her NIKAH to a SUNNI Muslim?

Wasn't Gandhi a great Bapu who insisted on Referendum before handing them Lahore without any condition? et al.

KICK OUT THE KINDS OF NAJMA HEPTULLAHS AND SONIA KHANS and begin to see BLUE HINDU SKY over head. Let us honour our own HINDU women and appreciate our own Hindu religion. It did not come from Jerusalem, Rome or Mecca.

Begin to see some merit in our OWN native religions, in our own kind, too, who will be delighted to see the Temple in Ayodhya.

What does, sarkari stooge, flag of Islam, Najma think of Sri Ram Temple there?

Secularism of Najma Heptullah, IF IT IS ZERO IN LAHORE, is dog's muck in DELHI. Stand up and look at Secularism in this way and TELL HER THAT. Hindu females (and men) are NOT for the ride any more.

The title of "FIRST LADY OF HINDUSTHAN" is not for any "sarkari dog or bitch". IT OUGHT TO GO TO SADDHWI RITAMBRA, and immediately. We HINDUS have INSULTED, ignored, belittled and betrayed our own kind for too long. We are suffering from Himalayan INFERIORITY COMPLEX. We must improve.

Through the First Lady of India I wish MY OWN MOTHER honoured. I know her. She can never relate to ANY NAJMA, SONIA OR KHAN.

(What about YOUR mother, Shri Vajpayee ji? You are the Prime Minister, indirectly insulting the Hindu nation. How will our own mother feel, sitting at the feet of TWO ALIENS, one a Catholic the other a Muslim, NEITHER A HINDU?)