Date: 3/12/2004



Why is the aspiration to RECOVER India that was secular, civilised, united, strong and BRITISH until August 15, 1947, a lone individual’s dream?

That India included KHYBER and CHITTAGONG. Where are the ONE BILLION others who call Bharat their “maata” (Mother)? Where is THEIR combined Will to recover the LOST Indian territories from the “Bandits, Killers and Looters” of Mohammed?

What is the nature of the HINDU Combined Will in our OWN Hindustan?

Since the horrendous treachery of 1947 when the INDIAN Muslims committed the WORST EVER high treason against their own land of birth, and “conquered” one third of Indian territory in order to IMPOSE an Islamic Constitution upon ALL THE PEOPLE, freedom loving secular Sikhs included, banishing Secularism and degrading the Hindus, the ship “SS India” has not been sailing smoothly or on even keel. Her course must be corrected before another disaster strikes her like The Titanic, like the Partition.

During the earlier reign of the Sikh Maharaja, Ranjit Singh, not one Muslim was hanged or beheaded or converted forcibly. Yet the Muslims of his Punjab FAILED to behave like decent human beings towards their FELLOW CITIZENS whom they massacred in cold blood in their hundreds of thousands, raping and abducing countless girls and women.

Given a free hand, ISLAM shows its true nature, as it did in Afghanistan under the “Hindu hating, Koran reading, women beating, opium chewing” Taliban who then, promptly, logically, and quite predictably, produced Al Qaida, as their external tentacle in order to carry the “Message of Peace” of Mohammed to the two WTC (World Trade Centre) twin towers in New York.

The previous ISLAMIC rule over Hindustan had been SO BRUTAL that it took the Hindus’ guts away, degenerated them GENETICALLY, and made them the easiest prey on earth, ever ready to surrender to ISLAM, even to ITALY.

The fact that the Hindus cannot kill EVEN IN SELF DEFENCE means that their enemies have a field day in KILLING THE HINDUS.

That, in fact, has been the history of India for the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Mohammed succeeded, hands down, where Hitler failed miserably. The world has seen and TOLERATED Mohammed’s everlasting “Third Reich” in South Asia for over A THOUSAND YEARS.

In the terribly brutal “Reich of KORAN” the status of a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Proud Pagan and a female (Remember, “O woman, produce FOUR male witnesses to prove your allegation of rape?”), is like the status of a friendless Jew under Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” in NAZI Germany.

In the pre British India, the Muslims were law to themselves just like the Congress despots and devils of our own era.

“Bandit” Nehru, S.o.B., surrendered one third of India to the Mohammed of Arabia without suggesting REFERENDUM. His daughter Indira attacked Golden Temple in Amritsar on the pretext of catching some outlaws. (No ‘Hindu clever head’ ever asked, “What was Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the spiritual leader of the Sikhs, demanding? Was he asking for the type of freedom from India that is enjoyed by North Kashmir and EAST Bengal? If the Hindu HEAD had not been so totally SMASHED, someone would have asked the question.)

Finally came the Despot Rajiv Khan (despicably devious and cunning to conceal his father’s ISLAMIC religion and also the fact of his conversion to Catholic Faith prior to marrying Sonia Maino).

He sent his army to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka with a view to terrorise the Tamils in Tamil Nadu who were dreaming of some autonomy, too, like that enjoyed by South Kashmir under Article 370 of Constitution of India.

The “Son of a B****” gave his tacit approval to the general massacre of the Sikhs in all the states ruled by his own Congress Party. That was a CRIME against humanity for which UNO ought to have sent his arrest warrants. But UNO is partial, now (March 10, 2004) delighting over trying some Serbs in Eastern Euroipe who did to the Muslims in one tiny area what the Muslims have done to the rest of humanity ALL OVER THE WORLD, from Cyprus and North Kashmir to Chechnya and EAST Timur.

The same Muslims now inhabit WHAT IS LEFT OF INDIA after taking out Pakistan and BOGUSdesh. They are separatist by nature and dream of resurrectiung the earlier MOHAMMEDAN rule over Delhi that gave them free access to Hindu females and property, and the license to set fire to the temples.

The Indian Muslims now secretly wish to UNITE the three fragments of India. Since the HINDUS are not conscious of such visible monstrosity on the map of South Asia, the INITIATIVE will rest with the ever increasing zealot Muslims ONCE AGAIN.

“History repeats itself” in Indian terms means FLAG OF MOHAMMED over Red Fort in Delhi. The Hindus FAILED to put their BHAGWA over it when BANDIT NEHRU called that BLOODY BRUTAL PARTITION with a MILLION Hindu corpses lying across the whole of Western India and tens of millions of his Indian subjects trekking, travelling and FLEEING in the most trying circumstances and wretched conditions of life, the “glow of Independence”, thus creating the VACUUM that is waiting for the Sword of Mohammed once again.

The unfortunate Hindu, looking at his prosperity and properties is as much at risk today as he was in 712, 1192 and 1947 AD.

The UNITED kingdom and the UNITED States are NOT his ideological or spiritual friends. The former helped the Indian Muslims break up India. The latter threatened retaliation if India annexed EAST Bengal after its capture in 1972. Both now pay for impoverished feudal Pakistan’s huge nuclear programme.

The Supreme Commander of such a “dead” Hindustan is a MOHAMMEDAN called ABDUL KALAM. Through the appeasement of deadly SEPARATIST Muslim “wolves, hyenas, tigers and PREDATORS,” the Hindus are “buying” peace at any cost.

Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to the futrure of “Hindustan” that is now MINUS Sindh, Baluchistan, NWFP, West Punjab, North Kashmi, East Bengal and Sylhet, and bleeding profusely in South Kashmir?

What a JOY, THRILL and PRIDE of CONQUEST to the Indian Muslims. Surprisingly there is ABSOLUTELY NO CORRESPONDING FEELING OF DEFEAT, DISGUST or DEGRADATION among the followers of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna, Guru Nanak, Shivaji, and even GURU GOBIND SINGH.

WHY is Partition a non event in India? How long will the Hindu pigeon survive by avoiding looking INTO THE EYES OF THE MUSLIM CAT?