Date: 3/12/2004


....................Straw on torrent.

Tony Blair and his government, decided unilaterally that British Islam would be different. Today (March 9, 2004) is the day when FIVE British Muslims are coming home from the American detention camp in Cuba. They went all the way to Afghanistan to do what they could not do at home. Not yet, in any case.

For every British soldier they killed, they celebrated with shouts of “Allah Hu Akbar.” But Allah did not help when the American troops caught them.

All those British citizens who go abroad, including Kashmir and Chechnya, to kill or explode bombs should lose their citizenship at once. Better still they should be repatriated to some holy and cherished ISLAMIC republic, e.g., Pakistan.

There they will be happy seeing NO pork on sale in shops or pious Hindus with provocative vermilion smeared on foreheads, going to their temples.

The “decomposing” crumbling secular government of Tony Blair that admitted thousands of Muslim (all male, legal and illegal) immigrants wrecklessly over the last few months, did not consult the Church of England who have yet to realise the IMPLICATIONS of the oft repeated boast of “Islam is the fastest growing religion in the Wesrt,” and have yet to fore-see what will be coming from the fastest growing “man-eaters” on earth.

Who would wish to hazard a guess as to how many men ISLAM has “eaten” in India since its arrival in 712 AD?

Every invader from the North West took great delight in beheading tens of thousands of Hindus, including Brahmins and priests. The Hindus now regard it as normal when they hear of a few killed here and a few blown up there, and the exodus of the whole lot of them from West Punjab and North, and SOUTH, Kashmir.

It does not cause a ripple on Hindu surface. In fact there would be great unease among the Hindus if they did not hear of an abduction here, a rape there and the murder of twenty odd Hindu pilgrims at some holy shrine in Kashmir.

To ensure “all is well permanently” the Hindus welcome a MUSLIM in the highest post in the land: The President cum SUPREME COMMANDER of PARTITIONED India is a Muslim under immaculate ARABIC name.

The British rulers and media mislead their public by pointing to the Irish peace talks and settlement. They overlook the fact that the two lines drawn backwards through history, one Catholic and the other Protestant, BOTH END UP IN JESUS.

On the other hand the lines drawn backwards from Church of England and British Muslim Parliament in London would end up in OPPOSING camps. One needs to show courage to IMAGINE both Christ and Mohammed together at one place. The former will be seen sitting with his head LOWERED in the manner of Guru Tegh Bahadur in 1675. The latter will be the EXECUTIONER, sword poised to behead.

Wouldn’t’ you see a Man of Peadce on one side and a Man of SWORD and VIOLENCE on the other? Jesus would go for tolerance while Mohammed will pounc upon him shoutnbg, “Say KALIMA loud enough for all to hear or lose your head.”

Tony Blair has let in hordes of MUSLIM young men from all sorts of countries from Somalia, Sudan, Afgthanistan, Irak, Pakistan, Bangladesh, even Palestine and Chechnya.

Language barriers do not separate them in mosques, and they go back to ONE book that wishes global Islam to prevail all over, including the United Kingdom, in the end.

Mr. Blair has not been through any CURTAIN OF ISLAMIC FIRE, so he does not feel concerned. None of his relatives died at Partition in India or Armenia or Sudan. So he is not concerned. His Muslim friends are all smiling and speaking good English, some boast of degrees from the United States. He does not sit with those at street level where separatism and suspicion of NON Muslims is rife, where they wait for Allah’s Will to prevail on Westminster one day.

Mr. Blair does not realise that the Muslim tide is IRREVERSIBLE.

The Muslim stream will become a river and then the river in flood and torrent. That scenario may be buried in top secret files somewhere, but the public will not know.

How many Indians in Lahore knew in 1945 that within two years the Muslim flood will drown them all like the hard working colony of ants?

The Hindus, too, not realizing where the two lines will meet, have one ABDUL KALAM who will ask his armed forces to shoot on sight any HINDU taking two steps towards Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

To have a NON Hindu commander, field marshal or Supreme Commander is absolutely NORMAL in the Hindu spyche and politics. When AFTER the so-called Independence Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru BEGGED of Lord Louis Mounbatten to stay back a few months, that, too, was normalcy with regard to that “hard fought for, and bitterly won” independence of Bapu Gandhi and Stalwart Jawaharlal Nehru.

To have a NON HINDU on top of all was normal then and is still normal for an average Hindu top leader in PARTITIONED India.

The Hindus admire the Khans on Bollywood stage chasing their girls and also admire the PLO for their struggtle to get back to Jerusalem while discarding the brain cells that could remind them of Akhand Bharat when Lahore and Chittagong were in India. It is normal for the Hindus NOT to recall the India before PARTITION. The word “Partition” seems like a curtain of fire for the Hindus. They dare not penetrate it nor even take a leap through it like the circus dogs and the monkeys who jump through the ball of fire for public entertainment.

To make matters easy for souls and minds, the history of India begins from 15 August 1947. The beating received from the Moguls is India’s Golden Age and the pre-Muslim native glory seems to be just a legend or fantasy of wild minds.

What can the world do if the HINDUS invite them all to “Come to our Bharat to see the glory of Islam and the power of Mohammed by admiring The Taj Mahal or the Grand Jama Masjid, that did not let the natives raise any monuments worth seeing except Khaju Raho caves that were not demolished since the carvings and sculpture used to excite the imagination of the Muslim rulers.”

The Hindus also wish to preserve the JINN HOUSE IN MUMBAI though the man was Devil who broke up Akhand Bharat. They are determined to keep Jama Masjid though Ayodhya Temple must remain in ruins.

The Hindus are also determined to keep all those names like ALLAHABAD, SECUNDERABAD, FAIZABAD, HAZRAT GANJ, ALIGARH and so on that remind their children of the thrashing and beating received by their ancestors.

Surprising, even modern “England return” and “Italy Return” Hindu youngsters do not wish these names to be changed.

It is pathetic to see the average Hindu LEADER sitting on a boat that has Abdul Kalam as pilot and Sonia Khan as co-pilot. There are some trusting (damn fool) Hindus waiting in harbour for the safe arrival of the Hindu boat.

Will the United Kingdom proceed along such a way in the future like their old Indian colony?