Date: 3/12/2004


..........BBC News, 12 hrs. GMT, March 9, 2004:

Pakistan has successfully fired its longest range missile with range of 2000 km, capable of reaching targets deep in India.

Before firing the missile, that can be fitted with nuclear warhead, Pakistan warned (sic) her neighbours (presumably the first on the list was WEAK, APPEASING, TIMID AND TOTTERING Hindustan, that could not get its identity sorted out after conceding full and clear MOHAMMADAN identity to Lahore and Sylhert in 1947.

What will be the reactions to this news in South Asia?

First, let us look at the intelligentsia. What do they think of Pakistan’s liberties that have been snatched by the United States from Irak and Libya?

One would conclude that this missile is AMERICAN in all but name. One would also conclude that this missile is meant to SMASH THE BADLY WOUNDED BLEEDING HINDU HEAD and not any Mohammed in Mecca or Buddhist in Beijing.

One would then wonder why Pakistan had to spend astronomical sums on this missile against India when a mere threat of invasion would have brought about the surrender of Kashmir.

...............They do have the PRECEDENCE.

When Mohammed Ali JINN-AH threatened civil war over Partition, the Hindu LEADERS collapsed and fogot all about Akhand Bharat. So what has happened to Pakistan? Have they all gone weak or coward?

But, may be, the money was provided by the United States and Pakistan did not have to spend a penny on this missile.

Question: Why did America not enable another country to build and fire a missile? Answser: Any other country would have dropped the damn thing on America itself but Pakistani generals are very close allies of America and would not do so even in dream. They proved their total subservience by dumping the Taliban, raised and nurtured by them. Their deadly missile is by America, for Pakistan, and against India.

India has NO “man” on top except Abdul Kalam, the Mussal-MAN. But he, too, being a Pakistani under Act of Partition, 1947, the missile is doubly blessed by Allah to kill the Infidels and the Kafirs. (The Hindu is well defined in Koran.)

......What about be the effect of the news on the natives?

As far as the Pakistanis are concerned, they are now proud cocks and can boast of attaining world power status for their country that readily grants them all DUAL NATIONALITY.

As far as the miserable Indians are concerned, it is another hard blow to their psyche and morale. They are not sure what will hit them next. They evacuated Lahore, then North Kashmir and even South Kashmir, and are now under orders to VANISH from Kabul and East Bengal.

While sleeping, they can certainly see the sky filled with Pakistani missile. Many other missiles will JOIN IN, in the middle of confusion and failing Intelligence. When an animal is in death throes, it is not only the vultures who land near by. There are also hyenas, jackals, and a lone tiger or the lion.

India’s permanent ideological enemies are not as dull as the average Hindu who saw EAST Bengal captured but then promptly RETURNED. Ask any Muslim to vacate even one square centimetre of land.

That was the implication derived from the news item about a deadly missile fired by Pakistan that has NOT renounced claim over Kashmir though defeated and demorlaised Hindustan renounced her claim to Lahore within a second of “Bandit” Nehru leaping on his chair as prime minister.

We can now see how WEAKNESS INVITES AGGRESSION. What else is the history of Hindustan? In contrast stands the United States. One attack on WTC towers and the whole regimes in Afghanistan and Irak VANISHEDF overnight. Luckily the Hindus of Hindustan were not in the FIRING LINE this time.

One wonders if, as a last resort, they would use one devious “Hindu” tactic, i.e., ask the “Indian” Muslims to cry out, to be spared by Pakistan.

They could beg and plead, “O Pakistani MASTERS, the Hindus have always obliged you. When you said, “DISAPPEAR,” they evacuated South Kashmir, too. If you are now going to fire a nuclear missile on the KAFIRS, then, we submit most humbly that you might also inadvertently kill some Muslims who stayed back after Partition, in order to deter the Hindus from building their Grand Temple in Ayodhya.”

Pakistan might then reply, “Sorry poor Hindustasni Muslims who ride the Hindu “SHEEP”. You are no more than ticks and fleas being carried into abattoir.

"In Idi Amin’s anger you, too, were kicked out of Uganda and in Col Rabuka’s wrath you, too, were expelled from Fiji along with the Hindus.

“You, “Indian” Muslims, are expendable in the higher interest of GLOBAL Islam. Get ready for martyrdom. You will receive Allah’s blessings and the tempting rewards in Paradise.”