Date: 3/12/2004




.A happy Musalmaan, Beimaan, Shaitan, PAKISTANI Abdul Kalam.

Daily he goes past the diplomatic missions of Pakistan and Bogusdesh in his capital city and feels a surge of pride and joy.

“My fellow Muslims, once all Indian citizens just like me now, liberated vast areas of KAFIRISTAN to create Pakistan.

"May Allah bless BANGLADESH with eternal safety and grant PAKISTAN further conquests across this loathsome HINDU land."

Obviously it will require a dimwit Hindu like Sita Ram Kesri and a bogus constitutional expert like LM SINGHVI, and all the other like minded “dogs of dynasty” to feel convinced that Abdul Kalam is mighty upset over the huge loss of Indian territories in 1947 that amounted to the unconditional surrender of India to the so-called “indigenous” Muslims.

Abdul Kalam’s fellow Muslim called Mu’d Ali JINN once said, “We will have Lahore. You keep on abusing us till eternity. That cannot touch my toe nor harm the hair of Mohammed.”

His deputy Liaqat Ali Khan said, “We will have North Kashmir. You keep on fighting the ORAL battles, firing millions of rounds of VERBAL bullets at us through the UNO.”

Even the one who stayed back in Broken Bharat, a Maulana of great knowledge of Koran and constant companion of Bandit NEHRU like his shadow, boasted, “My Islam will have EAST Bengal. You keep on abusing the Muslims till eternity.”

The bitter Hindu, the defeated Hindu, the reduced Hindu, the degraded Hindu, has the big satisfaction of his Freedom to Abuse.

The top Hindu “dog” in Hindustan delights at his vast choice, either to vote for the Italian FEMALE or for the Muslim MALE.

What a great choice the Hindu enjoys in New Delhi, is for all to see. There is not one Hindu holding the BHAGWA aloft at any election hoarding. One does not see it over Red Fort nor flying over Rashtrapati Bhawan, formerly VICEROY'S HOUSE in NEW DELHI.

Abdul Kalam, being a devout Muslim like Maulana Abul Kalam Azad of an earlier generation, has sharp antennae to spot any resurgence in the Hindu body.

He is constantly on the look out to spot the slightest Hindu stir and to nip the evil in bud.

Abdul Kalam of 2004, like Abul Kalam of 1947, prays to Allah FIVE TIMES a day. “Thank God,” he whispers, “the Hindus have forgotten their Grand Temple in Aydhya. Only if my tenure in office were to go on, and on, and on, in the glow of Islamic glory in Lahore, Dhaka, Srinagar and Ayodhya. What comes next will be taken care of by my fellow Muslims in India.”

Abdul Kalam goes on to muse, “INSHAA’ ALLAH, THE INDIAN MUSLIMS ARE A SUPER POWER FOR THE HINDUS. An average Muslim regards himself equal to one hundred and twenty-five thousand “weak” Hindu rabble.”

When did Abdul Kalam condemn Partition or demand re-negotation of the fate of Lahore and Sylhet?

When did he even mention the word PARTITION? His sole aim in life is to DETER anyone else mentioning it.

When did he say to his fellow Muslims, "Look, you SUPER CATS OF MOHAMMED, they surrendered one third of their land without a condition or referendum. Dash it, now give them the joy of living happily in Srinagar and seeing their Holy Temple rise in Ayodhya."

It will need a three-year old child to shout, “The King of Hindustna is naked,” that is, “The PRESIDENT of Hindustan is a MOHAMMEDAN.”

If India were ONE united land as in those days of British Raj with Khyber and Chittang squarely IN, then Abdul Kalam in his highest post was perfectly all right and acceptable.

But with Khyber and Chittagong squarely OUT, he is like a long POLE up the HINDUS’.

Hindus can lick their Muslim President as much as they like, the FACT remains, on the day of their savage attack on the INTEGRITY of India, all the Muslims in PARTITIONED India became PERSONA NON GRATA.

What makes every Muslim in India a suspect, not only detested, is the fact that the FRONTIERS OF INDIA WERE CARVED BY THE SWORD OF ISLAM.

That is why they cannot be accepted. How would Saudi Arabia and Iran react to their frontiers if carved by the SWORD OF HINDUS?

In POST PARTITION India, No Hindu can be proud of a MOHAMMEDAN ambassador, high commissioner, governor, minister, police inspector, and, of course, the “Rashtrapati”, if the Indian Muslims have taken out a huge slice of Indian TERRITORY, thus exposing the Hindus to their collective death in the near future.

(NB: The clueless simpleton Sikhs in India, always subjected to massacres, who could once be seen in Lahore and Nankana Sahib, will PERISH sooner than the Hindus.)