Date: 3/11/2004


.................Kick, flog and whip the HINDUS.


The attack on Intergrity, Secularism and UNITY of India in 1947 was the most heinous and brutal CRIME against humanity.

It has been easy to label the Muslims as criminals, “bloody bastards” and savage blood thirsty wolves, hyenas and HINDU-EATERS" (like Jim Corbett's "Man Eaters of Kumaon").

But what about the HINDUS themselves, portrayed as pious “lambs”, led by gentle sadhus and mahatmas and considered immaculate in non violence?

.......The HINDUS tolerated the crime. (They still do.)

The HINDUS did not do anything to prevent the crime. They did not demand trial of the accused, Mohammed Ali Jinnahm the leader of INDIAN Muslims at that time, of the MURDERERS, the rapista, the looters and the enemies of India.

They did not demand RE OPENING of the case. They did not want the criminals taken to World Court of Justice. They did not stand up for the VICTIMS, the one million slaughtered and the 25 million thrown out of their ancestral home.

The Hindus did not demand the restoration of Secularism in RAWALPINDI and CHITTAGONG. They did not demand the recovery of North Kashmir and LAHORE.

And today, they do not even mention PARTITION but tolerate the two rebellious flags of these provocative break away bogus, “wah-hayaat” and obscene ISLAMIC republics on either side of India. What else are Pakistan and Bangladesh? Can one explain their legitimacy of birth?

We recommend that the INDIAN Muslims ALL BE HANGED or banished from PARTITIONED India, and ALL THE HINDUS, including their top political leaders and religious preachers in mandirs and gurdwaras in BROKEN BHARAT be tied to trees and whipped and flogged till they fall dead.

The CRIME of high treason was committed by the Indian MUSLIMS but encouraged, tolerated and accepted by the HINDUS.

Both treated, AND TREAT, secularism and India negotiable and EXPENDABLE, or as a lump of mud.

Both HINDUS and MUSLIMS treat Patriotism with UTMOST CONTEMPT.